A popular street food in different countries

Everyone knows that you need to eat properly and regularly. But sometimes we are so drawn to eat something "tasty", which is often harmful, though very tasty. And how sometimes you want to eat lunch right on the road. We offer you some kinds of popular "street" food from different countries.

1. Mint tea, Moroccan
Glasses, filled to the brim with mint and rather big portion of sugar, are ready for brewing the famous Moroccan mint tea. The drink is refreshing on a hot day in Marrakech, but it's more than just a thirst quencher. Tea and drinking - an integral part of Moroccan culture and experience required, through which must pass every tourist. (Cezary Wojtkowski)

2. The night market in Taiwan
Miaokou In the middle of the night market Miaokou there is an old temple, but the main thing here - the post. Yellow lanterns illuminate the tables on the market with traditional Taiwanese delicacies, from which salivate excessively. Here you will find a spicy soup with noodles, oyster omelette, snails, sticky rice, and tripe. Taiwan residents and tourists converge on the idea that the visit to the market can not be considered complete without dessert fruit "ice bubbles" prune. (Neil Wade)

3. Shanghai Dumplings, China
Shanghai street vendor serves freshly cooked favorite Chinese "urban snack" - dumplings. These treats are widely distributed throughout Shanghai and are available to customers in a variety of flavors and combinations. (Justin Guariglia)

4. Noodles, Thailand
Sieve with noodles on an open fire takes all the attention of chefs in Chinatown Bangkok. Many passersby simply can not resist the ability of these street chefs and flavor of their creations. (Dean McCartney)


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