The main mystery of the living water

Water is the most common substance on Earth in its surface layer. Even the man himself is according to various estimates from 70 to 80% water and, nevertheless, we can say that water is unknown substance. Space chose water as the basis of life.

Billions of years ago in a cold gas-dust cloud from which the Earth formed, already containing water in the form of ice dust. This is confirmed by studies of the Universe. Academician Vernadsky wrote: "there is No such connection that could be compared with the water influence on the course of the most grandiose geological processes.

No earthly substances, minerals, rocks, living body, which she had not included".The role of water in the life of the planet determines, because all climate change, all the conditions for the existence of life created by the water medium and circulation, which we observe, is aimed at the existence and development of living beings.

Sun-warmed at the equator, the water giant flow of ocean currents transfers heat in the polar region, so it regulates the temperature all over the planet. The sun in just one minute evaporates from the ocean's surface about a billion tons of water. Every minute of this steam, absorbing a tremendous amount of solar energy that gives it the Earth's atmosphere. Due to this energy winds, rains, storms arise, are born storms and hurricanes.

Only water is found on earth in all three States: solid, liquid and gaseous. The majority of its properties does not fit the General physical principles. Absolutely pure water has properties such that it's hard to believe. It is precisely this anomalous water has always attracted scientists. But only at the turn of the 21st century the main mystery of water was solved.

It turned out that water consists of super-molecules, so-called clusters or cells, that is, has a special molecular hexagonal structure. This structure varies, if water to influence in various ways – chemical, electromagnetic, mechanical, and... information. Under these influences its molecules are able to rebuild, and thus to remember any information.

The phenomenon of structural memory allows water to absorb, store and share environmental data, which brings light, thought, music, prayer or a simple word. Just as every living cell stores information about the entire organism, each cell of water can store information about all of our planetary system.

Stanislav Zenin, doctor of biological Sciences, head of problem laboratory of the Ministry of health of Russia believes that water exists in an unexpected form, which is called the differentiation-phase condition. That is what the state determines water's ability to process information that makes it very similar to a regular computer.

That is the person, consisting as it is known, mostly water, is a programmable system: any external factors, including the communication of people with each other, changing the structure and biochemical composition of body fluids. This occurs at the cellular level, is programmed even the DNA molecule, until the complete destruction. This means that the violations in the individual program embedded in any organism at the molecular level in the water – this is the true cause and source of diseases that will manifest in the future.

It turns out that such a thing as a conspiracy on the water and the spell is not superstition, but a reality? In the laboratory of Stanislav Zenin was carried out direct experiments on remote influence of psychics on the water environment. As an example, one of the healers was affected by clean water, which was nothing, as if moving the illness of a real person on the structure of this water. After that, the container of this water were made ciliates — spirestone (ciliates), and they were paralyzed. This experiment was conducted repeatedly, and it is absolutely true fact. Now this property of water continue to use a variety of psychic and magical sessions.

Remember, like charged water with the TV screens. Blind faith in the force of the impact Kashpirovsky and Chumak has become a mass psychosis. But the effect of the mass charge of water highly questionable, because depending on the individual characteristics of the organism, put in the liquid program, can bring both benefit and harm.Well, what about ordinary people? Not psychics and magicians.

Vozdeistviem whether we are using the aquatic environment with each other their thoughts, words, feelings such as envy or love? Can we program ourselves and others? Of course. Scientists have confirmed this. Such feelings as severe fatigue, wanton aggression, bad mood and even many diseases can be effects of negative energy effects. Moreover, through the General energy-field water maintains a relationship with a man that influenced her, at whatever distance he was not.

And if with him something happens, and the structure of this water is also changing. But surprising is another fact – if you affect the water, which remembered the influence of a particular person, and in his behavior and health will also change. This explains some of the mysteries of black magic, when they made experiments with liquids of the human body – lymph, blood, and saliva.

From other studies it is known that blood, for example, really feel that the source from which it was taken. What to do with the blood that is taken from the man. Any action with this blood can back to influence the body.

Perhaps that's why some religions forbid blood transfusion? Because still unknown how the donor and patient can be linked. Human activity has resulted in 80% of cases, the cause of infectious diseases is considered water. Unfortunately, too often we are careless about what nature gives to us freely. General pollution of the energy-informational environment are also capable of changing its structure and influence on our lives.

