The highest statue of the world

The statue called The sculpture, which is a three-dimensional image of the human figure, animal, and sometimes fantastic. Most of the tallest statues in the world is China, but Russia has its champions. Traditionally start from last place.

20. Lenin monument

Location: Volgograd, Russia The total height of the monument: 57 meters Year: 1973

The monument to Vladimir Lenin in front of the Volga-Don canal. Listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's largest monument erected real living man.

19. The Worker and Collective Farm

Location: Moscow, Russia The total height of the monument: 58 meters Year: 1937

"Ideal and the symbol of the Soviet era." The famous sculptural group of two figures with raised above the heads of the hammer and sickle

The idea of ​​the sculptor, boy and girl, represent the owners of Soviet soil - working class and the collective farm peasantry

"Worker and Collective Farm Girl" are a symbol of "Mosfilm". (Photo by Andrew Ulyasheva):


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