20 ideas on how to spread things so that nothing more is to look

If intelligently organize space, even in a modest nest can comfortably live and work, and save time on cleaning.

Website nekolko found interesting ideas on how to spread things on the shelves so that everything is close at hand.

Properly organized space - that is the secret of the perfect order. Step by step guide here.

It can be neatly folded items in the basket and hang tags to have everything in sight. As it has done here.

The ideal refrigerator. How to do the same - shown here.

To everything was in place, you need to create the space, as is done here.

Basket and whatnot can be a real salvation for the space without shelves, as shown here.

For the items scattered around the room, it can be closed shelves. How to do this is shown here.

Step by step guide here.

How this is done is shown here.

It should be easy to add shelves and shelving units, as it did here.

Packed to capacity dressing becomes clean and tidy at the expense of additional cabinets and shelves. Instructions here.

How to do this can be found here.

To every thing there is now a place. How do I show here.

For small jars can be done on the door pockets and additional shelves, as here.

There is no need each time to pull out all the pans to get the right one.

Signed baskets save time searching, as shown here.

For storage of small containers is convenient to use a large basket. As shown here.

Make these simple partitions, and a box will always look neat. How to do this is shown here.

To make it easier to get things, you can make pockets on the size of the shelf.

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