The big secret of Pixar, which forced to reconsider all their cartoons

John Negroni (Jon Negroni, a blogger and critic, has developed an elaborate theory according to which the lovely cartoon Studio "Pixar" (Pixar) are all connected and, moreover, exist in the same cartoon universe.

John wrote a whole book where detail to substantiate their guesses and built the cartoons in chronological order, it turns out, the events follow each other. And we are in the Website tried to explain everything as briefly as possible.

So let's understand.

1. Animals and objects in all Pixar cartoons move and talk — and it all started with the sorcery of the witch in "Brave"

Here at "Brave" — and begins the countdown of the existence of the universe "Pixar". Thanks to the magic of witches, animals and even inanimate objects behave like humans. And then they evolyutsioniruet and become smarter and smarter — from cartoon to cartoon.

This is the witch we have not figured out. Just do remember about her, and about a magical door, through which she mysteriously disappears every time.

2. Animals are getting smarter, and now they are able to replace people like Remy in "Ratatouille"

Animals in the universe "Pixar" develop and form a population of beings of intelligence and personality. This is the beginning of the struggle for domination on Earth — between people, animals, and artificial intelligence. The latter, incidentally, is developed in parallel and then we will see how it is.

3. Charles Muntz, the villain from the movie "Up", noticed this and invented a collar that reads the thoughts of animals

Perhaps Charles Manz noticed that the animals are getting smarter and can compete with the man. That gave him the idea to invent a collar that reads the thoughts of dogs.

4. Corporation BNL from wall-e begins an industrial revolution, where the hero Up losing the house

Machines and other inanimate things are developing, and the confrontation between them, animals and humans is gaining momentum. To dominate the world, artificial intelligence is beginning the industrial revolution with the help of a faceless Corporation "Buy-n-large" (Buy-n-Large BNL). The Corporation is growing and, as we know from commercials in "wall-e", even taking over the government. Apparently, it is because of this hero Up losing the house, concludes Jon Negroni.

5. Ubiquitous traces BNL we see in the cartoon "finding Nemo" and "toy Story"

In "Nemo," the confrontation between humans and animals reaches the heater: reasonable fish come together to rescue the kidnapped people baby and BNL shows up here with the article on "beautiful underwater world". BNL everywhere, and in the "toy Story" it is a manufacturer of batteries buzz. A fact which suggests that artificial intelligence continues to rally against the people in the universe "Pixar".

6. Many cartoons have a mysterious truck "Planet Pizza"

"The adventures of Flik (1), "finding Nemo" (2), "Corporation of monsters" (3), "Cars" (4).

In many cartoons Pixar has a car with a rocket on the roof of the truck "planet Pizza". And it proves once again that everything happens in one universe.

7. People lose in the fight with artificial intelligence and move from the Earth to the "Axiom" ("wall-e")

The headlines in the paper BNL Times: "Earth is covered with garbage", "BNL announces world evacuation".

The toys in "toy Story" unhappy people, because those just used, and then forgotten about, and cars too, because people pollute the Earth. Machines and animated objects for the first time trying to oppose the people in "the Incredibles" — subjugating Omnidroid.

In "the Incredibles" machines nothing comes out, but over time the artificial intelligence in the face of the BNL Corporation is forcing people to leave the Land — they moved to "Granted", trying to save the human race. But there machines control humans, because they are entirely dependent on mechanisms.

8. People left the Land, and there remained only the intelligent machines. That's why "Cars" there is no one

People left the Land, but there are still mechanisms that inherited human traditions and laws: the events of that period of life in the universe "Pixar" we see "Cars." Sadly, when people return to the Earth in the movie "wall-e" there is no trace of the car. Perhaps they destroyed the energy crisis or the same "Allina" from "Cars 2". For 800 years (so much has passed since then, as people left the Earth before wall-e helped them to come back) that this could happen.

9. The plant that grew from a Shoe in "wall-e" — is the tree from "the Adventures of Flik

The same plant, which stretches from the boot to the end credits of "wall-e", grew and strengthened. But outside of "flicka" (or "a bug's Life") we see that it turned into a tree, around which the unfolding events of the cartoon. Tree — a symbol of hope for rebirth. That's just the people it is not touched.

10. People on the Ground a little, and the world grows a civilization of intelligent beetles

The cockroach from "wall-e" tells us that the bugs managed to survive on a polluted planet. And in "the Adventures of Flik, they form an entire civilization. The people are very, very few, that's why in the cartoon they were almost there, but there is only a not hit the frame of the boy who turned up for the wings of a homeless bug. Magic, once incorporated in living creatures the witch from "Brave" bearing fruit: bugs are thriving, and they have cities, bars, circuses and much more.

11. In the distant future there are new types of monsters from "monsters, Inc.", who travel back in time to people

Bugs, few people and cars live in the world, yet in the universe "Pixar" is not a new kind of monster. Where did they come from? John Negroni believes that animals mutated over many hundreds of years of pollution of the Earth. What happened to the people? Most likely, they simply did not survive, and no wonder.

Monsters are very civilized, they have their universities, factories. Using doors, created by machines, they do not travel to other dimensions and back in time: in the heyday of human civilization in order to collect the energy emitted by people.

The cartoon says that "monsters University" was founded in 1313, but probably monsters relaunched civilization and started his own calendar. Thus, the events of "Corporation" occurring in the distant future of the universe "Pixar".

12. Trailer of "Corporation Mostra" is in "a bug's Life"

The trailer looks exactly the same, the only difference is that in "bug's Life" it's shot (it's in the future happens). The "Corporation", when Randall goes back in time, it looks brand new and in it people live.

13. Circle: BU, which is looking for Sally, becomes a witch, falls in the past and launches the magic of the universe "Pixar"

Boo is so loved his "sweets", that all his life looking for him. She mastered magic, and with her help created a magical door and time travel in search of Sally. The witch from "Brave" — this is the old BU. But why is John so sure?

In his Studio on the wall witch drew Sally, which is terribly bored. She fashioned wooden toy truck "Pizza Planet" that would be weird for a real witch from the middle Ages.

It turns out that the universe is "Pixar" in theory, John is a pretty dark place, but this friendship girls and monster, for which there are no barriers of time, of appearance and form, redeems all. By the way, the author of the theory of parts and relationships even more. If there is a desire to plunge deeper into an elaborate web of evidence, then you are in the blog of Jon Negroni.

According to the materials of the Blog Jon Negroni

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