The incredible human potential

The human body is designed with plenty of opportunities. It is found that in the human spine can withstand extreme conditions of load of 10 tons.

Margin, endowed by nature, people use very rarely, once or twice in my entire life, and sometimes this stock may be altogether uncalled. The safety margin - the guarantee of our survival, biological protection, and is used only when it is a question of life and death. Fear and self-preservation at the time of an emergency, "authorizes" the human body to use fully this stock, but most people resort to its emergency reserve is quite rare. But one day, using the entire stock of its features, the man then the rest of life does not cease to wonder how he managed it. In the face of mortal danger, when the enormous threat to the life and death seems imminent, the human body can work wonders. There are many examples. Elderly man chased after him when a bull literally jumped over a fence two meters, although in his youth was an athlete.

Polar pilot repaired his plane and he saw behind his back a polar bear, which gently pushed his paw pilot's shoulder, as if inviting him to look. In the next fraction of a second pilot was standing on the wing of the plane located above the ground at a height of about two meters. Later, the pilot was unable to explain how he managed to do it. Under the wheel of the car turned out to be a child, and his mother, for the sake of his child, raises the car, if the car had no weight. In St. Petersburg, two year old child fell from the 7th floor window, his mother barely had time to grab her child with one hand; with the other hand she was holding on to a brick cornice. Moreover, not all stayed with the hand, but only the index and middle fingers, but "death grip." When a woman is shot, her rescuers with great effort hardly unclenched her fingers. Then a few hours and comforted the woman persuaded her to let go of the hand of his child. The case when in flight under the pedal in the cockpit was a bolt - control jammed. To save his life, and the car, the pilot pressed the pedal so that the cut like a blade of grass, a bolt.


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