Preparation of melt and shungite water

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Melt-water We used to drink boiled water and even boiled water brew coffee and tea. However, this removes the person from the opportunity to use the natural properties of living water, which is not conducive to recovery. Meanwhile, the healing properties of natural melt water was noticed in ancient times. Scientists are conducting constant surveillance on the properties of melt water. It is seen that melt-water is a strong biostimulator. Plant seeds soaked in the melt, and not in tap water, give the best germination. But if this kind of water to use for watering plants, the harvest will be twice more than when watering with plain water. Experiments with cats, lost from old age fertility, showed that after drinking the melt water they again gave birth to kittens. The experiments showed that snow water is the vascular aid to reduce cardiac pains and even resorption of blood clots in the coronary vessels of the heart. It helps to stop strong hemorrhoidal bleeding and pain, improved circulation after thrombosis of the lower limbs and relieves the disease with varicose veins (very treatable with a mixture of melt water and Apple cider vinegar: 2 teaspoons per Cup of water). In cardiovascular diseases as a result of melt water significantly reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood and improves metabolism. Besides the melt water is an effective remedy against pathological obesity. It is also useful for athletes, especially after trauma, as it reduces the time of rehabilitation. Sometimes snow water may have advantages over the melt, prepared from ice. This water contains fine particles, tiny bubbles of gases, it lacks salt and is therefore faster absorbed into the body. Take this water an hour before a meal, a glass 3-4 times a day. Glass need to drink in one go. The dose at which snowmelt begins to have an impact and shows a positive effect, 4-6 g per 1 kg of weight. So, if you weight 60 kg you need to take (5 g x 60 kg), 300 g of melt water. The first drink in the morning on an empty stomach one hour before meals, and the rest — during the day. Given the positive impact of melt water on the human body, some gerontologists have suggested that one reason for the large number of centenarians in Yakutia and Caucasus is the predominant consumption of melt water. After all, nothing in these distant from each other regions, except for the fact that people there drink water resulting from the melting of snow or ice.
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photo: James Balog Noticed that birds and animals tend to be closer to the melt water. For example, female whales derive their calves in the vicinity of icebergs, birds fly for thousands of kilometers to the point of melting rivers. Obviously, they instinctively feel the favorable impact of melt water. Meltwater has a considerable internal energy due to the fact that fluctuations in isometric of the molecules in it are made on the same wave and not go to shumopogloschenie, as in the situation of different-sized molecules. Therefore, with consumption of melt water, the body gets noticeable energy support. There are several methods of preparation of melt water. The easiest of these involves freezing normal tap water in the freezer and thawing. However, some healers think this method is ineffective because, in their opinion, falls a little into the sediment contaminants. It is therefore proposed that double or even triple the water was freezing with subsequent thawing. This method involves freezing water to the end. So, if you observe the process of freezing water in a plastic bottle, you will notice that the water starts turning into ice, first on the sides of the bottle, and then in the middle. This phenomenon is explained by the fact that the solution of the so-called heavy water (deuterium) water which within 1 l contains 150 mg, freezes first. Because it is harmful to the body, it should be left in the form of ice, unfrozen water and pour it into another bottle. The second stage of the reverse of the first. We need to freeze about half of the water in the bottle and pour unnecessary unfrozen solution, as it remained contaminated with impurities, such as chlorine. Thawed, the remaining ice is desired, the melt water. To 1 liter of this water can add 30-50 ml of mineral water Borjomi, Narzan, or other (to taste) melt water and drink. If the melt water is used for cooking, then salt it should not be. Enough to do those salts that are products. And a few more tips. It is best to freeze water in the winter on the street and not in the freezer. If possible, it is desirable to use spring water. Separated the raw but not boiled — then in the body metabolic processes are more complete. Drinking water is best immediately after cooking, because after 4-5 hours it loses its healing properties and turns into plain water, only purified. Shungite water To prepare shungite water need to filtered regular water or at least boil it to fill a glass or enamel container and drop back stone. After 30 minutes (as determined by scientists), the water acquires a pronounced bactericidal activity. For example, the concentration of a dangerous microbe, Streptococcus group D (enterococci) reduced during this period is on average 100 times, and the Streptococcus group A is the pathogen of acute and chronic infections (scarlet fever, tonsillitis, impetigo, ecthyma, rheumatism, nephritis, etc.) — several hundred times. Infuse water with shungit need no more than 3 days. Remarkable results are obtained by the use of shungite water in cosmetics: face is cleansed, the skin becomes smooth, elastic, small wrinkles disappear, acne, pimples. Disappear dandruff, improves hair condition. Some researchers argue that it goes even early graying. In addition, the warm shungite water is a great tool for a therapeutic gargle: for a sore throat, mouth (stomatitis and periodontal disease) and nose. Very effective inhalation during colds, sore throats, bronchitis. Inhalation 4-5 glasses of water, a few hours lay a piece of shungite can bring up to the temperature of 90-95° C, the patient's head cover with a towel and give it time to breathe in pairs 1 - 3 minutes. Shungite water (better, of course, Marcial mineral or Rosa) is a lovely addition to the holiday table. No one drunk, then he will not be. It prevents drunkenness and perfectly removes hangover. Very useful shungite baths. They are widely used now in hospitals, nursing homes, but can (and should) prepare such bath home. Everything is done very simply. Type in a tub of water (temperature 36° C), lower back pouch with powdered minerals (about 300 g per bath, are sold in specialized stores), poprosite it and press. To take such a bath should be 10-15 minutes; no more than a day. It soothes, relieves stress, fatigue, strengthens the body and normalizes sleep. Right from the first bath be delayed small cracks, sores, and after several procedures to solve problems and more serious: scar scars are peeling of the skin, eczema, fungi. After a busy day of sports in heavy physical and mental loads in the postoperative period and also in the appearance of allergic rash these baths are simply necessary. A huge range of effects on the body table water shungite Marcial. It is used at various gastric diseases: gastritis, colitis and enterocolitis, otitis, it stabilizes hydrocarbon metabolism in diabetics, treats allergies, asthma, kidney disease.

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