Vienna is preparing for the first "green" contest

At the competition "Eurovision" in Vienna you will not find coffee in aluminum capsules, diesel generators or plastic utensils. The most anticipated musical event of Europe becoming "green".

19-23 may, Vienna takes the current "contest", during which the city occupies first place in the world for quality of life, prove that the conduct of large-scale events are not always negative impact on the environment. Participants and tourists who will arrive in Vienna, you will be able to see that the slogan of the environmentalist "Reduce, re-use, recycle" ("reduce, re-use, craft") for the Austrian organisers of the competition — not just empty words.

"The song contest" Eurovision "gives the opportunity to present Austria with more than 200 million viewers around the world as an open and tolerant country, and a country that responsibly uses its precious resources," said recently the CEO of the Austrian broadcaster ORF Alexander Wrabetz during a press conference. "We hope this is the start of new standards for the organizers of the contest in the future," he said.

Environmental plan starts with what the organizers are calling not only the audience but also 40 of the contestants and their delegations to arrive to the arena Wiener Stadthalle that will be the event by public transport. It will be free for everyone who has a ticket to "Eurovision". Participants from three continents — this year will be the first Australia — will be on stage, which is illuminated with LED lights that use less energy. By the way, all the electrics for the event will be supplied only from renewable sources of energy: mixture of hydro, wind and solar energy, and biomass energy.

Culinary eco-program is not limited to use reusable cups, plates and Cutlery. The organizers also encourage suppliers of food on the territory of the arena to offer in their menu dishes made from local produce, preferably organic, in compliance with the conditions of the fair trade movement. Generators on diesel fuel will be banned.

The tourists, who will bring their own water bottles, can fill them in one of the 900 drinking fountains, already established in Vienna. Ten large fountains, the city uses again after the events of the world Championship on football of 2008.

Not only the amount of waste and energy used will be reduced and plastic decorations that cannot be burned for energy production, will be recycled into gift bags that will sell ORF. Even the symbolic keys that Vienna will transfer the country to a successor, I will add a gift with recycled materials.

The Minister of agriculture of Austria Andre Rupprechter expressed the hope that environmentally-oriented holding of the song contest will show the ecological consciousness of the Austrian nation. According to him, the Alpine country is the only one which encourages us to organize large events, without harming the environment.

"Green" song contest we want to prove that even very large projects can be environmentally friendly, and our high standards for friendly in relation to climate and environment measures can be applied throughout the world, " — said the politician.

In addition, every tourist will be able to take a picture with one of the 150 special shapes dimensions of human growth. After the competition they, of course, also be recycled. Another nice souvenir that everyone will be free to take home with them, — more than 10 000 red hearts with the words "12 points you get... the Vienna parks". After all, the main winner in the end should become our planet.published

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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