Top 7 most delicious in the world scrambled eggs - for the real gourmets!

Eggs are one of the main components of the diet of people since ancient times. Nutritious and healthy, they can compete with meat in the number of essential amino acids. People ate eggs at a time when there were actually people, but is an intermediate form such as Australopithecus and Neanderthal. But even when a person could not even light a fire, he loved to eat the eggs.

Over time, the kitchen has become more complicated, but the eggs have not gone away. Today, egg dishes make up the national pride of many countries.
We have compiled the best dishes that are prepared in different countries of the world and which can be attributed to the category of "fried eggs" from the Israeli Shakshuk to the Norwegian omelet.
If someone does not have time to pokushat- better not to watch!))


Shakshuk - a dish of eggs, fried in a sauce of tomatoes, hot peppers, luka and seasonings. Shakshuk is much more than eggs and tomatoes - it's a whole layer of Israeli cuisine, which has many variations. Despite the fact that it appeared in North Africa, now it has won recognition shakshuka on Jewish land. They eat it for breakfast, lunch, but in any case not for dinner. Such is the tradition, but Israel is one you do not have a ban Shakshuk even at night. Recipes Shakshuk there are many, but the principle remains - eggs fried in a special tomato sauce and pertsa.

Fritatta ​​b>

Frittata - Italian omelette that is prepared stuffed with cheese, vegetables, meat or sausage. Usually frittata fry on the stove, and then brought to readiness in the oven. Neapolitan frittata is often cooked with pasta. Traditional peasant frittata contains leeks and Parmesan cheese. In the frittata is not added to products containing a large amount of liquid. For example, if you want to add tomatoes, they must first cut, get rid of the seeds and liquid, and then to lie down in a dry place for 15-30 minutes, and only then used for cooking. Today, the Italian frittata is prepared in a pan with two handles, specially designed for this dish.
Frittata is prepared to simmer. Whipped egg filled to the bottom of the pan greased, then put the stuffing. When the lower layer frittata begins to bake, you can close the pan with a lid and bring to readiness frittata over low heat, or you can place the pan in duhovku.


Poached eggs - a traditional French dish of broken eggs, cooked way "poached" - in hot water without the shell. With this method of cooking is soft creamy yolk wrapped petals protein. The main thing - the egg should be the first freshness, and the water should not be a rolling boil.
Poached eggs are the basis for preparation of various dishes, such as, for example, eggs Benedict. In various areas, there is also a private prefix like "Creole poached eggs." Some cooks add eggs poached in the soup or broth. Poached eggs served on crisp toast, with grilled tomatoes or sausages, sprinkle with grated syrom.


An unusual and time-consuming recipe eggs. Yolks separated from whites remain in the half-shell. Proteins are whipped to a froth, and baked in the oven, and then to add the yolk and butter. Orsini - a popular snack in Italian cuisine, which is served with cheese and ovoschami.


Eggs-Kokot portioned baked in forms with the addition of toppings - meat, ham, vegetables and mushrooms. Prepare according to the following principle - first laid out in the shape of the filling, and then on top of broken egg. After that, Kokot sent to the oven and bake or cook in a water bane.

Norwegian omelette

From an ordinary omelet, Norwegian recipe for different original combination of salted fish and slightly fried eggs with onion. The combination is so popular with Scandinavians that breakfast is complete without a rare fish yaytsami.


Tortilla de patata, Spanish omelette, the Spanish tortilla potato omelette. There are many theories about the origin of the most popular Spanish cuisine. One legend has it that the author of the recipe was General Thomas Sumalakarregi that during the siege of Bilbao, invented the omelette as a simple, quick and nutritious meal to meet the food challenges karlistkoy army. According to another view, the first tortilla cooked anonymous housewife from Navarre, in whose house by chance the aforementioned general stopped for the night. The woman was very poor and apart from eggs, potatoes and onion in her nothing, I had to improvise - General was pleased and gave the recipe army povaram.

Huevos rancheros (something I hesitate to prescribe it in Russian 37,455,511

Huevos rancheros (pronounced "uevos rancheros"))) - means "egg in a rural". This Mexican scrambled eggs, with the national colors - the addition of red pepper, beans and spicy chili sauce. Eat a tortilla with scrambled eggs lepeshkami.


Japanese omelet Tamagoyaki -National pride of the country of the rising sun. It is made by beating chicken eggs, then mixing in a stock, which has sugar, soy sauce, salt and perhaps other spices. The mixture is fried, repeatedly turning in the preparation. Often used to prepare an omelette rolls with different nachinkami.


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