Easter eggs in cartoons Pixar (48 pics + text)

Today we will try to compile a complete list of all the "Easter eggs" and references to other works in the animated film studio Pixar.

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Bernie writes in:

Jim, could you help me win an argument? My colleague told me that the robot WALL-E comes in a small cameo in the movie "Ratatouille." And most importantly, he bet me $ 100, saying that I would never find a robot in this cartoon.

I took the DVD «Ratatouille" at the child and revised it three times, but did not see even a hint of WALL-E. If I offer you a percentage of my winnings, you will prompt me where to find this robot in the movie?

Thank you in advance for your help, Bernie B.

Dear Bernie,

I must admit that the guys from Emeryville love to do such a thing. That is to collect different characters of various Pixar cartoons together. Take, for example, studio logo in the international trailer "WALL-E". When a fixture Jr. Suite. the lamp burns out, the robot WALL-E goes to the screen to change it.

They are also very fond of, to refer to the early work of the studio Pixar in recent works. How many of you the name of this animated film reminded name of the first short film released by the studio (we are talking about "The Adventures of André and Wally B") ...

is printed on the spine of a book, standing at bookshelf for Woody in the animated film "Toy Story»?

Here, for example, light from a "Junior Suite." (You know, huh? Lamp from the 80's, who always appears in the Pixar logo) ...


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