How to choose a router

The wide spread of mobile devices became the reason of popularity of the recruitment systems provide wireless access to the Internet. Because with the growing popularity of these devices appeared on the market a wide variety of models from manufacturers at various levels, to choose a good router you should have a basic knowledge about the characteristics of such a device.

Given the differences in the requirements for routers used in offices and workplaces, methods of how to choose a router for the apartment, and the selection criteria of similar devices for the office, will be slightly different.

The types of routers

In fact, a router is a network equipment connected to the external transmission line and give to the Internet users located in the immediate vicinity. Depending on the type of the main line, which is the data reception, there are several types of routers.

  • ADSL router

This type is currently outdated, as the main transmitting line he uses telephone cable. Because of the relatively low bandwidth of such lines, and the unstable connection was supplanted by Ethernet routers.

  • Ethernet router

If you wish to choose a router for home is basically the only option.

Provides the ability to connect to standard network cable, which is distributing Internet in apartment buildings, followed by the distribution of Internet users over the wireless network Wi-Fi.

  • LTE router

Depending on the specifications, allows you to connect to wireless networks such as 3G and/or 4G, followed by the distribution of the Internet via Wi-Fi. Given the specificity of his work, is a mobile device equipped with a battery of relatively large capacity. The need to select a mobile router basically there are those who spends a lot of time on the road, and often uses different mobile devices that require Internet connection. If you wish to choose a home router, this option is not appropriate because of the relatively small bandwidth of such networks, as well as relatively high cost of traffic.

  • Universal routers

Models from certain manufacturers can have on Board several connection ports that will allow you to use these routers to work in networks of different types.


The best manufacturers of reliable routers

To choose the right router it is advisable to see a list of companies involved in the manufacture of network equipment and consumer electronics.

To increase your chances of buying quality products, it is advisable to choose Wi Fi router products from the following manufacturers:

  • D-Linc

  • Asus

  • Zyxel

  • TP-Linc


How to choose a router for apartment

To choose a wifi router which will provide a stable data exchange to all connected clients need to consider a number of characteristics of the device.

  • Output power

The number and size of antennas on the housing of the router does not necessarily indicate the coverage level of the military radio station. To be sure stable signal reception all devices on the territory of the apartment, you will need to specify the output power of signal in decibels (dBi). The higher the figure, the greater the number of barriers (in this case walls) will be able to overcome the signal. Accordingly, when you need to choose a wifi router for home, having large area, you will need to pay attention to more powerful models.

  • Hardware

For effective operation of the router requires a certain computing power embedded processor. To avoid latency in the network due to insufficient speed of operation of the router, it is undesirable to take the device with RAM less than 64 MB, the processor clock at least 400 MHz, a volume of flash memory below 16 MB.

  • Protection network

To ensure the security of your home network, you must choose a Wi Fi router for apartment, with modern technologies encryption password, as well as having a built-in firewall.

  • Quality support by the manufacturer

The perfect product does not exist, in any case operation of any device will identify any shortcomings. Therefore, a significant factor is the rate of reaction of the manufacturer to such facts, in particular the periodicity of the release of updated firmware for the router.


How to choose a router for office

In addition to the above criteria how to choose router for home network, office network, you'll need to pay attention to a number of additional factors.

Since in most cases requires a wired connection of workstations, the choice of the model of the router you will need to pay attention to the number of available LAN ports.

Given the range of tasks of the office, chosen the router must have the ability to directly connect devices through USB port, such as printer which will be used as the network, WEB cameras, and similar devices.

To ensure the continuity of communication office network with the outside world, it is desirable to connect an additional communication channel, both wired and wireless (e.g., 3G or 4G).



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How to choose a 3g router

Requirements on how to choose a modem router will differ slightly from those given above.

First you will need to decide in what type of networks you intend to use this device. Accordingly, in the case of ties in the networks of different types, the value of this model will be significantly higher.

The following will be the capacity of the installed battery. Because this equipment is mobile, its period of Autonomous operation is also a significant factor in the choice.

To ensure stable reception in areas with weak network signal, it is desirable to choose a model with connector for external antenna.


How to choose a 4g router

The principles of choice of this type of equipment are no different from the above. The only difference is the class of the network for which you acquired this router.

You should pay attention when choosing the router

Summarizing the above information, it is possible to list a number of criteria how to choose a good wifi router for home:

  • famous manufacturer;

  • sufficient transmit power;

  • hardware with the required minimum processing power;

  • the availability of data reception from the network the required types;

  • the availability of means of protection of the internal network;

  • quality support by the manufacturer, expressed in regular updates.published


Author: Sergei Alexandrov


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