Inside the Motherland

Sculpture "Motherland Calls!" - The main monument monument ensemble "Heroes of the Stalingrad Battle" on Mamaev Kurgan in Volgograd - enchants. Unique design, ranked in the Guinness Book of Records recognized the miracle of Russia.

Such monuments is no longer in our country or in the world. And at the time of the construction of the monument of similar construction technologies do not even know, and much to invent "on the fly».
Get inside the sculpture "The Motherland Calls!" And climb to the top of it is not available to every visitor to the memorial. Fascinate even species, and the feeling of opportunity to visit such a place.
"Motherland" is not empty inside, and with a huge number of small rooms of 3x3 meters. For the stability of the monument weighing eight tons, which, moreover, is not attached to your 2000 with 16-ton-meter foundation. That is kept as sculpture pieces on a chessboard.

Writes Sergei Mazanov, here

20 photos and some text

Inside the statue is riddled with steel cables that support the rigidity of the sculpture. Total of 119, and each of the cables can withstand a load of 60 tons.

Periodically tighten the cables, changing the voltage. On each cable installed sensors that control its operation.

Contrary to speculation, there is no statue inside elevators and other amenities - 52 meters tall staircase has 203 steps and 11 storeys.

On some tiers steel cables holding the statue, ends and begins new.

Information from special sensors located inside the statue, flowing into a data center, located well inside the statue, and this information is removed weekly by experts specialized institutions to monitor the state of the monument.

The most complex designs are at the chest of the statue, where all of the same steel cables hold the enormous tension and tightening the hands of the monument.

7 ...

Large technical facilities inside the statue only two - in the chest and head. There is also the complicated apparatus, considering the slightest hesitation concrete structures.

One of the most common myths about the greatest monument - after its opening in lost man - no more than a beautiful legend. Of course, if you want to get lost there can be, given the huge number of small cubbyholes and passageways, but lost the desire to be very strong. But the hole in the right hand of the monument, despite the small size, takes in a huge room, where could fit a car ...

Here, surrounded by the instruments we reserve snare things. Incidentally speak loudly inside the statue is not accepted. Apparently, because of the echo ...

Inside the statue there is no timber structures. This is only a trace of the old casing, which retained the concrete walls. Somewhere over nearly half a century even left the chips. Inside the monument around the warning signs, and on each tier are fire extinguishers and powder fire extinguishing system, which, fortunately, has not been applied. Anyway thanks to the reliable operation of emergency for 47 years was not.

Inside the head of the memorial narrow passage leads into the area of ​​the throat. Man quite full enough, you can repeat the famous story of Winnie the Pooh.

But in my head quite comfortable and spacious. Even have the opportunity to take a break and see the inscriptions made by our predecessors.

Dispel another myth about the monument: no inside viewing platforms. Of the sculptures, besides the entrance at the bottom, there are only three choices for industrial climbers who follow the structural condition of the statue. One is located in the head, and the other two - in the hilt of the sword, which keeps "Motherland!".

Our guide opens the hatch -and we are breathtaking! Describe in words the feelings can not be amazing! It should be gone! The view from the man-made monument on Mamaev Kurgan and Volgograd, mesmerizing ...

On hand huge number of labels of delayed industrial climbers. Inscription «REBUS» left by them, why - history is silent.

17 ...

Volgograd bird's-eye - about one hundred and seventy meters.


Well, finally I want to say thanks for the opportunity to hike the administration of the museum-panorama "Stalingrad battle».



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