Water of long-livers: Find out what should be the water!

On our planet there is no such surprising and mysterious substances like normal water.
Water, which is part of the biosphere, ensure the existence of wildlife. Without it, our life would be impossible in any of its manifestations. Water is involved in metabolism, in dissolution necessary for human nutrients, and the synthesis processes. It is required for elimination from the body resulting in the exchange of harmful substances. Any organic life, any seed or the germ of its existence start in the water. The water surrounding the fetus, is similar to a computer. It is able to change the inherent nature of biological code, open it and programming. The quality of the water depends directly on not only the intrauterine development of the child, but also his future full life.

The Mature human body contains about seventy percent water. The water content of month the embryo is ninety-seven percent, in the body of a newborn baby to eighty percent.
In the body of an elderly man, the water content equals fifty-seven percent or less, after all, old age is associated with dehydration, water loss, drying process. The water cycle inside the human body similar to the water cycle in nature. This water inside us, the same way clogged, filtered and evaporated. We have to constantly change the water to its motion in the body was not unilateral, i.e. has not been sent only to the constant pollution.

Representatives are not only an alternative, but conventional medicine believe that many diseases of people are caused by excess acidity, as well as the accumulation of acid wastes in the human body.
In the body, be sure to maintain the optimum acid-alkaline balance. The daily diet of foods that eat many modern people, especially residents of megacities, causes excessive oxidation of organisms and is the factor that triggers the development of a large number of diseases.

Water, due to its unique chemical and physical properties, occupies a special position among all existing on our planet substances and in people's lives plays a special role. Therefore, the quality of consumed water depends not only on his health but even his life itself.

To allow biochemical processes to occur in the human body optimally, you should use water, corresponding to the following criteria:

1.The acid-alkaline balance.
Alkaline reaction is characteristic of all environments of the human body (blood, saliva, lymph, cerebrospinal and interstitial fluids, etc.). When shifting the balance to the acid side change of the biochemical processes is the acidification of the organism, that provokes the appearance of various diseases. Therefore, the consumed water in its composition needs to be slightly alkaline or at least neutral. This will ensure better preservation of acid-base balance of circulating in the body fluids and do not allow development of pathogenic processes.

2.ORP that is oxidation reduction potential of water. Water can play the role of oxidizing agent, contributing to the aging process or reducing agent, stopping the process. ORP is measured in millivolts. It may have a positive charge (oxidation) or negative (restoration).

3.The structure of water. Water is a liquid crystal. Its molecules have a certain structure and oriented in space. Water, present in the human body, structured, in contrast to bottled and tap water.

4.The salinity of the water. The presence of consumed water of various micro - and macronutrients necessary for his health, so you should use brackish water.

5.Surface tension – adhesion among themselves water molecules. Measured in Dyne/cm2. The surface tension of tap water is 73дин/cm", and extra - and intracellular fluid of the human body – 43дин/cm2. The lower the surface tension of water consumed, the higher the degree of absorption by the body.

6.The information storage of water. Today scientifically based fact that water is able to perceive and to capture any action. She remembers all of the actions happening around. Barely coming into contact with the substance, the water learns about its properties, keeping in mind all the information.published

Author: Olga Butakova

Source: vk.com/probujdeniechelovechnost


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