25 most popular superstitions from around the world (25 photos)

While in modern society do not take this superstition that important place, at least in its primary sense, but they have played a huge role in the formation and the society and its culture. The old grandmother's tales, urban legends or just the horror stories - all of them still have their supporters.

1. Chewing gum - the flesh of the dead man

In some parts of Turkey, you have to think twice before you throw in the mouth chewing gum. There goes a belief that if you chew it at night, it turns into a corpse rotting flesh.

2. Wailing cheese for newborns

Of course, you've heard of Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese and cheese Pepper Jack, but do you know anything about the groaning cheese? In medieval England, pregnant women produced what was called "groaning cheese." It was a huge range of cheese, which is matured for nine months until the child is growing in the womb. When it was "time to moan" (time of birth), the whole family celebrated and ate the cheese is from him not only remained the upper crust. Sneaking through the crust of the newborn day of baptism. It was believed then that his life will be long and happy. Here is a superstition cheese!

3. Horseshoe for good luck

Some people believe that happiness is to pull in and get rid of the nightmares you need in the bedroom or on the front door to hang a horseshoe ends up. This superstition due to the fact that the horseshoe seven holes, and that - a lucky number. More horseshoe made of iron, it is believed that the metal drives away evil spirits that come to us in nightmares.

4. Friday the 13th

This day gave rise to superstition still in the 19th century. In fact, these are just theories and assumptions, but their influence is quite strong. Many people in this day avoid serious cases (business meetings, meetings, banquets, etc.) due to the belief that the day is cursed and brings only misfortune.

5. Curse opal

Where is your favorite stone - opal, beware of failure. They say that this stone brings trouble to their owners. This superstition has gone from a famous book by Walter Scott's "Anna Geyershteynskaya," written in 1829, where the lady she falsely accused of the fact that it demon, because it dies shortly after a drop of holy water falls on her opal necklace and stone instantly changes color. The book is so influenced by the reputation of the opal that after its publication on this stone prices have fallen by as much as 50 percent.

6. bells

Have you ever wondered why the bells are associated with weddings and all sorts of special occasions? It turns out that the bell sounded for the widespread believe, for which chimes drives away evil spirits. This belief appeared during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. The bells rang for prayer for the repose of the soul and to drive away evil spirits, standing at the foot of the bed.

7. Bird droppings - to wealth

Yes, yes, yes, that's right in the title. In Russia, believe that if a bird pokakala you, your car or any of your stuff - it's a good sign for money. The more birds you have done this, so you'll richer. So, the next time you nakakat bird, just consider it a great luck!

8. The old, new, borrowed and blue

They say this popular wedding tradition appeared in the Victorian era, and it is in giving the bride four gifts. Something old symbolizes eternity, something new symbolizes hope and the future, and the third thing - and symbolizes borrowed happiness, and the latter should be blue, it brings purity, love and devotion.

9. Black Cats - to bad luck

Almost everyone has heard that if a black cat ran across the road to you - it is a bad luck. This superstition has come to us from the Middle Ages because of misinterpreted believe that single women (usually older) living with multiple cats, witches that can transform themselves into cats. Thus, the black cat ran across the road you could be a witch.

10. lit three cigarettes from the same match - unfortunately

And in the Crimean War and the First World War it was believed that a light three cigarettes in a row on one match - unfortunately. They said that by the time the third cigarette is lit, the sniper can just aim well and kill the soldier. However, some suggest that superstition was conceived of matches magnate Ivar Krueger, to support your business.

11. Ravens

There is a belief that the number seen you at one time Raven can predict the future, such as in the English rhyme: one - a mountain, two - good luck, the three - life without ailments, four - will be richer, five - always hurt, six - die.

12. Birds, bringing misery

Wryneck - a bird that can turn its head almost 180 degrees. Among the inhabitants of the places where the bird is found, it goes a belief that if she turns her head to you, death is somewhere close.

