How to make a swing with their hands: step by step instructions

We go to the cottage to relax and work. We dream of lying in a hammock, drink tea in the fresh air, but the child is not enough. It requires reasonable energy use, and we can create the right conditions for this. An easy and practical way to make a swing with your hands.

We will need:

  • 15 boards 25 mm ×100 mm with a length of 2.5 m.
  • 1 Board 50 ×150 mm length 2.5 m
  • 30 (approx) screws 4,5 x 80 for wood, Golden color.
  • 180 (approximately) screws 3,5 × 51 mm, for wood, Golden color.
  • 2 galvanized screw DIN type 444 or ring for scaffolding 12×100 mm With washers and nuts.
  • 2 galvanized screw DIN type 444 or ring for scaffolding 12×80 mm With washers and nuts.
  • Chain welded with a diameter of 5 mm to the necessary length and 6 carabiners.
  • Electric and hand tools, as described in the steps of the project.
1. Decide on the size of the swing

Calculate how big should be the swing and note their location on the site. If they are located in a conspicuous place that is too bulky design will darken the overall landscape.

Think about how wide and deep should the seat be identified with the height of the back. Outcome in the first place to their own preferences — You should be comfortable.

2. Select materials

In our example garden swing made of pine, but a species of wood not play a fundamental role, as the birch, and spruce, exotic cypress, a rare cedar and even juniper are good, if they have sufficient thickness and able to withstand Your weight (as well as a pair of three of Your friends who will certainly want to try out the swing).

3. Prepare tools and materials

At this stage it is necessary to check the readiness and availability of necessary tools, fasteners and material. Suggest You consult the following list:

Tools: circular saw, hand saw, hammer, tape measure, square, and drill with drill bits.

Fasteners: screws, screws.

Lumber: 15 boards 25 mm×100 mm with a length of 2.5 meters.

4. Set up your work space

In the photo work area of the wizard are metal goats with a sheet of plywood as a sliding table, but in principle for work is fine, any flat surface, placed at a comfortable height for You.

5. Prepare a Board of the desired length

To do this, take 7 boards 25 mm×100 mm, measure on them the desired length (in this example, five feet). Carefully cut the Board according to the selected label, trying to do all the angles straight (90 degrees).

6. Set stops on the table to support the boards

Attach the retainer clip to boards from slipping while You adjust width. The thickness of the slats of the seat 20 mm, back (holding weight) — 12.5 mm seat depth 500 mm will require about 17 bars, and backrest height 450 mm — 15 pieces.

7. Cut the required number of straps

The number of planks required is determined on the basis of the selected backrest height and width of the seat. In the photo swing to a depth of 480 mm and a height of 430 mm, comfortable for a fairly tall person.

8. Drill each bar

Drilling is necessary to ensure that screws do not split the wood. It is necessary to take a thin drill bit and make hole to a depth of 25 mm.

9. Set a figure bending

Notched element of the swing is made of boards 50×150 mm. Bend make with round shape, angle depends on Your preference, but the seat and backrest can be made straight.

10. Work with a hacksaw

Carefully cut out 6 equal parts of the frame for a swing. The narrow end is better left long enough, it will be easier to connect the seat and backrest.

11. Cut the ends of the seatback frame and seat

The backrest and seat must be connected at the correct angle. You can start with a 45 degree on each part, then attach them to each other and gradually to select the desired value of the angle.

Mark the corner, noting each part of the previous cut. The length of the two angles may be different, but it's not critical, since all joints are located at the bottom of the swing, out of sight.

12. Drill pilot holes for the screws

When connecting the seat and backrest use screws 4.5 x 80 mm (for wood and better Golden color). This is a very important connection, because the screws only support in this joint, and they carry a good load. Depending on the length of the connection, use at least two screws.

13. Lay the plank on frame

Install three complete fragment frame (United seat and back) on the workbench and begin laying the planks, prepared earlier. Screw the ends of the strap to an external frame, then the middle – to the center.

14. Make sure that all corners are straight

Use the square to check how smooth it turned out angles, adjust straps if required. Position the straps at an interval of 5 to 10 mm. You can temporarily fix them or screwing on a regular basis, but in the future we may have to correct some of them. Keep in mind that thicker strap 20 mm are on the seat, and 12.5 mm on the back.

15. Do the armrests

Saw out the wedge with a length of about 330 mm from the Board 50×150 mm. In the broadest part its width is 70 mm, and in the narrow 20. This will support podokonnika. Then saw the plank with a length of 550 mm, a width of one side of 50 mm, on the other – 255 mm for each arm. Overall, the armrest will be about 200 mm in height and 200 mm in length.

16. Attach the armrest

Position the armrest at the desired height on the rear frame, and a support on the bottom of the seat. Attach them with screws 4.5 x 80 mm. Secure the top of the armrest to the support with two additional screws.

17. Make fasteners for the chain

Drill a hole in the bottom of the support of the armrest and the frame to the top of the seat for the screws with a ring. They will be mounted outboard of the chain. Insert the screws, using washers to prevent penetration of the screws into the wood, tighten it with a wrench.

18. Hang the swing

Insert bolts with rings in the beam, measure the desired length of the chains. Adjust chain to desired tilt swing that is most comfortable. Secure the chain to the rings with carabiners and hang a swing. Ready!


  • Carefully okuribito all edges — splinters can spoil the mood and a most enjoyable evening.
  • Ensure that the Board was without knots, because they make the wood weaker.
  • Smooth edges and corners, which can hit children.
  • Paint the swing, this will make them not only more beautiful but also durable.
  • Use galvanized or painted fasteners to prevent rust (but galvanized fasteners are not recommended for cedar).
  • For straps you should buy a Board with a length of 2.5 m, the remaining part will be large enough to use them for other projects.


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  • Remember safety when operating power tools.
  • All connections must be tight.
  • Never let the swing young children unattended. published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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