How to choose a water heater for villas



The problem of hot water supply is not the last place in the list of cases for the arrangement of country houses. After gardening all need to take a shower or at least how to wash his hands, and without warm water to make it problematic. Some build baths and summer of the soul, the other warm water in buckets on the stove or boiler. But if the area is water or at least a well, the problem can be solved in another way- to buy the water heater.
This device will provide the necessary amount of hot water even the biggest family.

Why in the country the water heater?

As already mentioned, working in the garden and the garden, it's hard not to get dirty. So, to wash themselves and their clothes often. Not to mention the vacationers with children 2-10 years of age. Here, the water flow increases several times.
And men often do at the cottage repair garden equipment or vehicle, make a fire to barbecue... what's not to get stains on the clothes or hands? Pets after walks in the surrounding area is also shown water treatments.

Nine million one hundred thirty five thousand seven hundred six

Similar household situations a huge amount. Anyway, one conclusion: if you want to make a country home comfortable for work and relaxation with the whole family, it's time to go behind the water heater.
The market is full of models for every taste and for every occasion. It remains to understand which one is right for you.

What are the water heatersTo avoid confusion, it should be noted that water heaters are different:

  • according to the method of installation,
  • according to the method of water intake,
  • on power source.
Then, too, it is not so simple: in each group there are different options that can be better read before purchase. Knowing the principles and pitfalls of all models, it is much easier to choose the right.



Differences in installation methodThe construction of the water heater depends on: size of the country house (or that of the room where it will be delivered), the purpose of use. Wall heaters


Wall mounted model takes up little space and is ideal for small summer house. As a rule, set it where it's not necessary a lot of water — for example, in the kitchen.

The tank is attached to special hooks that go with it in the kit, or hanging bracket. If you use other mounts, make sure they are reliable, that the tank is not pulled away from the wall.

Special attention should be paid to the surface to which will be attached to the device. She needs to be strong enough.

For construction of gypsum Board, gypsum concrete or foam concrete can not hang heaters with a volume of 50 L.

Outdoor heatersIf the water consumption exceeds 50 litres per day, it is better to look at outdoor heaters. Tank volume ranging from 80 to 200 l. of course, the installation of this unit to the wall is impossible.

Seventy eight million three hundred thirty eight thousand one hundred ninety three

If wall models win over by their small size and ease of placement, then what will attract a buyer outdoor?

Advantages of outdoor heaters:

In the first place, should please a large volume of the tank. The most suitable for houses — 80-200 L. Those for whom this is not enough, manufacturers can offer more — from 200 to 1000 L. Despite the immodest size, outdoor heaters are convenient in accommodation due to the vertical shape and a narrow body. You can install them in any room. No matter plasterboard wall or not, as in the case of wall-mounted equipment. Outdoor heaters are resistant. Massive at first glance, the design is firmly fixed on the floor thanks to the smooth base of the case. Complete some models are specific feet.


If the size of the house allow you to install floor and wall heater, you should evaluate the volume of water consumed. For example, families with young children or living in the country for a long time, you need more water. Their choice one way or another will fall on the floor heater with a larger tank. Those who need hot water at the minimum, better to do a wall to save space.

Differences by the method of water extraction


Manufacturers of heating devices tailored to the needs of all gardeners — and the lucky owners of the aqueduct, and those who use well or bore. So on the shelves side by side and liquid flow heaters. What are these country assistants?

Self-leveling water heatersVery popular mobile models: can be hung on the wall, you can put under the sink, at special desire it is possible and outside the house to determine. A device of this heater is quite simple. It consists of:

  • tank (it is filled with cold water),
  • tap (located at the bottom of the tank where it gets the hot water),
  • heating element.
Beloved by all gardeners model "Moidodyr" just refers to the type of liquid heaters. It consists of a metal tank, electrical heating element, drain water and stainless sink.

