The ingenious trick for those who love poached eggs, but hates to cook.

Poached eggs - a traditional French dish. It is made of broken eggs, cooked in boiling water without the shell. The result should be a creamy yolk protein, which retains its shape. Probably everyone tried to cook this dish at least once in life. Those that did not work, most likely abandoned the case. The rest enjoy French delicacies. If you have never tried to cook poached eggs, you should start. Having trained a little, you'll know how to cook the perfect egg.

1. Take an empty cup, put plastic wrap on top and make the small "pocket».

2. Pour a little olive oil in it.

3. Break the egg and pour it on the film, which is on the cup.

4. Then, on top of a well-Bind film to get a bag.

5. Place the bag in hot water, but not boiling. Wait 3-4 minutes.

6. Get the egg out of the pan, open it and enjoy yummy.

Perfectly cooked poached egg is ready! It should be served immediately, as it quickly cools and becomes not so good. Poached eggs can be combined with toasted bread, salad, vegetables and meat.

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