Known cases when whales and dolphins were thrown on the shore, although the composition of the water did not change compared to that that was previously. The thing is that if under the influence of some external factors changing the structure of water is not a composition, no chemical additives, namely the structure of water, it has a dramatic impact on living organisms.

Man your negative thoughts, words and actions can poison not only themselves, but all around that has at least a negligible water content. What it takes the dimensions of the on the planet? Impact on the structure of water by means of a matrix biofield is fixed and clearly enough. As soon as changing mental setup, changes and status of water. It may be more useful or less useful to the body depending on what kind of mental installation You did.

It is easy to imagine how energy-contaminate the General environment, the constant scenes of violence, criminal actions and military conflicts. And the water remembers it all. Even if this was done "for fun", as is done in the movie, still it creates those thoughts that are remembered the aquatic environment. This means that they are existing then they will have impact on our lives, our spirituality. Here is information pollution, perhaps, more than any other.

There is an opinion among scientists that many storms, hurricanes, floods – is the reaction of water on General pollution of the energy-informational environment. So the water returns to us nested in it. In a sense, the action of the ocean in a fantasy novel by Stanislav Lemma "Solaris" cease to be fiction. But can the water itself to clear its memory, burdened human thoughts and actions?

Water memory is erased if the water first to evaporate, and then condense or if it's frozen, and then melt. Dropping rain, or walking down the melting of glaciers, water frees itself from the information dirt, giving mankind a new chance to understand their role on Earth. Whether the water very endlessly?

The answer to this question lies in the sphere of spiritual development of man. The spiritual world manifests itself in the material quite specifically: it is inextricably linked with him, constantly affect him, and it is not an abstraction. Water helps us to see clearly. The purity of his own thoughts, a person is able to improve their own health and clean environment.

So the wisdom of ancient finds in the world today its scientific confirmation. It is known that Holy water does not deteriorate and has healing properties. According to old recipes of the most difficult diseases are treated traktornoi Holy water. This Holy water taken from the three churches located so that the ringing one was not heard from another. Type in the complete silence, and then merge together. The person carrying such water should not have any of the counter to talk, otherwise the healing power can go.

In the laboratory of Professor Paul Hoskova were conducted physical and biological analyses of the Holy and simple tap water. Then Holy water was added in ordinary vessels of different capacities in a ratio of 10g of 60 liters. The final analysis showed that plain water has become Holy in their structure and biological properties.

We can only guess the extent to which spiritual energy can purify the water and change its properties. Absolutely pure water in nature. And even in the laboratory to obtain its never anyone else could not. Russian scientists were able to get only column soroceanu water, with a diameter of only 2.5 cm, the Result surprised them. It turned out that the adhesion of the molecules of this water is such that in order to break this column took power in 900 kg.

On the surface of the lake from this water you could walk, and even skating. Maybe Jesus Christ could walk on water because under the influence of its spiritual powers, the water is so changed its properties that was able to hold him? Perhaps someday we will be able to scientifically explain how the biblical Moses could part the waters of the sea.

Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto frozen water droplets and then studied them under a strong microscope with a built-in camera. His work clearly demonstrated the difference in molecular structure of water at its interaction with the environment. This method gave the opportunity to show how the energy vibration of a person – thoughts, words, and music affect its molecular structure.

Emoto Masaru found a lot of amazing differences in the crystalline structure of water taken from different sources on our planet. Contaminated water had broken and randomly generated structure. Water from mountain streams and keys was perfectly formed geometrically.

Next, the scientist decided to see. the effect of music on the structure of water. He put distilled water between two speakers for several hours and then photographed it after freezing. He also used the words, printed on paper and pasted on the night of the glass dish with water. The same procedure was done with the names of dead people. Then the water was frozen and photographed. These pictures prove the incredible changes of water as a living substance that responds to our every emotion or thought.

It is quite clear that water is easily changed under the influence of vibrations of energy, regardless of whether it's polluted or clean environment. Amazing sociability and monotonnosti water on one side and its a riot and menacing militancy on the other and put it in the category of special phenomena, as possessing great creative and destructive force.Water manifests itself as a thinking substance, which communicates with the entire universe.

And she has very important messages for mankind, she invites us to look deeper within ourselves. And when we look at ourselves through the mirror of water, the message is an amazing way to manifest and make us think a lot, much to rethink, and only then spiritual revival will begin. Sooner or later the water will return to us what we put in her memory. published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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