Seven ways to turn ordinary water into healing

Among the various methods of water purification there are those who can give it useful properties. Here are a couple of ways of getting this type of water at home.
Flint water
Several small pieces of flint can easily replace home filter. Put them on the bottom of a glass jar, pour water and leave for three days. A rock the size of one cubic centimeter will be able to purify one liter of water. Flint can be used for a long time, you just need every time before use, wash them under running water.
Flint will destroy all bacteria. Ionized water will improve the health and condition of the gastrointestinal tract, helps with bleeding gums.

Shungite water
In an enamel bowl with purified water, place a small stone shungite and after half an hour the water will be activated. The concentration of pathogens in acute and chronic infections will be minimal. Perhaps that is why shungite is the stone-Savior. It's wonderful properties all know from the time of Peter the great.
This water is used in cosmetics — the skin becomes clean, becomes silky, smooth.

Magnetic water
In order to obtain the desired magnetic funnel. The water passing through it, changes its structure and becomes useful. There is even a funnel, which for convenience wear on the faucet.
Magnetic water reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood and liver, normalizes metabolism and blood pressure.
Living and dead water
This water was quite popular in the 60-ies. Through the water flow a constant current. Get two types of water — alkaline (live) and acid (dead).
Living water can accelerate the growth of cells. Therefore, it is very often used in horticulture for watering plants, in beauty, and sometimes for medicinal purposes.

Silver water
In ancient times this water was prepared in the same recipes as the gold. Now this process is simplified, as there are the necessary appliances and ready water.
It must make people with disorders of the liver and spleen, and gastritis with high acidity. But this water is not suitable for everyone. Regular use of silver water can lead to dysbacteriosis.

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