Eggs: Recipes coloring eggs with natural dyes

All of the following methods tested by the authors personally, and for a long time.

Recipes coloring eggs with natural dyes (no vinegar).


RED (pink) COLOR – a decoction of the BARK of CHERRY or CHERRY BRANCHES. Boil the bark or twigs of cherries, let stand at least 12 hours (best to cook the day before to color eggs), boil and leave "at night." Then, be sure to filter through a sieve, cook in the infusion of eggs.

For RED to take 100 g of the branches of cherries, 1 Cup of water.

For PINK — 100g twigs in 3 cups water .

BLUE (cyan) COLOR – decoction of BLUEBERRIES ( frozen blueberries to boil for 1 or 2 minutes. Filter through a metal sieve. Allow to cool to room temperature. Put washed (first in cold, then in warm water) eggs and boil for 15-20 minutes. The color intensity depends on the concentration – the number of berries on the volume of water.

To get the BLUE color — it should take 150 grams of blueberries (1/2 pack frozen blueberries 300g) in 2 liters of cold water .

To get the BLUE color - it should take 300g of blueberries (1 package of frozen blueberries 300g) in 2 liters of cold water.

To get the PURPLE color or DARK BLUE – blueberries need to take like blue or a little more, but let stand a few hours, it is better to leave the broth overnight and then filter before cooking in the broth of the egg.

Blue and cyan colors thus obtained resemble "Roerich's blue."


YELLOW – TURMERIC powder to dissolve in water ( first in a little water, to which add the spoons and RUB turmeric powder). Only then add it to a container of water in which will be painted eggs. To boil eggs. To 1 liter of water take 1 packet of turmeric (15g) or 2 package, for more intense colors.

CHAMOMILE – gives a delicate yellow color, chamomile can be boiled and strain it or boil eggs with tea bags chamomile, only packets for 1 liter of water requires a decent amount – not less than 8 PCs.

POMEGRANATE PEEL yields yellow – boil eggs straight from the pomegranate peel or rind to boil and filter through a metal sieve, cool and then cook the eggs. The color obtained in the coloring of the pomegranate peel was not impressed the authors of the post.


BROWN – gives a decoction of OAK BARK, a decoction of the PEEL of ONIONS, brown color you get when you boil the eggs with the POWDER of CHICORY (soluble or not). A decoction of the dried berries (or frozen) black chokeberry will give a brown tint.

If you boil eggs in the strong INFUSION of BLACK TEA, in packages, the eggs will look like painted unpeeled onion – tea Easter eggs Athos monks.


GREEN – if in a strained decoction of BLUEBERRIES add TURMERIC powder, it will turn green color very beautiful color. 1 litre of decoction of blueberries to take 1 packet of turmeric (15g) — get color as pictured.

photo 2012, where are the green eggs, fresh blueberry broth and fresh packet of turmeric, a decoction of blueberries from under already painted blue eggs, and fresh)


If 1 litre of decoction of blueberries to take 2 packets of turmeric, you get LIGHT GREEN.

The intensity of the green depends on the concentration of blueberry broth. But the BEST GREEN option you get when you take fresh broth of blueberries (cooked especially for the green, not the one in which the cooked balls blue) to dissolve in the chilled decoction of turmeric (according to the method described above) and boiled eggs.

And a budget option green — if you take the broth, which was aterials blue eggs and add 1-2 packet of turmeric (1 bag = 15g) or (very much the budget option) to connect with a decoction of turmeric which was aterials yellow eggs (but in this case the eggs are not very presentable).

Beautiful DELICATE GREEN color you can get if you boil eggs with CARROT TOPS – the spring carrots and sprouts you can use these sprouts soft green colors or specially requested to germinate the roots of carrots. But the egg stains only carrot tops, which sprouted in the spring, and carrots should not be young, and the autumn collection. Checked. Carrot tops in 1 liter of water is necessary to take very much. With carrot tops a lot of trouble and the end result is not worth the labor .

BURGUNDY, WINE COLOR – learn, if you boil eggs in RED WINE or in a mixture of red wine and water or juice from black grapes. You can buy black grapes, to make him broth, strain, cool and cook in this broth the eggs. It should, however, note that the grape (wine) the dye is not very stable .


In all cases, after removing already-painted eggs from pan where they were cooked, the eggs do not RUB with a towel, making efforts. Eggs should be washed by holding it under running warm water and drain ( carefully !) with the help of cotton cloth.

To Shine (a must! if you want a really beautiful Easter eggs) , spread with swab soaked in vegetable oil.

Fanaticism when aureobasidin unacceptable, the exact proportions — a thankless task. published


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