15 facts about cheese, after which you will like him respect

Cheese - it's not just salty sandwich on plate with butter. This is a whole culture and history. Site offers a selection of cheese facts that will make you take a fresh look at this product.

1. Pervoprodukt h2>

Cheese - a very ancient product. For the first time the cheese started to prepare more 7000 years ago BC. Most researchers believe that the first cheese came in the Middle East. Nomads to save mare's milk, curdled it and dried in the sun.

2. Cheese - aphrodisiac h2>

Some cheese varieties, especially those with mold, are aphrodisiacs, that is, products that increase sexual sensuality. And both men and women.

3. Rennet h2>

In the manufacture of the majority of cheese producers use rennin - a digestive enzyme that cleaves peptide. Rinnin rennet is extracted from a portion of the stomach of ruminants (calves and lambs), so fundamental vegans do not eat cheese.

4. Collectors h2>

People who are addicted to collecting cheese labels, called tirosemiofilistami.

5. Eyed cheese h2>

A distinctive feature of certain types of cheese are holes. Where did they come from? They appear as a result of the movement of bacteria caused by gas. These bubbles are gas experts call the "eyes».

6. Cheese and ceremonial h2>

In France, a cult of cheese. Some cheeses are an obligatory attribute of state ceremonies. On this occasion at the Charles de Gaulle lamented: "It is impossible to govern a country in which there are 246 kinds of cheese!»

7. Brie h2>

One of the most devoted connoisseurs of cheese was Charlemagne. Favorite kind of cheese he had a cheese "Brie." This type of cheese is very "moody": it is "live" only 84 days, 4 hour and 23 minutes. After this period you can not eat cheese - can be poisoned

8. Cheese Horse h2>

Annually "National championship skating cheeses" in the suburbs of Gloucester. Participants run alternately from the hill Cooper Hill for head cheese, let loose from the top of the ceremonies. The one who catches up with the cheese head faster than the others. Her poluchetsya winner and a prize.

9. Royal gift h2>

Cheese can be not only exercise equipment, but also a valuable gift. Circle of Cheddar cheese was presented on the wedding day to Queen Victoria. It weighed half a ton of the Present.

10. The color of the cheese h2>

Cheeses are different not only in classes but also in color. What determines the color? From the composition of the milk from which the cheese is prepared. Color depends on the milk that a cow or a goat, or a mare eats. The more milk-carotene, the more intense the color of the cheese. Some cheeses tint broth calendula flowers or carrot juice.

11. Salvation wine h2>

Cheese can not only wine drink, but also to keep using the fault. One of the traditional ways to preserve the cheese head is that the inverted wine bottle is inserted into its nitty gritty. So the cheese stays fresh longer.

12. Cheese pledge h2>

Cheese is used in banking. From the middle of the XX century, some banks in northern Italy began to issue loans secured by cheesemakers parmesan. cheese heads, usually maturing 2-3 years, the bank put in a special storage. If the lender delays payment, the bank can sell the cheese.

13. Cheese "Casu Marzu» h2>

Perhaps the most peculiar kind of cheese - Sicilian "Casu Marzu". This cheese, to put it mildly, an amateur. Its longer withstand conventional fermentation step, exposing rotting during which cheese fly larvae accelerating the disintegration of fat in cheese and make it softer. If you disturb the larvae, they can jump a distance of 15 centimeters, so that the cheese is often eaten for special glasses. Many gourmets even worms removed before use.

14. Cheese and divination h2>

At the time, the cheese was not just a meal. In ancient times, and in the Middle Ages, its along with egg, ivy, bones, lamb liver, fig leaf and coffee grounds were used for divination.

15. Cheese treatise h2>

The most famous book about cheese was written by a French cheesemaker Andre Simon. He wrote his treatise "On the cheese business" for 17 years. In it, he told about the peculiarities of preparation 839 varieties of cheese.

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