The most incredible books in the world

Every day, people are faced with the books. Read them, collect collection, give, the more good book has always been considered the best gift. They say that you can not judge a book by its cover, and it's a true statement. However, below we will look at the most amazing design of the book that will change your idea of ​​the covers, and about books in general.

1. The biggest book in the world

«The Codex Gigas» original title of this book, but it is still known as the "Bible of the Devil." Who and why it was written is still unknown. Legend has it that it was written by a monk, who was locked up for the violation of religious principles, and he vowed to only one night to write the largest manuscript in the world. When he realized that he could not fulfill his vow that he prayed to the devil, and he heard his prayer.

2. The smallest book in the world

The naked eye is difficult to make out what is written in this book, but if you increase it up to 600 times, it becomes clear that the book is the world's smallest copy of the New Testament.

3. Wooden book Barbara Yates

Barbara Yates is an environmental artist. His art she does, recycling dead trees.

4. Book-a picture of Martin Frost

On the front edge of the book printed design that is fully displayed when reading, when the book is opened and compressed without losing form when the book is closed.

5. Book-hours

It consists of three books, which act as external clock. Figures 3 and 9 to help navigate in time.

6. Book handmade, made Francis

The book lay flowers from the garden of the artist, as well as the revised pages of magazines on gardening.

7. Books sculpture Brian Dettmer

Basic physiology in medical practice "and" Winston »

The "core" and "History of Western Europe»

8. Cookbook by IKEA

The feature of this book is that all of the images formed therein in the form of instructions for the assembly of modular furniture.

9. Books sculpture made by Robert

Conceptual artists to create their own sculptures using books that were found in dumpsters and thrift stores. Robert is convinced that with love and vandalism these books get a second life, and defend their right to exist outside of the culture that has transformed them into the trash.

10. Books Donald Lipski

This copy is in the library, "framework" portal to Kansas City.

11. Cook Book, which must be baked before reading

This book was created by Croatian book publishers. In order to prepare any meal with a prescription from it, you must first bake the book, only in this case on its pages will be text.

12. Leaky book

Writer DS Foer on the example of his creation has shown that a hypertext.

13. Suicide book

Pierre Mendell - Swiss graphic designer before his death soya published a book in which were listed the important moments of his biography, and at the end of the book the author has set the date of his death.

14. Books Tim Baker

Tim Baker is a renowned graphic artist and sculptor.

15. The Book of Light Takeshi Ishiguro

This book is a lamp that can be powered by a simple low voltage adapter.

16. Three-dimensional alphabet

Everyone knows that in the form of a game is easier to study anything, so this alphabet was created in the form of three-dimensional alphabet.

17. Book-nightlight

In fact, this is not a book but a night lamp, designed according to the book. However, it looks very stylish, not only being on the shelf, but also on the table.

18. Tunnel book

Any person who works hard at the computer, may develop a so-called tunnel syndrome. Obviously, the man inspired them to create this unique book, which is a tunnel connecting New Jersey and New York, describes the history and the present.

19. The three-dimensional book Benjamin Lacombe

The well-known French illustrator Benjamin Lacombe makes a real three-dimensional book. He created a design for such works as "Alice in Wonderland," "Pinocchio," "Madame Butterfly».

20. Wikipedia on paper

Everyone knows that the number of articles in Wikipedia is greater than the number of articles, even in the most complete encyclopedia, so it seemed unreal edition. Designer Rob Matthews created a book, 5000 pages which are the most visited pages of the English Wikipedia.

21. Book-spice

Usually spices are stored in special jars, but the designer Nick Bampton offered to store them in a book. To use it you need to tear off the sheet and put it in the pan. Sheet dissolve when exposed to moisture and temperature.

22. Book-theft

This book nobody has been able to read to the end because it all into a deep sleep.



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