Stretching of meridians: 6 exercises for healing the whole body

To correct the imbalance in the Meridian system suitable exercises for stretching. These exercises are designed to strengthen the functioning of the energy systems of the body due to the "disclosure" of the Meridian pathways allowing the free flow of life force.

Perform daily a full range of conventional exercises or stretching certain meridians, to correct imbalances in them. Remember that none of the impacts that you have on any part of the body, not without certain changes in the body. When making exercises on stretching the meridians, it is important that you are taking certain stretching poses, did not commit violence against them.


Take stretching posture slowly, helping himself with breathing and relaxing your body in between each stretching. Some of these exercises will seem easier than others — use this as part of the self-diagnosis, because it carries information about where in your body is stored where tension and blocked Qi. If you breathe properly and perform exercises regularly, then soon you will become more flexible, and from time to time you will be easier to perform stretching exercises.

Stretching the meridians of the Lungs and Colon.

Spread your feet slightly wider than shoulder width. Spread your toes outwards. Put your hands behind your back with palms facing back. Interlock the palms with each other bent with your thumbs and spread fingers like a fan as wide as possible.

Lifting his head up, take a breath, look at the ceiling. Exhale and without bending the knees, lean forward, back should remain straight. Without bending your elbows, pull them up over my head. To the extent possible, put your hands in front. Start to breathe and fill my body with Ki: inhale belly and imagine how Ki flows from the center of the body to the hands and feet. You will feel tension along the back edge of the legs, back and arms.

You can also feel the line tension along the meridians of the Lungs and Colon. Slowly exhale and imagine stands out as the Key, allowing your body to relax. Repeat the breathing (inhaling and filling the body with Qi, activating the Meridian of the Lungs and Colon, and then breathing out and relaxing) two or three times. Now slowly return to your starting position.


Stretching the meridians of Stomach and Spleen.

Stand with your knees on the floor in the posture "seiza" (knees together, the back sides of the feet meet the floor), the back should be straight. Lean on your hands behind yourself to the eye forward. Inhale and lean back. Slowly exhale and slowly bend by moving the hips forward and upward. Let your head lean back calmly.

Breathe in the same way as described in the first exercise: inhale and fill your body with Ki. You will feel the tension line passing through the anterior surface of the thighs down to the first and second toes and along the chest up to the throat. This is the line tension corresponds to the meridians of Stomach and Spleen. Relax after the exhalation and then repeat the exercise two or three times.

If the exercise is given to you easily, you can take it simple: try to lean on the floor or even lie on your back, stretching his arms above his head. Feel the emergence of tension in the lower back.

Leaning on your arms, return to starting position. Lean forward, providing a tension in the opposite direction. Loosely clenched fists postukivanie on the lower back to relieve tension that occurs in this area.


  Stretching the meridians of Heart and small Intestine.

Sit on the floor, bend your legs, combining the foot soles to each other in front of him. Pull up the foot, hold up their hands, as close to the groin area. Straighten your back. Inhale, bend forward, trying to keep his spine was perfectly straight.


Exercise stimulates the meridians of the Heart and small Intestine. Try to keep your elbows, head and knees were as close to the floor.

Stretching the meridians of the Bladder and Kidneys.

To stretch the meridians of the Bladder and Kidneys, sit on the floor with your legs straight forward. Straighten your back. Foot maximum bend at the instep so that the toes were aimed in your direction, and heel — forward. Raise your hands over your head, not pushing the fingers and turning the palms outwards.

Look up at the ceiling. Inhale, then exhale, leaning forward and trying to reach the toes. Knees do not bend.

Breathe deeply and feel the tension of going from the waist down to the feet. Relax your neck so that your head is bent freely to the feet. Stretch hands forward and feel the tension in his back and hands. This is the Meridian line of the Bladder and Kidneys. Slowly exhale and relax completely. Repeat the exercise two more times.


Stretching of meridians of Triple Heater and Pericardium.

Without effort bend your knees as you lower to the floor. Put the right palm on the left knee, the left to the right so that the left hand was in front of the right. Inhale and exhaling, bend forward.

Sit on the floor, back straight. Cross your legs in front of him so that the left leg was in front of the right. This pose of "tailor"

Relax your neck so that your head is bent down freely. Move the body forward and down to the feet. Take a deep breath and fill your body with Qi. At this point you should feel tension arising in the upper back and over the outer surface of the hands and feet. Relax, exhale and repeat this exercise two or three times.


  Stretching the meridians of the Gallbladder and Liver.

To stretch the meridians of the Liver and Gall Bladder sit on the floor, extend your legs as widely as possible open them, but so that you feel comfortable enough. The back should be straight. Not pushing the fingers, stretch your arms to the ceiling, turn the brush outwards. Inhale and then, exhaling, stretch forward to the right foot. At the time of stretching the fingers of your feet should be pointing straight up and face forward.


Breathe deeply and feel the line of pull on the sides of your body. You should also feel tension along the lateral surface of the leg to which you bend and along the inner surface of the opposite leg. Fully exhale and feel the voltage and increased tension. Repeat the exercise again, and then after returning to the starting position inhale and make two of the same slope to your left.published



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