Dangerous toys

Games - it's good and fun until someone loses an eye. In fact, the same applies to the skull fractures, poisoning and third degree burns. Throughout history, toy manufacturers have developed a truly cruel things (which only cost for lawn darts (Lawn Darts)). Nevertheless, today's lawsuits would have to curb this problem. However, in his quest to create the same popular products as Walking spring (Slinky), «Etch A Sketch» ​​(Etch A Sketch) or "Tickle-me-Elmo» (Tickle Me Elmo), toy manufacturers continue to put on the market dangerous construction toys.

In the case of the examples listed in our list, hysterical, have staged a child to get a toy that can quickly turn into convulsions from its unintended effects. Some of these prohibited toys were the result of omissions. Others are so obviously dangerous that it is very surprising that they originally had once visited the children's hands.

10. Snap bracelets (Snap Bracelets)

Snap bracelets is spring-loaded metal strips wrapped in colorful decorated with plastic or cloth. They can be hard to straighten state trims, and then slap on the wrist and the bracelet will roll into place. Popular and comfortable to wear Toys - snap (or nashlёpyvayuschiesya) bracelets first appeared on the market around 1990. Like many newfangled toys, they were very popular in schools. One would assume that children get tired of constantly popping gaudy leopard or bright pink bracelet on his hands, but you would have been wrong.
Unfortunately, not much time passed before made at a lower cost version of the toy (which retail sold for less than $ 1), began to cause serious problems. They dug into the delicate baby skin when the metal band is inevitably gleam through the plastic covering. In some schools, these bracelets have become prohibited. Release forgery were investigated across the country, and withdrawn from the market in droves. However, they were revived in 2012, when certain designs with themes animals were withdrawn from sale for the same reason.

9. Colossal water balloons (Monster Science Colossal Water Balls)

Remember those little capsules that promise to magically grow into giant dinosaurs, such as on the package? When they are immersed in water, these capsules became only disappointment hilly, slightly reminiscent of a dinosaur. But what if we told you in your childhood that there is a ball the size of a pearl, which, if wet, could literally grow to 400 times compared to its original size? Fun, is not it? Now imagine that these colorful balls the size of a pearl, somehow got into your small intestine.

Such a scenario was real in the case of huge water balloons. Naturally, many young children ate a delicious-looking toys that ingenious designers have the ability to extend a child's body. However, even more grief experienced by those who also swallowed ominously named "Powder growth." These children have experienced life-threatening episodes of vomiting and dehydration. On top of everything else, these things could not be seen on X-rays, and their removal was necessary to carry out the surgery.

8. "Bindisi BIDS» (Aqua Dots)

As we have seen from the previous paragraph, it is no secret that kids love to put all sorts of things in his mouth. Given this fact, any good toy is completely non-toxic. However, not all toy manufacturers adhere to this rule. In some cases occur oversights or errors of judgment and calculations, which have resulted in toys appear slightly toxic paint or plastic. It's quite another thing when the whole toy is made of a substance which if it enters the human body turns into a drug used by criminals to influence the potential victim of rape.

When they were out of the picture, and then doused with water, Bindisi BIDS "magically" fixed and merged into a beautiful pattern. The bad news was that the children playing in them also suffered from respiratory failure, falls into a coma, or experienced severe cramps from toxic chemicals used in their manufacture. More than four million sets have been withdrawn from sale when it was determined that the "magic" balls are not worth it, so that children would fall because of them into a coma. One child even had to be hospitalized for five days.

In the end, it turned out that the manufacturer Bindisi BIDS, the company «Spin Master», knew that in its products contained a controlled substance. After numerous reports of life-threatening children (and in one case, a dog's life) the impact of toys, the company «Spin Master» had to pay more than 1, $ 3 million "magic" fines.

7. Board for kitesurfing (Kite Tube)

Alas, luxurious painting your highly dangerous airborne equipment skulls and showing two the crossed bones, as well as the slogan "Never bet higher than the level at which you are about to fall," will not help prevent the prohibition of your product and its removal from sales. Such a fate befell the board for kite surfing from the company «Wego». This is not surprising, given that it was the cause of the deaths of two people and the serious injury of dozens of others (including a broken neck and a punctured lung).

The width of the board for kitesurfing is three meters. It allows a person who dragged on a tow boat, pull the cord and glide through the air. Unfortunately, as soon as people found themselves in the air, they almost did not have any control over thrown up board. Parasailing, combined with kitesurfing certainly sounds cool. Unfortunately, in order to hold onto it and not fall at your disposal were only clamps and arms and flying at the height of a three-story building in this situation probably is not the best stunt in the world. However, children were not the only ones who suffered injuries from this toy.

At least in this case, the company withdrew its products in more or less voluntarily. The company, distribute these products, said that the exact cause of injury was not possible, but that they "withdraw products from sale of excessive customer care».

6. Dolls "with cabbage patch kids» (Cabbage Patch Snacktime Kids Dolls)

Remember those cards series "Kids of the bin» (Garbage Pail Kids) that sickens parents in the 80s? So, they do not have nothing to do with dolls "Kids with cabbage patch," which seems to have developed an appetite for children. The dolls "Kids with cabbage patch" was mechanized oral mechanism that allowed them to "eat" plastic food. But children are children, and it was not long before the dolls in their mouths and fingers have got hair that fell into the trap unforgiving jaws of evil dolls. While this doll does not threaten a child's life, it is not surprising that parents do not like it when their beloved friends kids pulled out their hair with roots.

