Today will be a report from the industrial series "Beauty and the Beast».
When you remove the packaging from the beautiful bright ball, which then hung on a Christmas tree, probably do not even think about where and how it was made.
Yes, the majority of Christmas toys currently comes from China, but not all.
In Ukraine there are four companies that produce the good old glass Christmas balls and it is possible that some of the balls on your Christmas tree made by one of them.
For example, a completely old school factory, which is located not far from Kiev.

So, welcome to the place where wonderfully combines the real soviet trash and magic of the holiday, loved by millions of people - in the factory Klavdievskuyu Christmas toys.

Klavdievskaya factory has been operating from the far 1949 and to date, little by little, to get out of the long crisis caused by the collapse of the USSR still.
I can imagine how difficult it is to survive enterprises operating only 2 months a year in a massive expansion of cheap Chinese consumer goods.
Perhaps that is why I do not want to paint in the paint this critical report, but just to talk about how ordinary people in the old Soviet factory to make the beauty of the main holiday of the year

The factory has four workshops, which are located in different buildings.
It all starts with the glass-blowing, which is in this old two-storey building with cheerful colored pipes.

The factory has found a great way to increase profits in addition to the core business - the production of toys.
It allows for the money to see how this is done.
And it's great respect! I really love to do, industrial reports and usually need to make some effort to get shot in the production.
Here the company itself shows how everything is done.
And it should be noted, very successful.
We shot on a weekday, and the flow of visitors was just incredible. In the truest sense of the crowd of children and all buses coming and coming.

Scoop here, of course, everywhere.
And it is very anturazhnye.
In this photo are two completely different generation slogans)

I wonder which party work here now!)

Glass-blowing workshop. Workplace uncomplicated - gas burner tube gas and compressed air, exhaust chute and a table.

Hellish work. In the truest sense of the word.

The raw materials for Christmas decorations are ... hollow glass tube.
First, they are heated and separated into blanks for balls.
The heated glass begins to melt, it becomes plastic and viscous. So separate the desired portion of the tube.

Then, the stretched piece of fused glass twists special hook on the one hand, to drown out the strange tube with one hand.
Surprisingly, these fused glass pieces still remain hollow inside.
After all, then the ball will be blown.

Then, the preform is heated again at the burner to the desired temperature

In his hand the next Christmas ball

And when the glass reaches the desired temperature, the employee simply blowing into a tube, blowing the ball.

Glass should be hot, red. Its temperature is about 1,000 degrees. We workers have only a few seconds to blow the ball.
And it must be the right size.
Sometimes they check the caliber of special dipstick, which is on the table next to

Billets balls look like a large transparent drop. The leg, which is blown through the ball, do not break off. She still needed to silver-plating and painting.
Per shift worker blows 150-200 balls.

Before sending the shop silvering

This is another case. There are shops silver plating, painting and balloons prettification

Again, a real old school - posters on safety. These photos exclusively for olgalit. She knows all about safety and more. Urgent her all my friends !!!

She spies on you!

Instructions even 1989!

But it's time to shop. It was here, in this beautiful place with balloons create real magic - their silver

Feeling as if we were in some kind of torture

And here's the tool that I asked yesterday, offering suggested his appointment.
It's a needle to inject a special solution into the bowl, which will cover the glass ball inside a thin layer of silver. pure silver.

A solution consisting of silver oxide, ammonia, glucose, and distilled water.
His is injected a little, then the workpiece is agitated to solution wall covered inside the ball is lowered and a few seconds in a bath heated to 50 degrees with water, while shaking.
Silver solution solidifies on the walls of the ball, covering them with the thinnest uniform layer. The process is called "silver mirror reaction».
Then the balls fall on the outer portion of the painting, where they cover this or that color. And then they get to the most interesting part ...

You can not shoot, because it's very distracting employees and prevent them make magic.
But we kindly allowed

Here, the balls to turn those beautiful Christmas decorations, to which we are accustomed.
They are painted with

Painting takes place every Christmas decorations by hand according to the template sample

All the guys who work in this room, graduates of art schools and schools. After all, their job is to make toys stunning

They often draw. For example, first applied to the entire batch of white snow, then a green tree, then the house, then the window in the house, etc.

Ready-made toys to dry

Here, not only do the balls but also high dimensional toys. For example, such Fushi mouse. They also blow, but in the special form.

Prettification locomotive. As for me, beautiful and ornate balls

After the paint is applied, it is fixed, sprinkling different materials. This creates the effect of snow or rough bulk sequins

Imagine of hard work?

Stand with layout templates

Workplace artist

Half-finished balls

Funny pick among the jars and bottles various unusual labels)

Toys painted with acrylic paints

Plot cutting and packaging. Here, balls are circumcised - cut extra leg

Well, then get into the toy store.
In the company store at the factory sold out

By the way, children can pass a small workshop where they will learn to paint toys.
That's just to get it is not easy - there is a huge turn

It's not on the notebook sheet Tanchiki draw)

Add snow and - voila!

The final photo. How not to gash his own bow.



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