How to make a high garden: useful ideas for a great harvest

You will be surprised of its past doubts — whether to do high ridges in the country... Your back will thank you — you just slightly bend to care for the garden. Your knees will thank you — you can just sit on the edge of the beds and attend to their garden.

Your plants will thank you — no more competition of weeds or other nearby fruit trees. Your land will be grateful to you — you do not trample down it and make humus. Your garden with high raised beds can look beautiful, comfortable and generously reward you with the harvest.

How to make high beds with their hands.

1. First we need to mark a place in the garden. The normal width of a bed 1.2 m, length can be any. Mark the rectangles with the desired size on the ground with sand.

2. Collect high beds. High bed has no bottom and consists of columns with grooves on all four sides and boards with the appropriate slots. You can buy ready-made fence for raised beds or make them with your hands. For fences it is better to take the wood of deciduous trees because conifers secrete resin, which may have unwanted influence on the composition of the soil. Check the levelness of the installation of a garden box level.

3. Extendable high beds. Because the design of beds at us modular, we can extend our garden from either side of another module.

4. How to protect a bed high from rodents. Even if you have not worked on your summer cottage with moles and other underground pests of the garden, it's better right now to protect your garden than then tried unsuccessfully to deal with these rodents. At the bottom of each box put a metal mesh so she went to the edge of the railing.

5. How to protect the soil on the high bed from leaching in basic soil. For this we will use normal packing cardboard in two layers so that it covers all the bottom of our garden box. If a single piece is not enough — use scraps of cardboard, they are held together by a stapler with the main piece to the cardboard on the bottom of the box when nasypany soil is not moved.

6. Soil for high beds should be light, loose and "fluffy". You can easily check the quality pointing to the earth with your finger — if it goes to the third joint is the norm. To improve the composition of the soil you can add peat or compost. Pour the soil in the garden box, check its horizontal level, pour a little to condense. During the season we will have a little to pour the soil.

7. Irrigation system for high beds. The contour high the beds are planned to secure the garden hose with nozzles for watering: we need 90 and 180 degree dividers.

8. Trellis for tall beds. Since the earth in the high bed of loose, installing a trellis it will fail, so fix the trellis out of PVC pipes in the ground next to the garden box. On the trellis put nets for climbing plants -cucumbers and beans. For tomatoes set light supports of the steel bar.

What you need to know when the device high ridges.

1. Try to protect the high ridges from strong winds and heat, creating the partial shade of a trellis of flowers or tall shrubs.

2. The longest side of the garden should face South — so the plants are evenly covered, otherwise, the higher plants will shade others.

3. The density of planting on high the bed is two times higher than normal. So plants are struggling with weeds and foliage create a humid microclimate.

4. High beds with borders will allow feasible to take care of a garden for older people or people with bad backs.

5. High bed — warm bed. This bed warms faster in the spring and if you based on it make a mini greenhouse, it will surprise you early and bountiful harvest.

6. Share long high ridge of the transverse struts of square segments — so you reduce the pressure of the soil on the side walls of the beds.

Fencing for high beds.

1. Often to clear garden beds using fencing made of wood. There are several moments — do not use BU the tree, especially the sleepers, which can contain harmful chemicals. Do not treat fresh wood by means of protection, if you are not sure about their full environmental safety.

2. The fence as a barrier for high beds. For all its friendliness this fence has three major drawbacks — the soil in the beds dries quickly in the wind, adequate insulation of beds, the soil may fall through the cracks. All fixable — use a double layer of cardboard along the inside perimeter of the fence. Environmentally friendly, the air gap between the sheets serves as insulation, earth is no longer getting enough sleep.

3. As fencing for high beds, you can use the sheets, including from the old roof or fence.

5. You can make fencing for high beds with their hands out of brick or concrete. This is a very good option, but keep in mind that the concrete in the 2-3 years will affect the acidity of the soil in the garden.

6. The best fencing for high beds — plastic. Do not emit anything of its soil, excellent insulation, long service life and an opportunity to ask any form of beds, in contrast to the standard rectangles of raised beds with wooden fencing.

7. Fencing for high beds from scrap materials. You can make the sides of the beds of the bottles stacked like bricks on a concrete solution.

Why good beds.

High ridges allow you to increase the area under vegetable garden because you can use awkward slopes or poor or weedy soil. High ridges allow environmentally friendly way to combat weeds and soil erosion.

Such beds warm up faster and give an earlier harvest. They allow a more economical use of water for irrigation.

Various kinds of high beds.

In addition to traditional high beds with high edges, there are several types of high beds.

1. Circular high bed. Consists of a circular frame in which there is a path to the center of the garden. This form of high garden beds also called "keyhole".

At the bottom of the garden put twigs, roots, paper, compost. In the middle of the garden is a tunnel for fresh organic waste and water.

This design of a bed provides the right humidity and the constant enrichment of the soil.

2. High bed without the railing. When designing such a garden the first layer in the ground to a depth of stacked trunks of trees (not pine), branches, roots, driftwood; the second layer — this removed the turf from the place where you make the bed, laid down with grass; the third layer of 20-30 cm the main soil mixed with humus.

For irrigation of high bulk beds used irrigation irrigation system, when water comes out of the ditch between the beds is a good option for flooded in spring gardens, or you can use a variant of drip irrigation, when water enters the garden with a terrace.

Paths between raised beds covered with straw or large sawdust. Never step on the ground on a high bed to seal it, and it's harder for plants to receive moisture and nutrients.

High beds of this type can be used not only for garden, and for growing shrubs and fruit trees, if you in the suburban area of problem for them the soil. The lifetime of the patch (yet completely decompose the first layer of wood from the trunks) 20-25 years — any fruit tree in this period will suffice.

Don't spare the space for the paths between the beds — so you can always call back with a garden wheelbarrow for harvesting, and new batch of humus. Take your back — use a wheelbarrow.

If your garden is located near the fruit trees, perhaps before the breakdown of the beds you will need to install a root barrier, dig a trench, to cut the root on the approach to the garden beds, install sheet metal in the trench, which will prevent root growing in this direction and close the trench with soil.

Learn more about high ridge through their own experience. In this thread a lot of interesting findings, experiments and new discoveries for each gardener.


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