Whether quail eggs more useful

It is considered that quail eggs are a healthier alternative to "traditional" chicken eggs. But is it really worth to pay more for such products? Because quail eggs are usually average three or more times more expensive than chicken. And what are the benefits of the use of quail eggs, really?

Quail eggs: are they really healthier than chicken?

As to the content of vitamins, the eggs of these different members are almost identical. But the quail eggs a few times more iron than chicken, and they have a lot of magnesium.

Magnesium valuable substance, but it makes no sense to lean on eggs, to make up for it, as its enough in other products, especially in cereals.

Let's compare the numbers:

  • In 100g quail eggs magnesium 32 mg,
  • The chicken just 12my,
  • The cashews 257 mg
  • In shrimp 51 mg
  • Buckwheat 229 mg.
A day for a healthy human being requires about 400mg of magnesium.

From this we can understand that it makes no sense to eat eggs in order to compensate for a deficiency it of magnesium in the body.

But to consider quail eggs as a supplier of iron stands. They are in tandem with meat products and vegetables are the main sources of magnesium for the body.

In 100 g of quail eggs contains about 3.2 mg of iron, and the daily rate of consumption is 15 — 20mg.

The main advantage of quail eggs before chicken is their environmental friendliness and safety!

The fact that chicken eggs are very thin, porous shell. Within 10-30 minutes from the surface of the shell – litter, dirt, infections and bacteria can penetrate into the eggs. And here at the quail, quite the opposite, the shell of such eggs are much denser and bacteria can not be so easy to get inside!


Who harmful to eat quail eggs?


Multiple studies of academic institutions, published today, allow us to say that there are no such diseases in which some eggs need to be replaced.

Often people suffering from allergic reactions to the protein or egg yolk, see an alternative in the use of quail eggs.

But it is a common misconception: according to the latest people with allergies to chicken eggs in 70% will have an allergic reaction and quail.

Therefore, you may want to try to replace chicken eggs with quail, but with caution and under control. You also need to remember that everything is good in moderation and even healthy people should not eat more than 3-4 eggs a week and 12 quail.


How to choose a quality quail eggs?

You should always carefully inspect eggs before purchasing. You should pay attention to all the eggs were intact with no cracks, litter and dirt.

As quail eggs are not the most demanded by customers, the product, then it is likely to encounter products with expired shelf life. Therefore, carefully study the label and tend to choose more fresh quail eggs: the less time has passed from the date of filling, the greater the benefit from the use of such product, as from prolonged storage amount of nutrients is gradually reduced.

Before use it is important to wash the eggs under running water and wipe dry! It is not necessary to wash eggs with detergents, as it can remain on its surface.

How to store quail eggs?

Quail eggs can be stored at room temperature, about 30 days and about 50 days.

It is important to observe two basic rules when storing eggs in the fridge:

  • do not remove them from the cardboard packaging;

  • storing on the refrigerator door where the temperature changes constantly, namely in the depth.


How to cook quail eggs to maintain maximum benefit

The most useful option for cooking eggs boiling is considered. It is not necessary to cook them for more than 3-4 minutes, if you want to get from them is not just the taste, but good.

Best of all eggs combined with green and vegetable salads, in this neighborhood all the nutrients from the egg will sink in much faster and in greater numbers.

Whether quail eggs can be eaten raw?

I do not recommend eating eggs raw or highly digested as proteins (amino acids) in this form is virtually not absorbed.

Raw, they can cause stronger allergic reactions, and digestive problems. Additionally, raw protein is able to bind and remove one of the b vitamins (Biotin), thus with regular use, causing its deficiency.


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If you deliberately avoid thermally processed foods, you should substitute raw eggs for the protein wild rice or hemp, of these products benefit you will receive much more, and the amino acid composition of these proteins will be much richer than raw eggs.published


Author: Angelica Duval


Source: roscontrol.com/community/article/perepelinie-yaytsa-polza-i-vred-obyasnyaet-vrach-dietolog/#


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