ICONS in YOUR HOME: Learn all about the traditions and rituals

Many traditions of Christianity have faded from memory, lost to the ages. Older people still remember them and cherish the memory of the Holy prayers and rites, but the younger generation is lost and afraid to make mistakes, turning to faith.

The question of how and where to place the home icon will interest many, we will try to give a simple and clear answer.

Where to install the iconostasis and some icons


Canonically home iconostasis was placed in the Eastern part of the house. The temple altars also feature in the Eastern part of the Church. However, do not confuse the house with the Church. The house is only the continuation of the temple.

The house in the first place — the family hearth, so the"red corner" can be placed in any part of the premises. The only condition is that before the "Shrine" should be enough free space to all members of the family could gather for prayer.

In addition to the General iconostasis is recommended to place one icon in each living room.

If the family gathers at the table in the kitchen, is to hang in there the icon of the Savior, because it is addressed prayer for their daily bread.

Above the entrance to the house is usually posted, the icon of the blessed virgin.


How to make the iconostasis


The Church condemns the neighborhood icons with decorative elements, modern entertainment appliances (TV, VCR), paintings and various posters contemporary stars. Also, you cannot put icons to books not theological content.

You can decorate the iconostasis of fresh flowers.

On palm Sunday icons put willow twigs, and on the Day of the Holy Trinity house and the red corner is decorated with birch branches.

The iconostasis and icons of hanging separately, you can decorate embroidered towels. This tradition has ancient roots in the sacrament of baptism, and the wedding ceremony used these towels, which are carefully stored and inherited. After the sanctification of waters prayer that is made these towels to wipe face.

Long girls gather in dowry a few embroidered towels to decorate the iconostasis in the new housing young family.


What the icon should be in the home iconostasis


Traditionally, in the red corner put the icon of Jesus Christ and the icon of the Mother of God. Canonically, as in the Church, icon of the Savior stands on the right side and the left side icon of the virgin. The rest of the icons pick up on their own or with the help of a spiritual mentor.

It is desirable that the iconostasis was crowned with an Orthodox cross.

There is no strict set of required icons as there is no unified design rules. You need to follow only the principle of the primacy and hierarchy: it is not possible to place icons above the Holy icons of the Holy Trinity, the Saviour and mother of God. The composition should look complete, neat, organized.

It is desirable that all the icons were made in the same artistic style.

If you have an icon inherited, it is desirable to set it in the center of the composition, as a household Shrine (but below the main icons).

View the icons should be carefully, if the paint is faded and dull, it can be some time to store in the Shrine behind other icons, and subsequently to give to the Church.

The iconostasis can be supplemented with icons of the local saints and patrons saints, in whose honor is named family members. In Russian Orthodoxy a special honor earned Nicholas the Wonderworker, saints Peter and Paul.

The best source of advice will be the priest of the family. It will help with the selection of icons for your home.published


Where should be icons in the house?


Red corner in the apartment

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