The most fascinating aspect of these terrible machines for eating was that they were made without any switch "On-Off". At least in one case, it led to the fact that a girl was literally scalped, straight from the back of the head. The company «Mattel» can not find any obvious hazards in their testing, but fortunately, it did not prevent them to withdraw these dolls off the shelves. Unfortunately doll "Kids with cabbage patch" are still available in your nightmares.

5. Buckyball (Buckyballs)

Toys for office desk, obviously intended for a bit more adult audience. However, this does not guarantee that they will not cause the child falling to the operating table. Buckyballs were "super strong" magnetic beads, from which it was possible to build a creative desktop sculptures, or even "play with darts" on your refrigerator. While this part of the advertised was true, that they were intended to relieve stress, ironically turned out to be wrong. Unfortunately, these magnets tidy easily slipped down the throats of children.

When a plurality of magnets to get inside the body, they have a nasty tendency to knit a bunch of interconnected through the intestinal wall and do not let go. This could lead to the breakdown of tissues organs, blood poisoning, intestinal blockage, and possible death. Due to the large number of balls in each set of parents was difficult to see if some of them going missing in children. And accidental ingestion was not confined to the kids - teenagers regularly played with them, simulating a pierced tongue and lips.

The government eventually recognized Buckyball dangerous for consumers. However, in contrast to the 1,000 or so children who needed surgery to remove their products, the manufacturer did not have to go under the knife. In fact, they refused to voluntarily withdraw the product, forcing employees of federal agencies to sue. When inventor disbanded his company, instead to finance product recall, the government began to pursue him personally, in order to collect $ 57 million to spend. After much posturing on both sides of the conflict, the inventor stopped by about 1 per cent of this figure. One thing is certain - this guy had balls of steel.

4. "Set for the study of fingerprints» (CSI Fingerprint Examination Kit)

Despite the fact that there is something rather grim in the idea that children play with toy kits for forensic examination, which should mimic the collection of evidence at the crime scene, at least, it's just for fun. In the end, the children came up with a rather more complex forms of games from time immemorial. Advertised based on the popular crime show CBS, «sets for the study of fingerprints" allow children to wear latex gloves and collect incriminating evidence toy, primarily by means of fingerprinting. Unfortunately, dust for fingerprints that came with the kit also contains a very real occupational hazards - one of the most lethal forms of asbestos.

In fact, powder fingerprint contains up to 7 percent asbestos, with the type which have been proven capable of causing lung cancer in later life, because only a single contact with it. So what about the children who poured it on anything you have seen from the door handles to cans of biscuits, and then blew the dust in the air? No need to be David Caruso (David Caruso), to understand that this is not a good idea. Not surprisingly, the manufacturer of these toys is bankrupt.

3. Water rocket (Splash Off Water Rockets)

Remember, at the beginning of the list all the children ate toys drug coverage for date rape, and got into a coma? Remember how this toy manufacturer had to pay 1, $ 3 million, because they knew about the danger, but did not do anything? Well, then, the company «Spin Master» had many other terrible ideas toys long before this. In addition to his toy planes that managed to burn the user or other toy planes, which disintegrated in the air, in the late '90s, they even made a toy rocket that could explode. Just like the real dangers of space travel!

Water rocket «Splash Off Water Rocket» used the water pressure from the hose to accumulate energy until the kids and fans of water rockets attacked the trigger and sent a rocket in flight. Unfortunately, at least 37 cases of water rocket exploded on the pressure, or flew to the projected direction, causing serious damage to the face and hands.

2. Inflatable wheels for children (Aqua Leisure Baby Boats)

Kids love the water. They love to dabble in it, wallow in it, drink it, and let it free-flowing streams in the right pants. Therefore, for parents who want their children to freely drifted close to shore, inflatable swimming circles were charming luck. The only pity is that the cheap rubber rings are usually pretty easy exploded, resulting in dozens of children slid down and went into the water with his head.

The company «Aqua Leisure» was eventually fined 650,000 dollars for what they knew about the problem for six years, but she fended off under the guise of a classic excuse, "But none of the baby is not yet drowned." Every time they received a number of complaints, they changed the design of inflatable wheels (along with the name under which they sold them), and continued to sell them. They went so far as to actually hid the full information about the defect of the employees of federal agencies that, as it turns out, is strictly prohibited.

1. Children oven (Easy-Bake Ovens)

For some reason, many children over the years did not understand or realize that they do not have to waste your precious short of his childhood in the baking of cookies. Popular children's oven, which uses real heating element to actually bake desserts perhaps reached its peak in 2006. In the same year she was elected to the National Toy Hall of Fame (National Toy Hall of Fame). Nevertheless, the "Hasbro» (Hasbro), the company that produced these furnaces was little time for celebration. A year later, they were forced to withdraw its one million plastic models, when it was discovered that the design flaw allowed oven easily enter into a trap and burn strongly tiny baby fingers.

Obviously, this was a prerequisite for disaster, especially given that the furnace can reach a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius. A total of approximately 250 incidents reported, including 16 cases of burns, second or third degree. One unfortunate five year old girl was even forced to undergo a partial amputation of a finger.


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