Age of the oldest stars

US astronomers have identified a candidate for the title of the most ancient of all known stars. They turned out to be a star called HD 140283, located close to the Earth at a distance of 186 light years. According to scientists, the star of at least 13.2 billion. Years, meaning it was formed shortly after the Big Bang, according to Nature. Initially, astronomers calculated that the age of the star is 13.9 billion. Years, plus or minus $ 700 million. Years that exceeds the age of the universe (13.77 billion. Years), however, taking into account the errors, the researchers reduced the age of the object for a few hundred million let.

HD 140283 can be called the Methuselah among the stars. The competition this star can make a red giant star HE 1523-0901, the age of which is estimated as 13.2 billion. Years. HD 140283 belongs to the second generation of stars with a low content of heavy elements. The absence of "metal" as explained by the longer duration of life of the star.



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