Keep Your Balance - Watches active work of the meridians and organs

In the ancient days in China was divided into 12 time slices "Shicheng" (for every 2 hours), which will certainly be taken into account by the Chinese doctors, since, according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the work of all internal organs intensified in turn is part time.

That is why it is important to maintain health, not only to comply with certain requirements related to changes in climatic seasons -vesna, summer, autumn, winter - but also the law of the twelve

«Shicheng". The term "Shicheng" is an ancient unit of measurement of time equal to the 1/12 day.

daily time score were from 11 o'clock in the morning.

And here 12 time segments of the day was given the name 12 earthly branches Cyclic ancient calendar, one of the most common names of which were "Calendar Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches».

Here are their names:

"Zi" (or "Tzu-Chi" for the name of the watch segment, where the "shi" means "time»);
"Chow" (or "chow-shi»);
"Yin" (or "yin-shi»);
"Mao" (or "Mao-shih»);
"Chen" (or "chen-shih»);
"Sy" (or "Ssu-shih»);
"U" (or "in-shi»);
"Wei" (or "wei-shih»);
"Shen" (or "shen-shih»);
"U" (or "Yu-shih»);
"Xu" (or "Xu-Shi»);
"High" (or "hi-shi»).

So, set the appropriate:

Tzu - it is the length of time between 23:00 and 1:00;
Chow - 1: 00-3: 00;
yin - 3: 00-5: 00;
mao - 5: 00-7: 00;
Chen - 7: 00-9: 00;
sy - 9: 00-11: 00;
y - 11: 00-13: 00;
wei - 13: 00-15: 00;
shen - 15: 00-17: 00;
th - 17: 00-19: 00;
Xu - 19: 00- 21:00;
hi - 21: 00-23: 00

. Let's get acquainted with the practical recommendations of traditional Chinese medicine how to maintain health in accordance with each of the 12 time slices "Shicheng».

Health promotion in the hours "Tzu-shi" (23: 00-1: 00)

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, quality sleep is to watch "Tzu-Chi" is very important for maintaining health. The clock "Tzu-shek" active meridian of the gallbladder.

At this time the yin energy gradually dissipates and fades away, but is born yang energy - the most powerful productive life force

. If we keep the law "Shicheng" and go to bed before 23:00, the yang energy is quickly born and raised, that is to the benefit of our entire body.

This is just like a spring awakening growth sown seeds that burst through the ground and let the shoots.

If we go to 23 hours later, the "yang" is the energy begins to be wasted. And in fact it is - the basis of life

. That is why it is so important to go to bed no later than 23 hours.

In fact, if you clarify this recommendation, then bedtime is not necessary at 23:00 - by this time should be longer to fall asleep and stay in deep sleep

. If, in order to fall asleep, you will usually need half an hour, then go to bed you should already 22:30.

Here's why ...

The clock "Tzu-shek" active meridian of the gallbladder.

If a person is asleep at this time, the bile is released normally, but the normal functioning of the gallbladder affects all body functions.

On the contrary, if you are used to stay up late and work late, the bile is poorly marked, thickens, leading to the formation of health problems.

It is only in the normal secretion of bile spleen and stomach function normally.

Go to bed before "Tzu-Chi" - is the best way of improvement of the gallbladder, and quality sleep - the most important tonic for the health

. Health promotion in the hours "chou-shi" (1: 00-3: 00)

At this time, it activates the liver meridian. There is elimination of toxins and waste, as well as the regulation of blood and update.

In the hours "chou-shih," most people are already asleep, that conforms to the rules of traditional Chinese medicine for maintaining health.

If the clock "chou-shih," people still awake, the liver continues to release energy to support mental and physical activity of the body, and thus a sufficient amount of Qi and blood can not get back to the liver for its purification.

The best way to strengthen the liver - a quality restful sleep

. The deeper it is, the better the blood circulates and the more active there is a liver cleansing.

