Easter eggs in cartoons Pixar (48 pics + text)

Today we will try to compile a complete list of all the "Easter eggs" and references to other works in the animated film studio Pixar.

Instead of an epigraph

Bernie writes in:

Jim, could you help me win an argument? My colleague told me that the robot WALL-E comes in a small cameo in the movie "Ratatouille." And most importantly, he bet me $ 100, saying that I would never find a robot in this cartoon.

I took the DVD «Ratatouille" at the child and revised it three times, but did not see even a hint of WALL-E. If I offer you a percentage of my winnings, you will prompt me where to find this robot in the movie?

Thank you in advance for your help, Bernie B.

Dear Bernie,

I must admit that the guys from Emeryville love to do such a thing. That is to collect different characters of various Pixar cartoons together. Take, for example, studio logo in the international trailer "WALL-E". When a fixture Jr. Suite. the lamp burns out, the robot WALL-E goes to the screen to change it.

They are also very fond of, to refer to the early work of the studio Pixar in recent works. How many of you the name of this animated film reminded name of the first short film released by the studio (we are talking about "The Adventures of André and Wally B") ...

is printed on the spine of a book, standing at bookshelf for Woody in the animated film "Toy Story»?

Here, for example, light from a "Junior Suite." (You know, huh? Lamp from the 80's, who always appears in the Pixar logo) ...

... Also appears in the film by John Lasseter. He, however, painted in bright red.

Even the yellow ball from the "Junior Suite." (With a marked in red and blue stripe) ...

It appears in the "Toy Story." This ball was knocked Buzz Lightyear as he tried to prove to the rest of the toys from Andy's room that he really can fly.

"So when Pixar began to intersperse his cartoons like" Easter eggs "and references to themselves?" - You ask. As far as I know, it started in 1987. How did this happen? Employees of the studio in a hurry to finish the cartoon "Dream Reda" (short film, which was planned to put on the annual festival SIGGRAPH) and suddenly realized that the circus arena, which occupied a central place in the cartoon, pretty dull colored.

Then, in order to revive a little cartoon, Lasseter and company moved the color and texture of a rubber ball "Junior Suite." On the floor of the arena of the circus in the cartoon "Dream Reda».

And then, a few guys from the competition SIGGRAPH 1987 noted that it was a very smart decision - making in the "Dream Red's" reference to the first approved by the jury cartoon studio Pixar «Junior Suite.". In their view, such a link created some subtle connection between these two shorts.

However, John Lasseter and his team while working on "Dream Reda" and did not mean to achieve this effect. Speaking frankly, the guys were just looking for a quick way to add a little more color in the dream scene in the movie. But it turned out that they have earned the respect of people with SIGGRAPH for smart decision ...

That's "Easter eggs" and references to themselves become a way of life in the animation studio Pixar.

That is why the petrol station, near which stood mom Andy «Toy Story» ...

... Become a sponsor of the race, which is so wanted Lightning McWhinney in Pixar "Cars».

A crazy old man who plays himself in chess, in a short cartoon "Game Gerry» ...

... Suddenly finds himself a master of repairing toys, which are caused by E when Woody broke his arm in "Toy Story 2».

Keep in mind, many of these jokes, and "Easter eggs" appear on the screen for a few moments. For example, these funny bitchiness birds from the movie «About the birds».

You saw them in a very fleeting cameo in "Cars»?

No? Well, I'm not surprised. In this film, John Lasseter birds on wires appear on the one-tenth of a second. We can see how they flashed for a moment at a time when the Mac goes on the highway and plays the song «Life is a Highway».

I assure you, the guys from the studio Pixar are very creative as to where to park, "Easter egg." Notice how the ball from short film "Junior Suite." Appears in the room during the Parsis "Jack-Jack Attack».

The toy which plays a child suddenly disappears, to appear in another Pixar project "Star Circus».

If we are talking about the bedrooms ... Probably the most famous reference to themselves has been made in the studio Pixar animated film "Monsters, Inc.". At the moment, the Sally finally returns Boo to the human world, among the clutter in her bedroom has a ball of "Suite Junior". (You can see in the photo below - it is next to the easel) as well as doll Jessie from "Toy Story 2" (left on a white table).

Then Boo carries toys Sally. And here it is - the main surprise, cute little girl holds a blue, furry monster his favorite toy. It is no accident it outlines a one remind us of the clown fish, which played a major role in the summer 2003 premiere studio Pixar - «Finding Nemo».

Such jokes started to ask a new trend in the studio. Animators steel insert in cartoons hints at not yet released movies. Take, for example, the comic "The Incredibles," which reads a little boy in a dentist's office in the animated film "Finding Nemo».