13. Mirror takes the soul

Most people use a mirror every day. According to legend, this means that they are all soulless. There is a superstition that gazing into a mirror steals your soul. This explains why the Evil Queen uses the mirror to hurt Snow White why Narcissus was trapped in his own reflection, and why vampires do not have reflections, they are dead, they have no soul. So think before you once again take a look in the mirror in the bathroom ...

14. Crossing fingers for good luck

Cross your fingers - a gesture of good luck. This makes sense, since such a gesture was used during the Christian persecution, for his believers know each other. Today, crossing the fingers is used as a sign of "white lie." Perhaps it comes from the belief that the Christian cross can save on sending to hell for lying.

15. Photo - cage for the soul

When in the early 19th century, photography was invented, people worldwide totally unreasonable to believe in something that will make someone a picture akin to taking away a human soul. Thus, if the enemy turns out your photo, it was not only the master of your soul, but also had spiritual authority over you. Thank God, it's just a superstition, because just scary to imagine how many people today have had power over us ... especially given the popularity of social networking.

16. unlucky number 13

Unlike Friday the 13th, it's just superstition says that the number 13 is unlucky. That is why many architects refused (and some still refuse) to design the stairs in 13 steps or building of 13 floors. Fear of the number 13 is so realistic, many people, psychologists say about the whole phobia. Triskaydekafobiya.

17. Falling stars

Superstitions about making wishes on a shooting star is somewhat doubtful, however, before the Europeans believed that the gods sometimes look down, and when they are pushing for this heaven, the stars begin to fall. The Greeks believed that the shooting stars - are the souls of people, and make a considered a great success they desire.

18. The umbrella indoors

According to superstition, if you open an umbrella indoors, you are courting the failure ("pour rain over"). One explanation comes to us from the days when umbrellas were used as protection from the sun. Opening an umbrella indoors was considered an insult to the sun god, and he could punish you setbacks. Another theory argues that the umbrella protects from troubles in life, thus opening it in the house, you insult houses (which also protect you from life's troubles), they can be offended and leave.

19. A new broom, a new home, failure

There are many superstitions associated with brooms, but there is one very interesting, particular superstition. According to legend, you can not sweep debris from new house (apartments) with a new broom, sweep up until something inside. If at first you do not sweep up something inside, then you sweep your luck.

20. Happy rabbit's foot

Have a talisman - the destruction of the rabbit and the great fortune to the owner. According to the superstition (which originates from the 7th century BC), a supernatural rabbit luck you can get, having his left hind paw of the rabbit, killed or captured in the cemetery at the full moon. However, the rabbit is apparently not a great success ...

21. Knock on wood

Knock on wood, after reassuring statements. It is believed that in this way you lured destiny, acknowledging his good fortune. They say it has come to us from ancient times, when people thought that the trees live the good spirits. Knocking on something wooden, people called them for help.

22. Broken Mirror

We have already said that the mirror - it's items, mystical soul sucked out of us. But what happens if you break it down? Of course, seven years of misfortune. Some superstitious sources claim that the mirror of the soul caught adversely affect our destiny. You thought, what you are doing them a favor by freeing. Nothing like this! All of them are inside the mirror.

23. Cheers!

For many, the phrase "good luck" after someone sneezes - just a gesture of courtesy. However, the origin of this formality comes from Pope Gregory the Great, who spoke so people sneezing during the bubonic plague, and by the mistaken belief that the soul disappears from the body during a sneeze and the heart stops for a moment. Hence the phrase "good luck" was a way to welcome a man who has come back to life.

24. Clover with four leaves

While making wishes on clover with four leaves left in ancient times, this plant is still a symbol of good luck. In some traditions, it was also used to search for a husband or wife. How it works? First you have to find a clover with four leaves, if you happen to find it, you need to eat it (or put in your shoes, but more fun to eat). After that, luck forces are activated and the first person you meet after that will be your future husband or wife. (Stay at this time away from anyone you do not want to see next to each).

25.Zudyaschie palm

This superstition many options, but this idea was originally owned by someone very greedy. Some people believe that if the right palm itches, you will lose money, and itchy left palm means that you will find the money. If both hands itch ... better go to the doctor.


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