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Much love for literature some creative colleagues expressed ... In large sizes. Bright example - in our today's biggest selection of books.

"The biggest book for children" at the time was the largest book in the world. Released it in 2004, the publishing house "John" (Russia). Dimensions books nemalyshki - 6 by 3 meters, the area of ​​an ordinary living room in Khrushchev. Weight books - almost a half-ton, 492 kg. The book contains illustrated poems of Russian authors: Sergei Mikhalkov, Vladimir Stepanov, Sergei and Andrei Tyunyaeva Eremeeva. The latter, incidentally, belongs to the very idea of ​​the book.

Go to serious: Deutsches Warterbuch - the biggest dictionary in the world. He began his notorious Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm in 1854, and finished their followers, in 1971 volume dictionary of 34,519 pages, the publication includes 33 volumes. The largest is the English Dictionary The Oxford English Dictionary. Dvadtsatitomnoe collection contains 21,728 pages.

Book Jules Romains (France) contains the largest number of words. The product in 27 volumes was published in the 1932-1946 biennium, and in the English translation of the book was published in 14 volumes in the years 1933-1946. The product volume of 4959 pages contains about 2,070,000 words (not counting the index of 100 pages)

& quot; The Great Wikipedia & quot; - So it could be called the biggest paper encyclopedia in human history. It 11000 (!!!) volumes. The content of the encyclopedia covers everything that was known scholar of China in 1407. I wonder if they know the term graphomania?

The largest comic

Less serious and far more creative creation was published in 2011 in France. A team of 11 writers and 111 designers have become sponsors of the biggest comics in the world. The length of the comic - 1 kilometer of paper on his creation took 800 kg.

It is really significant works include the book of the hardest stone, its name - Pagoda Kutodav. The book is 729 pages and 1458 pages. Keep this sacred text in Mandalay, Myanmar (formerly Burma). Each page - a marble slab. The size of each sheet - 1, 5 meters per meter.

The biggest photobook

The book is a concise title Earth (& quot; earth & quot;) has a size of 1, 83 2, 74 meters. Its price - $ 100 thousand. Earth produces private publisher Millennium House (Australia). According to the owner of the publishing house, is scheduled to be released 31 books. The price for a total of $ 3 100 000. In the book, published mostly maps and places of interest collages composed of professional photos of the highest quality.

Largest reader

Nowadays paper literature gradually begins to give way to more modern formats. Devices for reading electronic books, as a rule, have small dimensions and are designed for reading on the road or the other "camp" conditions. However, there is an exception: with screen readers 9, 7 inches (similar to the size of the tablet Apple iPad). At the moment it is the biggest-reader with E-Ink display on the market.

An example of such a reader - PocketBook Pro display apparatus 912. slightly smaller than A4 size sheet, it is necessary, primarily for home reading. Also great readers are popular with students and professionals, who deal with the technical and scientific literature, where a lot of graphs and charts with fine details. Interestingly, when such a large display PocketBook Pro 912 thickness of 11 mm, and weight - 565 grammov.Istochnik:


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