Amazing facts about the human body

Whatever you say, but the biggest mystery on the planet is the human body. The brain, phenomenal physical abilities under stress, the hidden potentials of the human body in General, are still not fully understood. I bring to Your attention some interesting facts about the human body.

Man is the only creature on the planet that can draw straight lines.

• According to recent studies, during excessive exercise, the human brain starts instead of glucose (which usually happens) to feed on lactic acid which is normally excreted in sweat.Changes take place immediately…

• People with white skin color on the planet less than 8%.

• An adult in the morning are higher by about 2 cm than in the evening. In the evening, after a busy day, you can even be below 3 cm compared with the growth of the morning.

• The smallest bone in the human body is the so-called anvil, which is located in the tympanic cavity of the middle ear. It is one of three ossicles, which "are translated" sound air waves into auditory perception.

• Blood in the human body is approximately 1/13 of the human weight. About 5 liters in an adult, and 3 liters of a teenager. However, circulates in blood vessels throughout the body only about half of all blood. The second half of the blood is "blood depot", so to speak in reserve. These "spare parts depot" blood, skin, spleen and liver. The liver contains about 20 % of the total amount of blood in the spleen is 16 %, in the subcutaneous vessels of about 10 %. So the margin is about 46 % of the blood. When the need arises to replenish the blood, for example — when blood loss or an increase in the muscles, blood is ejected into the blood vessels of the "depot" and the normal activity of the human body continues.

• A human nose is designed in such a way that the inhaled air to reach the olfactory nerve endings rises up almost vertically. It is known that the left half of the nose has a more acute sense of smell, since there is a natural curvature of the nasal septum that separates the left half of the nose from the right. Most people have a nasal septum deviated to the right.

• A man's hair grow with an approximate rate of 0.35 — 0.4 mm. per day. It turns out that hair man, if you count the overall growth of all hair, it lengthened the day about 30 meters. On average, a person during the life of the total length of hair on the head otesyvajutsja to 725 kilometers.

Fifty two million seven hundred three thousand seven hundred thirty five

• The human body per hour forms the same amount of heat, which is enough to boil one liter of ice water. And if the human body cover is absolutely impervious to heat case, in an hour the human body temperature will rise by about 1.5 degrees, and in forty hours the temperature would reach the point at which the water begins to boil.

• According to scientists, the viewpoint of the day moves 100 thousand times.

The human body and emotional state. • Many people like the silence. But did You know that for humans absolute silence is extremely detrimental. In the full "sonic vacuum" the human body can withstand no more than 40 hours. According to neuroscientists and musicians ears are the gateway to the world. However, the excitement of those brain cells that are responsible for hearing, and 10 million times weaker than the excitation required to transmit information to the brain about the touch to the skin. On the emotional state of a person is much stronger influenced by what one hears than what one sees.

• Elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood is fixed in people prone to depression, pessimistic people, who do not laugh even in the most comical situations.

• Laughter is absolutely FREE assistant the human immune system.

• Found that active crying for 15 minutes, crying heartily able to remove the accumulated for the year tension. This, by the way, applies to both women and men. Chemical composition of tear fluid includes substances which favorably affect the skin, contributing to its purification and act as anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic agent. Maybe because women age more slowly and often look much better than male counterparts because often cry?

• Voice is the hallmark of man. That is why the largest banks in the world use the safes that are programmed at the voice of the owner, not the passphrase. The treasured door of the safe will not open if any overtone deviates to the side.

• Will not believe, but in old Italy, among others will take in the passport indicated by the timbre of the human voice.

• The face that appears in person in a moment of strong fear, mainly determined by his eyes. All other features of facial expressions are secondary.

• The human eye transmits to the brain per second 10 megabits of information.

• There are over a hundred varieties of viruses that cause the common cold.

• In the human body nerve impulses are moved with an approximate speed of 90 meters per second.

• Soap film thinner than a human hair is about 5 thousand times.

• In the course of man's life his skin is replaced about 1000 times.

• Finger nails grow faster than on your toes almost four times.

• Smoking a pack of cigarettes a day — people a year drink half a Cup of resin.

• The man with a smile 17 muscles are involved.

• Human lungs have a surface of about 100 square meters.

• Human DNA contains about 80 thousand genes.

• Humans leukocytes live for 2 -4 days, platelets for about 4 months.

• During the life of a person, each finger to bend about 25 million times.

• The human heart in size is approximately equal to the size of his fist. The adult heart weighs about 220 to 260 grams.

• The human body includes all four of the mineral aragonite, Apatite, cristobalite and calcite.

• The human brain per day generates more electrical impulses than all the phones together in the world.

• The weight of bacteria that live in the human body is approximately two kilograms.

• The human body contains approximately 2 million sweat glands. With every liter of sweat an average person loses about 540 calories. Incidentally. men usually sweat more than women by about 40 %.

• The right lung in a human accommodates more air than the left. The day an adult person makes approximately 23 thousand breaths.

• The human eye can distinguish 10 million colors.

• With open eyes it is impossible to sneeze.

• The strongest muscle in the human body is the tongue.

• In the body of a child at birth about 300 bones in an adult human is 206.

• The human body contains fats as much as is necessary for the production of seven pieces of soap.

Interesting question — can on his head to appear the cellulite? The answer is maybe. For example, from stress. Moreover, it is accompanied by pain in the neck, shoulders and arms.


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