7 unusual recipes for cooking regular eggs

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1. Poached eggs


To prepare the poached eggs, add hot water a little vinegar, and then gently, without breaking the yolk broken in a ladle of the egg in this boiling water down. Another 5 minutes to let the poached egg in hot water hang out, and serve. By the way, poached eggs in English differ from poached eggs in the American that the British served popechenie slightly in the oven, eggs on toast, topped with grated cheese, and the American version of poached eggs served on a spicy dried halves of tomato.

2. Eggs Benedict

is the same poached eggs, only served on greased with butter toast with a thin slice of bacon or salmon, and drizzled hollandaise sauce of egg yolks with lemon juice.

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3. Eggs cocotte

any fillings like meat, mushrooms, vegetables

There are baked eggs, preparing regular tea cups or special cocotte: in a greased Cup put any fillers on taste — ham, mushrooms, vegetables, produce an egg, cover the Cup with a saucer or a special cover, and put in a flat pan with water. The water is gently boiling eggs – boiled, elegant Breakfast or dinner – kept pace.

4. Deviled eggs

And the deviled eggs – it's just a kaleidoscope of some kind:
no matter how you shake it, the pictures – one more beautiful. Stuffed with eggs, cheese, tuna, ham, mushrooms, herring, spinach, liver pâté, salmon, sardines, herbs and even apples.
The main principle is to cook hard-boiled eggs, carefully cleaned, cut in half, remove the yolk and mixing it with other ingredients of the filling, to put in place.
Don't forget to cut off the bottoms of the eggs – then an even larger portion (and to make such a tasty versatile snack better much) can be stably placed on the dish.

5. Scotch eggs

-soy sauce

boiled eggs smear sosisochnykh pork minced with onions and spices, rolled in flour and fried in butter or baked in the oven.
Pickled eggs boiled in water with soy sauce, spices and vodka.

6. Eggs Mediterranean

The 'Mediterranee', filled with a mixture of yolk with soaked dried fish and served with mayonnaise with chopped herbs and boiled shrimp.

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7. Eggs in Spanish

– a mixture of colorful sweet peppers with chorizo sausage and canned tomatoes, laid out in portions molds, and baked with egg.
And eggs Burgundy boiled as well as poached eggs, but served in a round wheat rolls, watering sauce of Burgundy wine.

And, what better way to prepare eggs – eggnog?

Or, rather than not ways as recipes eggnog many: that is to wipe with sugar, yolks and add whipped protein, protein, sugar beat, and raw egg yolk to add.
Eggnog with honey, vodka, and raspberries, and lemon juice – a delicious treat for kids and adults!

But, of course, that you are prepared from eggs, observe the safety precautions:
Wash eggs before use, so as not to contaminate, cook the eggs over moderate heat (too heavy fire – the cause of excessively hard yolk), cool hard-boiled or "pouch" the eggs in cold water, pre-pinhole shell.published 

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