Health promotion in the hours "yin-shi" (3: 00-5: 00)

In the hours of "yin-shek" from 3 to 5 am beginning to work actively lung meridian. Watch "yin-shi" - this time the birth of "yang" the energies

. In the hours of activity of the lung meridian qi and blood moving from the state of mind to move back and begin to spread throughout the body.

At this time, all the organs of the human body have a rest. Only in this way, light can efficiently distribute Qi and blood.

If at this time any body continues to operate, easy to have to send him more of qi and blood, which can lead to uneven distribution of Qi and blood in the body.

Health promotion in the hours "Mao-shi" (5: 00-7: 00)

In the hours of "Mao-shi" activates the large intestine meridian, which is responsible for the final excretion of feces with toxins.

Rising from the bed, it is desirable to immediately drink a glass of warm water.

This is especially true for those who suffer from frequent constipation.

In the hours of "Mao-shi" activates the large intestine meridian, which is responsible for the final excretion of feces with toxins.

Warm water is drunk on an empty stomach, it helps to moisturize the intestine, stimulates bowel movement and excretion of toxins.

Maintaining health watch "Chen-shi" (7: 00-9: 00)

Watch "Chen-shi" (7: 00-9: 00): a balanced nutritious breakfast. In the "Chen-shi" hours (7: 00-9: 00) active stomach meridian

. This time is considered ideal for breakfast, because activates the spleen and stomach, so food is digested very easily.

In the "Chen-shi" hours (7: 00-9: 00) active stomach meridian

. The people usually sleep for the night and do not take food, but because the body of the night time to "hungry" and requires reinforcement, ie, regular food intake.

In addition, you should know that before the clock "Chen-shi", ie to watch "Mao-shi" (5: 00-7: 00 pm), rises "yang" energy of, and is useful for the body energy balance "yang" - "yin»

. It ensures timely completion of "yin" energies of.

The food is by nature refers to the "yin", which is why it is useful to have breakfast in the "Chen-shi" watch, to be exact -. At 7 am

Like awakening spring and the thirsty ground irrigation system also craves his "blessed spring rain," ie, food urgent.

In addition, at this time in the human body there is an excess of "yang" the energies, and the spleen and stomach have a higher functional activity, so that even if a 7 o'clock in the morning to eat a hearty breakfast, all the food received by the body properly be acquired, and the man not threaten overweight.

And if at this time do not eat breakfast, the most active hours of the meridian of the stomach empty stomach will "have nothing to do».

At the highest level of activity of the meridian of the stomach acid in gastric juice increases and excess stomach acid harms and threatens the emergence of gastric diseases and disorders of acid-base balance in the body.

Health promotion in the hours "sy-shi" (9: 00-11: 00)

Watch "sy-shi" (9: 00-11: 00) are considered to be the first "golden period" for work or school. In the hours "sy-shek" active meridian of the spleen.

The spleen is involved in digestion, it absorbs and spreads throughout the body nutrients and fluids extracted from food.

In addition, the brain is actively working at this time.

So this watch called the "golden period", ie period, the most effective in terms of work and study.

In no case do not forget to have breakfast. After breakfast spleen assimilates the food coming from the stomach, and muscles get the nutrients become more active.

In humans, there is a desire to strengthen the muscles.

When the energy of the muscles and muscle consumed, spleen work even more active, but because it turns out that the body all the time, "busy", loaded with work.

Health promotion in the hours "in-shi" (11: 00-13: 00)

The "have-shek" hours (11: 00-13: 00) is active the heart meridian. During those hours, "Yang" is the energy reaches its peak, which can lead to an excess of heart "fire».

The easiest way to eliminate this excessive "fire" - to give himself a little vacation dining

. This will help make up for the energy and increase efficiency of the afternoon.

People with deficiency "yang" the energies have to have a good rest in order to strengthen the health of watch.

Dining vacation serves as the prevention of heart disease.

If at this time we restore power, it strengthens our heart and cardiovascular system functioning properly.

Every day at noon, it is recommended to sleep for half an hour, it is very useful to recover energy; You can lie down on the bed or on the couch, or simply sit back and take a nap.

