Scary delicacies from around the world (25 photos)

N 1. Balut

Location: Philippines
This duck egg, the embryo which is already overgrown with feathers and beak has grown, and then it is cooked. It is said that the stone is especially pleasant crunch. Eat it in Cambodia.

N 2. Pacha

Location: Iraq
Simply boiled sheep's head.
We in Kazakhstan, it also served to the table and cut up her most respected member of the family!

N 3.Vino of mice

Location: Korea
This traditional health drink drink in China and Korea, the taste of it, they say, as kerosene. Small little mice, yet blind, lay in the bottle of rice wine. Touching.

N 4.K.Lyutefisk

Location: Norway
This cod soaked in an alkaline solution to such an extent that could corrode the silver fillet utensils.
In principle, the alkali used for cleaning pipes, destruction weeds, burning the horns of cows, and so on, but some argue that lutefisk is quite edible.

N 5. Casu Marzu

Location: Sardinia, Italy.
This goat cheese, the infected cheese flies. Result: decomposing stink bombs, moth larvae.
Translucent larvae are able to bounce, so you need to protect your eyes. Taste burns language implies smelly cheese called liquid lagrima - the tears, and the larvae are not digested and can begin to multiply, causing vomiting and bloody diarrhea.
Cheese is a delicacy in Sardinia, but its manufacture is illegal. Yeah, exactly where at least someone is willing to eat it - it is banned. Ie in other places - no.

N 6. Eskamoles

Location: Mexico
This egg giant black liometopumovyh ants who live in agave. Collect the eggs damn dangerous job, because that ants are poisonous and do not like people.
The consistency of the egg about as cottage cheese. Usually eat them in tacos with sauce guakomole. They taste pretty good, so buying in Mexico, something of ethnic cuisine, you may not notice that the ants ate the eggs.

Live octopus

In Korea, octopus is considered a great delicacy. See and select it possible in large aquariums, which are usually located at the entrance to the restaurant. Love him, and older men and young girls.

As there: Right there need octopus head, then he did not strangle you with their tentacles. But for thrill-seekers, usually an octopus cut into small pieces, about 1-2 cm and served with kimchi (Korean cult dish - pickled cabbage in a special way). Pieces of tentacles wrapped in kimchi and eat.
On the palate: as overcooked squid. That is hard.
How useful: absolutely not contain fat.


In Cambodia, the noble delicacy, almost like black caviar in the West, is considered a big spider "a-ping" - a kind of poisonous tarantula. This signature dish Skuon town near Phnom Penh. Do not be afraid of frightening appearance of spider with large fangs, a palm-sized adult male. Before you start cooking, you need to find a spider, get out of the hole and pull out the poisonous fangs. Then slowly arthropod roasted on an open fire (required on the wood) with the addition of large amounts of salt and garlic. When black chitinous shell acquires a reddish-brown color, spider crispy and very tender on the inside is ready for use.

As it is: it is desirable to scalding hot, better hands.
Taste: reminiscent of the chicken.
How useful: contains high quality protein and is almost devoid of fat. Helps to relieve back pain and cure for some diseases of the respiratory system. Spidery legs, abdomen and poisonous jaws insist on rice wine - it turns dark brown turbid liquid, which raises the overall tone.


Scorpions eat not only in Asia. In the elite restaurants of New York and Amsterdam pampered with exotic delights audiences are treated to a snack of a scorpion on a bed surrounded by cheese lettuce.

As there are: - Better off without legs and head. Body inside is white, sometimes brown color. At the time of preparation is not toxic. Considered a delicacy. In Chinese restaurants, scorpions often cook for a couple and served on a thin cake with a slight sour sauce and vegetables.
On the palate: an exotic dish, crispy, if a scorpion inside is not empty, has a slightly bitter taste.
What is useful: it is considered an aphrodisiac.


On the streets of Vietnam you can find a lot of exotic dishes. The beating heart of a cobra, soup or chicken hearts battleships, pork marinated in blood. All of these delights offer the best and most expensive restaurants. The apotheosis of exotic and incredibly expensive meal dishes are bats. The restaurants caught animals kept in a cage, and provide the client the right to choose a favorite.

As it is: vending mouse made meticulously consider stretching its wings. After that, one lightning strike chef chop off her head. The blood from the wound decanted into a glass, of course, drink it.
Taste: meat bats to taste similar to beef curry sauce, but tougher.
How useful: Vietnamese believe that the blood and meat bat strengthens virility.

Monkey brain

In the best restaurants in Hong Kong sophisticated dessert is considered the brain of a monkey. Honestly, the dish is not for the faint of heart. After lengthy preparations, not everyone will be able to decide to try such exotica.

