How to store cheese

Dairy products were known to people over several millennia. Milk a long time can not be stored, so people found ways to recycle it for long term storage. As cheese is a very nutritious product, it took travelers. Now there is no such home, be Housewives, have in the refrigerator or cellar is not stored cheese. This product can remain usable long enough to do all know how to properly store cheese. Its taste does not change, if you know how much you can store cheese. Varieties of cheese there are many, so you need to know how to store this sensitive product, because each type of cheese requires appropriate storage conditions.

How to store cheese Need to know that any kind of cheese is a living product that is constantly occurring fermentation processes. Therefore, cheese is extremely sensitive to the conditions of storage – temperature and humidity. High temperature storage is destroyed its internal structure, high humidity kills almost all bacteria present in cheese and it spoils, low humidity increases the drying, instead of tasty and useful product we get stale structure, which just resembles the taste of the salty cookie. Ideally, the cheese you want to store in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf, intended for vegetables, the temperature in this compartment should be in the range of 5-8 degrees and the humidity not less than 90%. This means that if a single-chamber refrigerator, with a freezer inside, a relatively long time to store the cheese on the bottom shelf or drawers, depending on the design of the refrigerator. In addition, the cheese in no case do not store in plastic film, where he suffocates and loses its properties. If you have in the fridge or the cellar is stocked with several varieties of cheese, they in no case be stored together in a single package or container. Best of all, each variety is wrapped in a separate wrapper and place in a separate container. In the open view cheese cannot be kept in the fridge, they quickly absorb foreign odors, and lose their originality.

How to store hard cheeses In the hard cheese contains the least amount of moisture, so they can be stored the longest, but with proper storage. Cheese preferably to buy the piece and in small amounts, then it does not deteriorate during storage. Cut the cheese in the store is not necessary, since, in spite of all the measures of storage, it dries out faster than cheese in the piece. In polyethylene, the cheese store is undesirable, as it suffocates. Cheese should be wrapped in parchment paper and placed in a ceramic container with a sealed lid to cheese breathing. If necessary, the cheese is cut and served to the table. But if you take the cheese out of the refrigerator an hour before he starts to eat, then he gets the taste and aroma. It happens that the cheese is stale, and showed film of mold. It's not terrible. The film is cut, and the cheese can be placed for an hour in warm milk, taste will be restored. It is not desirable to store the cheese in the freezer. At low temperatures, its structure changes and out of the freezer the product just starts to crumble. Georgian cheese Suluguni can be stored in the refrigerator for several months if it is kept in containers with brine.

How to store soft cheeses and salty blue Cheeses appeared in our supermarkets recently. This is a special soft cheese to the French and Italian production, varieties of which Camembert, brie, white mold, and blue cheese with greenish-blue mold. These varieties of cheese stored in the refrigerator is impossible and it is advisable to buy them in small quantities, a maximum of three doses. But if the piece is a bit more, the cut is necessary to close the food or parchment paper without disturbing the rest of the shell. From the usual polyethylene is better to refuse.

But there are varieties of blue cheese, also known as noble rot. This sort of soft cheese that can be stored in the refrigerator at temperatures up to 6 degrees, but not below +1. When humidity is 92-99%, they are stored not more than 2-3 days, but, like other cheeses, the outer shell is not recommended to break. Real Parmesan cheese is made only in Italy and only in the province of Reggio Emilia. All the other cheeses called Parmesan are a crude forgery.

Buying a piece of Parmesan cheese, you can store it in the piece, but with the condition that will remove the plastic and wrap the cheese in parchment or wax paper. At a temperature of 6-8 degrees as Parmesan can be stored for several months. But if you have already grated Parmesan, then try to use it no more than a week. Goat cheeses come in several types. Soft cheese stored in the refrigerator, preferably in a vacuum pack. Then he can lie about two weeks, but if the packaging is disturbed, then it is desirable to use for a few days. Cheese in the package is stored two to three months.

Adygei cheese is a salted cheese and must therefore be stored in a separate container or a closed container in the refrigerator. In a box it is desirable to put a piece of sugar, it will absorb excess moisture. But kept Adyghe cheese in the fridge for a few days. Soft salty cheese cheese and feta can be stored for a very long time if they are stored in brine.



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