Maintaining health watch 'wei-shi "(13: 00-15: 00)

The watch 'wei-shi "active meridian of the small intestine. Nutrients get into the small intestine, where they are processed and broken down, and then transported to various organs of the human body through the blood and lymph capillaries.

Therefore, in these hours it is recommended to drink more water to thin out the blood and protect blood vessels.

Internal human organs with age grow old, their weakening function. You can draw an analogy with the work of machines and mechanisms, which in the course of prolonged use wear.

One of the major causes of health problems in older people-low level of qi and blood.

The weakening of the small intestine function not only causes a decrease in the level of qi and blood, but also reduces the level of waste removal.

In the hours "in-shek" should support the health of the heart meridian, and watch 'wei-shi. "- The small intestine meridian

The best method to maintain the meridian of the heart - a nap before dinner, or sit after the dinner meal in a state of detachment and serenity

. And the best way to maintain the health of the small intestine meridian - timely delivery of nutrients that provides blood flow and "chi" energies of

. As the pace of life, many people do not pay enough attention to the dinner, which is bad for health.

As we have said, lunch is very important, so you need time to have dinner, treating seriously the quality of food and dining to its nutritional value.

By the end of the first half of the day the body's flow of Qi and blood increases, and it will require replenishment.

It depends on the meal enough blood and energy, so necessary for the functioning of the body in the afternoon.

Health promotion in the hours "shen-shih" (15: 00-17: 00)

Watch "shen-shih" (15: 00-17: 00) is the second "golden period" for work or school. In the hours "shen-shih" active bladder meridian.

At this time, a man is full of strength and energy.

Metabolism in the body reaches a peak, the brain received the necessary portion of the nutrients in the afternoon. Therefore, the "shen-shih" called the second "golden age».

two segments days as sunrise and sunset for the human body are equally important. At this time, a person full of energy, clear thinking and agile in his movements.

Morning and watch the sunset - it's a good time to study and work, as well as the best time for sports

. The state of human health generally is clearly revealed at sunrise and sunset, but - especially at sunset, ie, to watch "shen-shih" (15:00 to 17:00).

If a person is already tired by this time, and experiencing fatigue, we must rather go out into the fresh air for a little exercise and to cheer up and get a new charge of "yang" the energies.

In the hours "shen-shih" peak metabolism in the human body.

At this time, active meridian of the bladder and the bladder is the main channel for removing toxins.

That is why at this time you need to drink more water. When removing toxins proceeds normally, reduced risk of various diseases.

Watch "shen-shih" - the best time to promote health ... At this time, the balance of "yin" is observed in the human body and the energies of "yang" the energies, body and spirit are in good condition, a person full of energy
All this creates good conditions for practicing any kind of physical activity.

Health promotion in the "u-shi" hours (17: 00-19: 00 hours)

At this time, active kidney meridian. It is necessary to increase the amount of drinking, to accelerate the excretion of harmful and unwanted substances.

Water helps to cleanse the kidneys and bladder, as well as to prevent kidney disease.

We already know that the "shen-shih" hours (15: 00-17: 00 hours) active bladder meridian

. This is the peak period of excretion of toxins from the body, so you should increase the amount of drinking, to speed up the appearance of urine and promote excretion of unnecessary and harmful substances.

In the next period of time, namely, the "u-shi" watch, the peak period of elimination of toxins and poisons are gradually completed, but not yet completely terminated.

To maintain the purity of the kidneys and bladder, and to deduce from them all the dross, it is necessary to have a drink in the hours "Yu-shek," a glass of clean water. This is - a good way to maintain kidney health

. The water that we drink to cleanse the insides in the "shen-shih" clock is first filtered in the kidney, and then enters into the bladder, turning into the urine.

However, the filtering process in the kidneys are toxins and wastes, in velichenie amount which adds the risk of disease.

Many diseases, such as dysuria, urinary retention, inflammation of the kidneys or urinary tract, kidney stones and urethra, are connected with this.

After metabolism in peak hours "shen-shih" in hours "u-shi" kidneys continue to clean the body and contribute to the removal of toxins.