Or, better yet - as you Stanley cameo in "the Sheep»?

Ask who the Stanley? Well, Stanley - Stanley Steamer is the founder Radiator Springs. It tore his statue from a pedestal racing car Lightning McWhinney, violating the peace and quiet south-west of the town on the way to the Piston Cup.

I know I know. Not everyone can understand all these references to other works of the studio and the joke within the band in many cartoons Pixar. But the animators do not see anything wrong. They prefer to remain inside jokes inside joke.

For example, Linguini ...

... Plays the role of the unfortunate man who brutally hit on the walls of his house during the kidnapping in the eponymous cartoon Gary Ridstroma.

However, there are a lot of subtle allusions to various studio work, which, it is hoped Pixar animators, fans will be able to see. For example, a trailer with a trap for the beetles from the "Life of Insects» ...

... It's the same trailer in which Randal appears in the movie "Monsters, Inc.».

Have you noticed a van parked behind Pizza Planet trailer?

Believe it or not, but this car (which, incidentally, was modeled on the basis of «Toyota HiLux») appears in every feature film, animation studio Pixar released to date. It is in this truck entered Woody and Buzz, in an attempt to reach the Pizza Planet in the original "Toy Story».

This same car "borrowed" space ranger Buzz in "Toy Story 2" when he tried to prevent Woody, Jessie and the bull's eye was sent to the museum of toys in Japan.

The same Pizza Planet truck flashed for a moment in the frame, the Ganga Tank Jill explains his latest escape plan.

Pizza Planet Truck appears Cup Ram in "Cars." It can be seen in the photo below on the left - next to the house on wheels like Elvis Presley.

This immediately brings us back to "The Incredibles" - the first full-length animated film Brad Bird at the animation studio Pixar. Given that Brad could be called an outsider when he arrived in Emeryville, it is not immediately going into all the strange tradition of Pixar. That is why, when the time came to include a mandatory element of the animation - Truck Pizza Planet, Byrd put his return to the scene Parsis in the city at high speed on the broken house on wheels ...

That is why the Pizza Planet truck in "The Incredibles" was vague blur.

But by the time the release of "Ratatouille" Brad has finally become a true follower of Pixar look at the cartoons. That is why he happily included Pizza Planet truck in the company of other cars driving around in Paris.

However, keep in mind that Byrd has not facilitated the task of finding the car fans of cartoons. So he made the Pizza Planet truck part of the background - it crosses the bridge in the episode, when Skinner pursues Remy on a scooter in the foreground.

Speaking of strange things that can be seen in "Ratatouille" ... You saw that Brad made Bombs Voyage (Remember? Criminally insane bomber, whom Mr. Incredible caught during a bank robbery in "The Incredibles») ...

... Play the role of mime, working on the streets of Paris in "Ratatouille»?

Plus there are so many obvious "Easter eggs." For example, when "Life of Insects" show "unsuccessful doubles", it turns out that Woody ordinary worker working in the Pixar animation.

A flick deliberately uses the motto Buzz Lightyear "at infinity and beyond!" Instead of cry "for colonies and oppressed bugs all over the world!».

Here, for example, when displaying "failed doubles" in "Toy Story 2," Flick said first Heymlichu as well work on "Life of insects 2» ...

... And then, after a machete Buzz Lightyear hits the bush, on which the caterpillar and the ant, it turns out that in fact they are shot in "Toy Story 2».

However, each reference to other similar cartoons or every such "Easter egg" Pixar (similar in terms of the obvious, indisputable), there is very hidden, inconspicuous findings. For example, a ball of "Junior Suite"., Who rides with some frequency in the background in the menu DVD «Toy Story 2».

What is (finally!) Brings us to the answer to question Bernie V. Question was: "Where exactly in" Ratatouille, "we can find robot WALL-E?»

To be honest, a colleague Bernie likely to want to trick his friend. The protagonist of the new animated film by Andrew Stanton does not actually appear in the animated film "Ratatouille." However, this cute little robot can be seen in the new Pixar short film, which is in the supplements on DVD «Ratatouille" and is called "Your Friend the Rat».

"So where's the robot WALL-E?», - You ask. Well ... towards the end of history, Remy and Emile sing a song called «Plan B». And at some point the songs they dreams about the fact that people and rats happily sit in futuristic starry transport, which travels along the surface of the planet and drove up to the site of the missile launch.

If you look closely to the driver of the vehicle, you will see a simplified version of the robot WALL-E - the hero of Pixar film of the same name, which will be released in the summer of 2008.

As a share of winnings in Bernie, I'll tell you what. Why do not you hold the money a few days? Next week will be a great chance and I can tell readers the perfect solution where you can donate money.




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