Thirty seven million seven hundred sixty one thousand six hundred eight

Set "Moydodyr" can in the kitchen or on the street. Tank it is small, it is enough just to wash, wash hands or utensils. The only thing it needs for smooth operation is electricity.

More advanced models are protected from overheating and from the inclusion without water. But the small volume of water tank is a significant disadvantage.

"Big brother" of the heater above — described liquid shower water heater. The principle is the same, but more tank — it is designed to 50-100 L. of Water it can collect in buckets or pump pump. Instead of a fixed tap mixer with a shower head. The device fully meets all the security requirement, not overheat the water and will not turn on without it.

Fifty two million four hundred forty five thousand six hundred fifty four

Gardeners who bought this miracle of technology, have learned to save. In warm Sunny weather the water is easily heated by itself, if you set the unit outside with a shower cabin or on the roof. And in the cold cloudy days works the heating element.

Well, fans of fun you can safely purchase the whole shower stall, which includes liquid and water heater. Set in this case will consist of:

  • liquid heater with a watering can,
  • durable frame with a curtain,
  • pallet's.


Heat the water in the sun or use in this soul electricity — everyone chooses. To whom that is more convenient.

Can not but rejoice that many manufacturers began to produce additional tanks. Very convenient when you can fill two tanks at once. A great option for those who cannot physically fill the water tank too often.

Instantaneous water heater


If your cottage is water, you can approach a tankless water heater. Its design involves heating water directly at the point of use.

Important: water can overheat under pressure. Accordingly, the capacity for water intake is missing. To raise or lower the water temperature by adjusting the pressure.

The design of the flow heater
This unit is made in the form of a box, inside which is located a heating element (tubular electric heater is tubular electric heater). At the time of contact of water with the Heater it is heated. Under strong pressure of the water "slip" on it and not much heat. Make the pressure less, the situation will be corrected. But the wonders of the flow-through heater to wait still not worth it. You will have to sacrifice or water temperature, or power head.

Sixty eight million five hundred thirty four thousand six hundred eight

Models of such devices range from budget to expensive. What's the difference? In the details. But these little things can make using the unit more convenient and simple. For example, budget the continuous-flow heater equipped with a thermostat which regulates the temperature of the heating element, and therefore of water. The more expensive models have a digital control panel, with which you can precisely configure the device.

Instantaneous water heaters are divided into pressure and non-pressure.

For non-pressure water heater is that the pressure inside it is not above atmospheric. The design even provides a special crane that protects against sharp jump of pressure in the water. The heated water exits not through the usual crane, but through a special nozzle. It turns out that you can use it mainly for taking a shower, and then summer. Proper preheating device will not provide the power of a small power.

Ninety five million five hundred forty seven thousand eight hundred fifty three

Install non-pressure water heater is easy, you only need to follow the instructions. Use it too easy. About the transaction do not need to worry because the generated load is not beyond the scope of "normal", even in a country house.

It turns out that this is quite a holiday option. Ate the wiring and the plumbing, and the need for a large volume of no hot water, non pressure water heater will solve the issue of water supply as "excellent".

Pressure tankless water heater is more complicated. Gardeners do not often use it. Is expensive, consumes a lot of energy and creates a considerable load on the wiring. Differs from free-flow option that has no attachments — only the input and output for connection to the water system.

Thirty seven million eight hundred eighty three thousand four hundred fifty four

Equipped with electronic sensor that allows you to heat water to a certain temperature and maintain it in this condition. In General, this option is suited more for flats than for villas.

Having dealt with the methods of water intake to the heater, see what is heating the water. What he "eats"?

Differences in the power supply

Power sources for water heaters are also different. Let's start with the most simple.

Water heaters on wood


This is one of the first devices for water heating, the so — called titans. They consist of the bottom of the container, in which are laid the wood, and from the top, there is a water pipe and smoke. It is attached to the faucet for hot water outlet.

