9 most delicious fried eggs all over the world. They should try each!

Eggs - One of the most popular food in the world for many centuries in a row. According to the content of essential amino acids, this product can even compete with the meat. The ancient people used to eat eggs, but not know how to make fire. Of course, today the preparation of this product is much more complicated, and in every part of the world love in many ways to cook eggs. .cc has prepared for you 9 different fried eggs, which are prepared in different countries.

frittata ​​strong>
Italian scrambled eggs, which add cheese, vegetables, meat or sausage. This dish is fried on the stove, and then brought to readiness in the oven. The Neapolitan frittata is often added to pasta. Traditional peasant frittata contains leeks and Parmesan cheese. In this kind of omelette not add foods that contain a lot of liquid. Modern frittata is prepared in a special pan with two handles on low heat. Pour the beaten eggs to the bottom of a greased pan, then put the stuffing. When the bottom layer begins to bake, you can cover the pan and bring the dish until ready on low heat or place the pan in the oven.

Traditional French dish of eggs, cooked way "poached" - in hot water without the shell. With this preparation, you get a soft creamy yolk wrapped petals protein. Poached eggs are the basis for preparation of various dishes, such as eggs Benedict. Sometimes poached eggs added to soups or broths. Such eggs can be served on crispy toast with grilled tomatoes or sausages, sprinkle with grated cheese.

This Spanish omelette, which is traditionally prepared with the addition of potatoes. There are many theories about the origin of this dish, it is difficult to say who was the pioneer of Tortilla de patatas.

This is a traditional dish of Israeli cuisine, which is prepared from eggs fried in a sauce of tomatoes, hot peppers, onions and spices. Despite the fact that such eggs appeared in North Africa, now it has won recognition shakshuka on Jewish land. They eat it for breakfast, lunch, but in any case not for dinner. This is a tradition ...

The hardest dish in the list. To make such an omelet, you have to separate the yolks from the whites and leave them in the shell halves. Proteins were whipped into a foam and baked in an oven, after which they are added yolk and butter. and then to add the yolk and butter. This popular Italian appetizer served with cheese and vegetables.

This dish is cooked in special forms with the addition of toppings - meat, ham, vegetables, mushrooms. First, in the form of spread stuffing then poured on top of the egg. Then Kokot baked in the oven.

Norwegian omelette
From the usual Norwegian omelette recipe by adding different saltwater fish. The combination is so popular with Scandinavians, that a rare breakfast complete without fish and eggs.

Huevos rancheros
Huevos rancheros - means "egg in a rural". This Mexican scrambled eggs with the addition of red pepper, beans and spicy chili sauce.

It is the national pride of the country of the rising sun. It is made by beating chicken eggs, then mixed into the broth, which has sugar, soy sauce, salt and other seasonings. The mixture is fried, turning several times. Often used to prepare an omelette rolls with a variety of fillings.

Now, knowing these recipes cooking eggs from around the world, you can diversify your breakfast and prepare new dishes each time, which, although they are made from the same ingredients, but they do not like each other.

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