Guinness World Records from different years

Oh these Guinness World Records ... And who is not only well-known book, a new edition is published every year. Here you and the longest nails and the highest mohawk, and the smallest man in the world. Some records delight, others cause a smile, and any and all hid.

1. The 21-year-old Chanel Taper with an incredibly long tongue and 35-year-old Evin Dugas with lush hair entered the Guinness Book of Records as the woman with the longest tongue and the largest afro hairdo. (Photo by Guinness World Records) 50,349,933

2. The 24-year-old Edward Nino Hernandez was recognized as the smallest man in the world. He lives in Bogota, Colombia. (Photo by William Fernando Martinez / Associated Press) 65,630,358

3. Lee Redmond (right), the former record holder with the title of "Longest fingernails" and Melvin Booth - the current owner of the title. His fingernails are equal to 9 m. Lee Redmond lost her nails in a car accident in 2010. (Photo by Ronald Mackechnie / Guiness World Records Book Launch / Associated Press)

4. Filipino students, faculty and staff of the University of Santo Tomas made the Dominican cross, which entered the Guinness Book of Records. Cross consisted of more than 20 000 people. (Photo by Aaron Favila / Associated Press) 58,238,015

5. The people of Jerusalem are looking at a huge Kugel - traditional Jewish sweet - which was the biggest in the world. (Photo by ZOOM 77 / Associated Press) 50,869,314

6. Cooks conjure with falafel to add it on a huge plate and try to set a new world record in Beirut. (Photo by Anwar Amro / AFP Photo) 26,983,463

7. The largest drum set in the world - 340 units. (Photo by James Ellerker / Guinness World Records) 70,553,683

8. Many egg 8, 2 cm long, 6, 3 cm wide and weighing 170 grams. The owner of the chicken, the egg snesshy is Murman Modebadze Georgians from Tbilisi. (Photo by Vano Shlamov / AFP Photo) 48,147,040

9. Freddy Nock goes on a rope funicular road from the top station at 3303 m above sea level to the lower station in Silvaplana, Switzerland. (Photo by Arno Balzarini / Keystone / Associated Press) 10,770,940

10. This Egyptian Mustafa Ismail won the most voluminous biceps and triceps in the world. Their girth is 64 cm. (Photo by Guinness World Records) 9,269,500

11. Mosaic of traditional Arab sweets length of 112 meters. (Photo by Louai Beshara / AFP Photo) 22,434,023

12. The lowest car (45 cm from the ground to the highest point) in the world. The car is called Mirai ("Future"), its students and teachers gathered automotive engineering faculty in Asakuchi, Japan. (Photo by Shinsuke Kamioka / Guinness World Records) 92,141,167

13. Residents of Seoul on the background of the biggest jeans «Levis» height of 30 m. (Photo by Chung Sung-Jun) 93,198,720

14. The longest canvas painted by children in Bucharest. (Photo by Bogdan Maran / Mediafax / Associated Press) 80,587,590

15. Omanis prevent ingredients in a large cauldron. They prepare traditional dishes, "Cubs". (Photo by Mohammed Mahjoub / AFP Photo)

16. sinhronistki in London trying to set a new world record for the fastest feet waving in the water for a minute. (Photo by Bertrand Langlois / AFP Photo) 45,657,548

17. Surfers on the longest surfboard in the world - 47 Seferov fit for the 12-meter board on the Gold Coast of Australia. (Photo by Steve Holland / Associated Press) 87,377,784

18. Thousands of children fly kites, trying to break the world record for the largest number of kites, running at the same time, in northern Gaza. More than 7,200 kites up in the air. (Photo by Khalil Hamra / Associated Press) 88,340,193

19. The largest collection of Barbie dolls - 15,000 dolls. (Photo by Ranald Mackechnie / Guinness World Records) 70,021,406

20. Football field in Mönchengladbach, Germany, completed 142,000 footballs. (Photo by Christof Koepsel / Bongarts) 51,639,187

21. About 31 000 students, faculty and alumni of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines created a "human rainbow" in Central Park in Manila. (Photo by AFP Photo) 82,371,859

22. The most pirsingovannaya woman in the world - Elaine Davidson. (Photo by Gareth Cattermole)

23. "Men sisters" in Melbourne warm up before you join the others in an attempt to break the world record for "the largest number of people running in high heels." The attempt failed. (Photo by William West / AFP Photo) 65,357,340