As burning firewood and the uplifting of the smoke through the pipe is heating water. To regulate this process it is impossible. The water will heat up until the wood will not end. Maybe to boil. It is always necessary to remember, opening the tap, to avoid burns. Of course, in the apartment next to this Titan was the faucet with cold water, but sometimes water just does not have time to mix.

Twenty four million eight hundred one thousand two hundred ten

If you are looking for a heater to testify, it is not the best choice. Too high level of fire risk, and just danger (getting burned can an adult not to mention children). The use of such a device is problematic: it needs constant planting of firewood and cleaning of the furnace.

The solar water heaters


As the name implies, the device converts solar energy into heat, which is transferred to the water. This happens through special tubes. Each tube is like a cylinder and made of glass with double walls, between which is a vacuum. Inner part of the tube coated with the composition, which is responsible for the conversion of solar energy into heat.

Twenty five million six hundred eighty seven thousand two hundred thirty six

Interesting is the fact that the water will heat up regardless of how many degrees on the street. In winter and in cloudy weather it will be warm. Let less effective, but will. In winter the water is heated up to 70 °C, in summer up to 100 °C

Gas heater



One of the most popular water heater — gas. Works from the centralized gas supply, and gas cylinder. Gas models can be instantaneous and cumulative.

Gas tankless water heaters
The primary structural element is a gas burner. Cold water enters the heater, passes through a heat exchanger where the burner brings it to the desired temperature.

Fourteen million two hundred sixty six thousand five hundred sixty eight

All is good, but there are some nuances that are sometimes confused by gardeners-buyers, is a noisy operation of the device, and temperature of water. At the exit of the heater water temperature may not be what you expect. This is due to the pressure and the mixing process.

Gas water heater
A more simple device. Best suited if the water supply low water pressure or it works intermittently. The water is collected in a large container, where it is heated and burning gas.

In the end we have a large supply of hot water available to multiple users. One can doubt only by long heating time and considerable dimensions of the storage tank.

Important: when choosing a gas storage water heater note which he thrust — is the natural or forced. The latter option needs no chimney, but is more expensive.

Electric water heater



If no gas, and use the cylinders scary, it is better not to experiment and buy an electric heater. Despite the fact that its price is more expensive than gas, it is in great demand. Primarily because of the lack of noise and odor. Electric models, and gas are divided into storage and flow.

Electric tankless water heater
The water is heated using electricity. Moving inside the device, the liquid is gradually heated.

Fifty four million two hundred fifty six thousand five hundred twenty one

The temperature will depend on the water pressure — this principle of operation of all flow heaters does not disappear. Added pressure — temperature decreased and Vice versa. The size of the device small, but nevertheless requires a lot of power — from 6 to 27 kW.

Electric water heater
The principle of operation of this device is similar to the flow-through heater. The only difference is that the water is heated while in a special container and not moving inside the tank.

To heat a large supply of water, will require more time. But the water is the same temperature, and to adjust it can be a conventional mixer.

What to look for when choosing So, the choice in favor of buying the water heater is made, the primary information on the types too. What you need to pay attention in the first place, not to be mistaken with the purchase? Because you want to and he worked longer, and problems are not created. It is most convenient to make for themselves a "memo":

Type of structure (wall or floor). The principle of operation (flow or bulk). The "power" (wood, electricity, gas, solar energy). Power. The more the tank of the device, the more power. For example, tank 300 l consumes 6 kW. Tank material. The most durable is stainless steel tank. He does not need corrosion protection as the enamel.  Tank volume. Selected on the basis of the number of people who will use the heater, and purposes of use. Take a shower of all members of a large family or for one person to wash the dishes? Roughly calculate the amount of water, considering the fact that taking a shower one person needs an average of 40 liters of water. Whatever device you choose to it properly and last a long time in your country, you need to carefully read the instructions and follow the rules of operation. Because each of the heaters has its own characteristics and weak points. published by P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! © Join us at Facebook , Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki




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