Guys, it's time to paint eggs or Natural dyes for eggs for Easter

Traditionally painted eggs prepared for the Easter table and gave the families and friends for a week before the holiday. Krashenki - eggs, painted in one color, no patterns or painting.
Today, you can find a lot of chemical dyes bright colors for the eggs, but the most interesting, useful and even delicious Krashenki those that are painted using natural dyes, which were used even our grandparents. Natural dyes for eggs can not give such a bright color, such as chemical, but they are absolutely harmless and can paint the eggs in a very gentle and beautiful colors. We offer a simple and useful tips that make the color of the shell is uniform and more complete.
Natural safe krasiteli- is fruits and vegetables, herbs and leaves that have a pigment, which can be painted Easter eggs. Proponents of natural dye used for these purposes: onion peel, beetroot, red cabbage, spinach, red pepper, turmeric, safflower, broth hips, green tea, coffee, blueberries.

Paint can and during cooking, adding coloring ingredients in the water (the water should completely cover the eggs), but you can paint the already boiled eggs, then you first need to make a staining solution (boil water coloring vegetables, fruits or spices), and after - the paint egg in it (the minimum time 30 minutes color, but you can hold the whole night).

Yellow eggs obtained if boil them in water with the addition of onion skin, carrots, cumin seeds or camomile. More intense color turns to yellow or brown eggs. Chamomile gives a delicate yellow color, it is possible to boil and filter or boil eggs with chamomile bags.
Example 1: Turmeric cook for 15 minutes in water and immerse the eggs.
Example 2: To prepare the dye need to take 1 liter of water, 3 tablespoons grated turmeric powder and red carrots, cook for 30 minutes.

Orange juice yaits- orange zest, juice, tangerine peel, paprika, red carrot juice.
Example 1: 4 tbsp. tablespoons paprika have to cook for 30 minutes in a saucepan with a glass of water, then put in the broth eggs.
Example 2: Soak eggs in hot cooked carrot juice with added turmeric (proportion arbitrary and depends on what shade you like).

Tea- Birch leaves, black tea, coffee. It is necessary to make a strong coffee or tea and boiled eggs in it.
The red-brick - Onion peel.
Example 1: On 3 litravody need to take 4 cups onion peel and simmer for an hour. The more onion skin, the richer will dye. Laying eggs and boil in the resulting dye. For purple color to do all the same with the red onion peel.

Red, red-crimson - bark decoction cherries or cherry branches.
Example 1: Boil cherry bark or twigs, leave for a few hours (it is better to boil and leave for the night), be sure to drain, cook the eggs in this infusion. If the bark decoction of cherries to make weak, respectively egg painted in a pink hue.

Pink and purple hues - Blueberries, cranberries, cranberries (frozen or in juice), raspberries, currants, cherries, kale krasnokochannoya. The juice can be soaked already boiled eggs.

Green - dried spinach, parsley, nettle, ivy, broth blueberries
Example 1: On 2-3 eggs and 0, 5 liters of water, take a handful of dried mother and stepmother, bracken or carrot tops.
Example 2: Boil the eggs with the infusion of dried nettle (per liter of water 3 tbsp chopped nettles).
Example 3: For the green color of eggs, you can use fresh blueberries up responses. On 1 liter of broth blueberries - 2-3 full teaspoons of turmeric powder. Turmeric, in order to avoid the appearance of lumps, pre-grind with the water in a small bowl and then put in the broth blueberries.
Example 4: Spinach is cut finely (frozen too good), fill with water to cover. Cook for 30 minutes and give cool.

Blue, purple - Blueberries, cranberries or blueberries (berries must be frozen since last year), elderberry, red cabbage leaves - broth will be red, but the eggs turn blue.
Example 1: At 0, 5 liters of water take 2 small head red cabbage and 6 tablespoons 9% vinegar. Cabbage chop, pour hot water, add the vinegar. In this composition immerse boiled eggs and leave for a couple of hours. For a deeper color eggs is better to leave at night.

Meaning of symbols used in the painting of Easter eggs:
• Pine tree - a symbol of health.
• Black color - the color of mourning. On the basis of black necessarily applied bright picture. The child did Easter egg on cherry background rather than black.
• Dove - symbol of the soul.
• reticulum - a symbol of fate.
• White - beginning of all beginnings: the fate of which is built on the sky.
• Yellow mesh - a symbol of the sun and destiny, which is based here.
• Dubok - a symbol of strength.
• dots - a symbol of fertility.
• Plum - a symbol of love.
• Hops - a symbol of fertility.
• Any berry - symbol of fertility; mother.
• Flowers - a symbol of girlhood.



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