12 strange superstitions from around the world (13 photos)

12 most bizarre superstition that subjugated millions of people in different parts of the globe.

1. Always carry acorns and stay young

Forget about anti-aging creams. It has long been in the UK women to look younger, filling his pockets with acorns. It was believed that in this way can be transmitted to humans Oak their longevity and eliminate the disease.

2. Want Children - Stop eating lettuce

In the 19th century the British, who were going to in the near future to create a family, excluded from your diet lettuce. They believed that eating this "sterile" plants reduces the chances to acquire offspring.

3. Do not chew gum after sunset (if you are in Turkey)

Chewing gum often helps out, especially if you come to be merry is night. However, one of the most common superstitions in Turkey "one who chews gum during the night, actually chewing the flesh of the dead».

4. Never giving gloves ...


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