24. American master building card houses Bryan Berg breaks his creation - a card version of the casino and hotel in Macao. On creation took 44 days and 218,792 cards. (Photo by Dale de la Rey / AFP Photo) 97,149,703

25. Pass EdgeWalk at CN Tower was named the most extreme high pass on the building. (Photo by CNW Group / CN Tower) 91,097,528

26. Xavier Zapata cyclist rides on a ladder monolith Piedra del Penola in Guatape, Colombia. He rode 649 steps per 43 minutes. Record set. (Photo by Raul Arboleda / AFP Photo)

27. Record on the largest number of people to take a shower together. (Photo by Lynx UK / Guinness World Records) 55,960,216

28. 14-meter Pinata in the form of orange candy M & M with thousands of pills inside. World record for the largest Peanut was set in New York. (Photo by Stan Honda / AFP Photo) 34,608,326

29. The world's largest collection of stuffed dogs. Its owner - Baron George Haas, who committed suicide in 1945 before deportation to Austria. Baron had thousands of animals and about 200 dogs, 51 of which he turned into a stuffed after their death. (Photo by Radek Mica / AFP Photo) 59,980,971

30. The biggest panoramic 3D picture on the street. Its length - 60 m, and the area - 891 sq.m. It was created by British artist Joe Hill in London. (Photo by Matt Dunham / Associated Press) 48,402,354

31. A crowd of 262 people dressed as leprechauns gathered in Dublin on 16 November 2011. There were more than 300 000 people. (Photo by Maxwell Photography / Guinness World Records) 99,281,544

32. 86-year-old Joanna Kaas is recognized as the oldest operating gymnast in the world. (Photo by Guinness World Records) 42,639,992

33. Zeus - the tallest dog in the world. Her height - 111 cm. (Photo by Guinness World Records) 54,962,704

34. 560 Indian Odissi dancers are trying to set a world record in Bhubaneswar. (Photo by STRDEL / AFP Photo) 49,631,477

35. Archie - 29-month bull - is recognized as the world's smallest. His height - only 76, 2 cm. (Photo by Guinness World Records)

36. Model Holly Madison (center) with dancers Diana Dakake (left) and Amanda Port posing for a photo after helped set a world record for the highest number of people in the parade in a bikini - 281 people. (Photo by Ethan Miller /

37. The Mexicans are dancing in the center of Mexico City. More than 1,000 couples dancing in an attempt to set a world record for the largest number of people dancing in a pair. (Photo by Ronaldo Schemidt / AFP Photo) 60,267,310

38. This is not some small helicopter - is the smallest helicopter in the world. Its length - only 3, 96 meters, and weight - 69 kg. (Photo by Shinsuke Kamioka / Guinness World Records) 7,869,491

39. The heaviest bike on which to drive. Its weight - 748 kg, its creator - Wouter van den Bosch of the Netherlands. (Photo by Ranald Mackechnie / Guinness World Records)

40. Women in bikinis are on Las Vegas. On the largest bikini parade in the world was 281 people. (Photo by Ethan Miller / 58,139,664

41. College students are among the largest photo mosaic of former Philippine President Corazon Aquino in Manila. Mosaic is composed of 3,200 photographs and weighs about 4 tons. (Photo by Noel Celis / AFP Photo) 86,250,774

42. TV journalist Takashi Yanagisawa measures the largest Mohawk in the world. Its owner - a Japanese designer Katsuhiro Watanabe. The height of the Iroquois - 1 of 1 meter. (Photo by Adrees Latif / Reuters) 77,423,174

43. The world's largest hot dog. Its length - 40 cm, thickness - 10 cm. It was made of beef, veal and pork in Chicago. (Photo by Kevin Scott Ramos / Guinness World Records) 6,286,704

44. Adila Vuksor lying on the rope at the last day of his two-month walk on a tightrope over the stadium in Beijing. Adila walked the tightrope five hours a day. (Photo by Alexander F. Yuan / Associated Press)

45. Julia midges - the most tattooed woman in the world. 95% of her body covered in tattoos, and each carried a drawing master. (Photo by Mario Tama) 96,021,715

46. ​​Sam - 4-year-old donkey - is recognized as the world's highest. His height - 15, 3 palms, or 1, 5 meters. (Photo by James Ellerker / Guinness World Records) 85,692,675

47. A cat named Trouble ("Trouble") is recognized as the highest in the world - 48, 3 cm. (Photo by James Ellerker / Guinness World Records)



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