The most incredible books in the world

Every day, people are faced with the books. Read them, collect collection, give, the more good book has always been considered the best gift. They say that you can not judge a book by its cover, and it's a true statement. However, below we will look at the most amazing design of the book that will change your idea of ​​the covers, and about books in general.

1. The biggest book in the world

«The Codex Gigas» original title of this book, but it is still known as the "Bible of the Devil." Who and why it was written is still unknown. Legend has it that it was written by a monk, who was locked up for the violation of religious principles, and he vowed to only one night to write the largest manuscript in the world. When he realized that he could not fulfill his vow that he prayed to the devil, and he heard his prayer.

2. The smallest book in the world

The naked eye is difficult to make out what is written in this book, but if you increase it up to 600 times, it becomes clear that the book is the world's smallest copy of the New Testament.

3. Wooden book Barbara Yates

Barbara Yates is an environmental artist. His art she does, recycling dead trees.

4. Book-a picture of Martin Frost


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