As there: Before you turn on your table, the dish (if you can call a live monkey) must pass a rather complicated procedure of preparation. The fact that the brain is traditionally served directly in the head of a live monkey. For this primate is firmly fixed, landing under the table with a hole for the head, the hair on his head shaved, and then penetrate the skull with a small hammer and chisel. After the top of the skull was removed brain eating teaspoon. And most importantly: the meal to finish the animal to death, because the brain begins to decompose very rapidly! Fortunately, modern cooks (apparently under pressure from animal protection societies) came up with the same recipe of this "dessert", which does not have to resort to such an inconceivable barbarism.
Taste: reminiscent of cold rice pudding.
How useful: protein content less than half in the meat and if not for a large amount of cholesterol, the brain monkeys could be a dietary dish.


Earlier in Paraguay meat rats ate mainly in small villages, but now the fashion spread throughout the country. True rats now often replaced by guinea pigs, claiming that their meat is not inferior to its beneficial properties and taste even sweeter. Fried, stewed, stuffed, dried - Paraguayans can prepare rodent pests in any form.

As it is: the best newborn pups who are ready and swallowed whole with a glass of milk.
Taste: reminiscent of roast duck.
How useful: Paraguayans believe that meat krysok very rich in protein, besides not fat, but still it supposedly improves the complexion.


It is estimated that a person in my life, regardless of their desire eats about 500g insects. For example, with bread. This flour beetles, meal worms, which can sometimes be found in a piece of bread in the form of solid dark pieces. Processed worms necessarily be in jams and preserves, tomato paste or ketchup ... 100 g of dried insects contains from 37 to '60 protein and 4 to '33 fat. For comparison - in 100 g of beef contains only 27, 4 g of protein. Contents of calcium and phosphorus in the insect is the same as in duck eggs.


In Cambodia, one of the most popular dishes - a specially cooked grasshoppers. And love grasshoppers in the United States, Missouri.

As there are: - fried, better hot, soy or fish sauce, sprinkled liberally with red hot pepper. Head and foot is better to separate along with the stomach. Paws - the food on the fan, they are edible, but there are unusually long, so they can not be swallowed, do not bite each first half.
The taste: something reminiscent of fried potatoes with a unique creamy, slightly sweet aftertaste.
Than helpful: product, rich in protein and calcium-phosphorus.


Each rainy season the water expelled from the hordes of termite burrows, and the inhabitants of the African savannah collect their baskets, then cooked and eaten in the different forms.

As there: Insects usually fried or baked in pastry. Eat with their hands. Exceptional delicacy is considered the queen termite: it can reach huge sizes up to 10 cm and has a swollen abdomen. It is served with fruit.
On the palate: like veal jerky.
How useful: Termites are rich in proteins, fats and vitamins.


Most caterpillars eat in China. These are small, yellowish larvae of butterflies that resemble long springs and not hairy.

As it is: well done. Caterpillars often cooked in deep fat, paneer in the flour with salt and hot pepper. Then thrown into hot oil, almost as chips. So better preserved sweet mild flavor under the elastic browned crust.
On the palate: a little reminiscent of soft salted pumpkin seeds, empty inside, so almost no crunch.
How useful: Very high-calorie, quickly comes a feeling of satiety.


The Philippines and Thailand, there are many sophisticated ways of cooking crickets - they fried, dried and even baked chocolate.

As there is better without legs and wings, but you can entirely. Crickets fun crunch in the mouth, and if you do not think that it is non-standard food, come to an end as quickly as popcorn at the cinema show.
The taste: similar and grasshoppers and caterpillars, in general, the standard fried insects.
How useful: their shell contains useful chitin, which helps digestion.

Bee larvae

In China, bee larvae eat beekeepers. Therefore, beekeepers different strength and masculinity. Moreover, not only in China, but here in Russia has long been eaten beekeepers' bees worms "in the cells.

As there: raw straight comb honey. Fried with salt and pepper, they are an excellent snack to beer. And of them is prepared pie.
On the palate: in raw form are very refined taste sweet cream.
The more useful: a high content of mineral trace elements.


In South American countries are considered to be a favorite dessert ants.

As it is: alive! Ants have to move. In a sweet syrup or sauce, dessert or a teaspoon. In expensive restaurants giant ants fed into tartlets with black currant.
On the palate: have a delicate lemon flavor.
How useful: carbohydrates and vitamin C in its purest form!


In Mexico, a special kind of bug is found, which is endowed with a strong fragrance, reminiscent of a mixture of mint and cardamom.

As there: like ants, eating alive in honey or sweet sauce.
The taste: something minty and sweet.
How useful: carbohydrates and nutrients propolis.

Kui - National Ecuadorian food. Quite popular and relatively expensive dish.
In Russia, this beast known as the guinea pig. And in Ecuador since long ago bred them for food.

Well, naposledok- Gennady


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