Simultaneously, the kidneys begin to preserve the most valuable substances.

If a glass of water in the "u-shi" clock will have a habit, you will improve your kidney.

Health promotion in the hours "Xu-shi" (19: 00-21: 00)

Watch "Xu-shi" (19: 00-21: 00) is the third "golden period" for work or school. At this time, when it is in the meridian of the pericardium, the entire body is in peace.

This is the third "golden period" during the day. After a light dinner, you can go for a walk. 21:00 useful to drink a glass of water or weak tea to speed up the circulation of Qi and blood in the body.

From 19:00 to 21:00 in the body increases the "yin" and decreases the energy of "yang" energy of. So, this is the best time for the regulation of health.

Watch "Xu-shek" - an incredibly valuable time of day, and it should be used to maintain the health of the whole organism. At this time, we should massage the pericardium meridian.

Massage pericardium meridian enhances the function of the heart, thereby improving the work of all internal organs and activates the circulation of qi and blood.

Meridian pericardium - one of the 12 major active channels. He passes on the inside of the hand.

You can, for example, sitting in front of the TV, from the armpit down to knead left arm with his right hand - along the meridian of the pericardium, and then do the same with the right hand

. Massaging each hand you need 10 minutes.

Health promotion in the hours of "high-shi" (21: 00-23: 00)

The "high-shek" hours (21: 00-23: 00 hours) active meridian of three heaters. Watch "high-shek" - the best time of the day. All nature is in peace and quiet.

"High-shek" - a period of time in which the "yin" is the energy reaches its peak and begins to weaken, and "yang" energy of completely exhausted and begins to be born again

. At that time people complete day business and prepare for sleep. Therefore, in these hours need to calm down and give yourself a good rest. If you violate the natural law, it is possible to harm health.

Sleep in a "high-shek" clock is useful for strengthening the "yin" energies of. The instinct of sleep is considered to be one of the main animals and humans.

As is well known, if a person is bad or insufficient sleep, it immediately begins to feel bad, it overcomes lethargy and apathy.

However, many do not know what is called the "right" dream.

You already know about the importance of sleep in the "Tzu-Chi" hours (23: 00-1: 00) and "u-shi" (11: 00-13: 00).

Midday sleep clock "in-shek" provides an opportunity to briefly escape from the day's work and relax, while the main dream falls on the night.

According to Chinese medicine theory, the day passes "under the sign" "yang" the energies, and the night - "under the sign" "yin" the energies, so you need to do things during the day, and at night - rest restores strength and energy for the next day .
Чтобы иметь качественный сон в часы «цзы-ши», необходимо заснуть до наступления 23:00. Иными словами, нужно лечь спать уже в часы «хай-ши».

Это не только поможет вашему организму хорошо отдохнуть, но и будет способствовать зарождению новых жизненных сил, т.е. стимулировать приток «ян»-энергии и подпитывать «инь»-энергию.

«Инь»-энергия и «ян»-энергия не существуют по отдельности: отношения между ними характеризуются взаимопорождением и взаимопреодолением.

Ночью человек обязательно должен высыпаться, потому что ночной сон подкрепляет «инь»-энергию. Только в таком случае у него появляется достаточно «ян»-энергии для нормального функционирования в течение дня.

К сожалению, в наши дни люди много работают и мало отдыхают, это приводит к излишнему расходованию «ян»-энергии при недостаточном подпитывании «инь»-энергии.

Тем самым нарушается нормальная циркуляция энергий, и внешне здоровый организм начинает давать внутренние «сбои».

В часы хай ши люди завершают дела и готовятся ко сну. Можно немного почитать, чтобы успокоиться и обеспечить себе хороший отдых.

Спокойное настроение помогает быстро заснуть. В 22:30 лучше всего уже быть в кровати.

Самым главным является приведение своего образа жизни в соответствие с активностью работы основных меридианов и органов человеческого организма, а также сохранение баланса между «инь»-энергией и «ян»-энергией в течение суток.

Старайтесь прислушиваться к своему организму и следовать естественному порядку вещей.


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