What is the Meridians of the Body

Compare our body with the factory, the output of which depends on the functioning of the machines. To factory (or in this case our body) worked as it should, requires energy. The power supply is connected to each machine (the internal organ in our body) with cables (qi meridians).

The work of each machine is dependent on the supply of the required energy level as the work of the internal organs.

Insufficient energy will not allow each machine to operate efficiently, and if for some reason the flow of energy in General will stop, the factory will stop.

The same thing is happening with our internal organs, low energy levels in the body will disturb the functioning of organs: first, those who are responsible for meals; secondly, those who are responsible for the processing and output of waste metabolic products.

The picture is compounded by the fact that all the "garbage" will slow down the functioning of the meridians. But... all the same obesity and excess weight. By the way, it is worth to add some information about the extra accumulation of fat.

In an electrical circuit the current running through the cable in our body the vital energy flows through the meridians. For the manufacture of cable is chosen a material with low resistance and high conductivity, allowing unimpeded passage of current through the wires.

Order in our body life energy to freely circulate pomeridiana (as the current cable), should be maintained to a high conductivity condition, i.e. the absence of obstacles. Now, fat has low conductivity.

The more accumulation, the harder and stronger it prevents the circulation of energy, and you already know what turns our bodies lack of it.

And now, having dealt with some important issues, let's find out why of all the meridians of traditional Chinese medicine advises to act on three of them — the Meridian of the Liver, Gallbladder, Pericardium for weight loss.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the development of degenerative processes in our body is connected with the circulation of energy and blood and low levels of these are necessary for our existence substances.

According to another concept, a person gains weight not because eats a lot, but because it displays little waste. Both concepts are closely linked. To put it simply — violation of circulation of energy and blood, and also decrease their level provokes the development of obesity.

The body just has a General lack of energy for its economy to reallocate resources, that is, to direct the energy to maintain the functioning of the most important for human life organs and systems, reducing supply to those functions which, in his opinion, is not so important. To such functions is the excretion of metabolic products, because temporary presence in our body of waste does not cause him direct harm.

The decrease in the level of energy and blood is influenced by many factors, which have already been said earlier.

Attempts to refute the views of Chinese medicine for excess weight and obesity breaking on hard facts. And they are as follows: if a low-calorie diet, exercise for burning calories, all kinds of aprocedure, cosmetic surgery is so effective, how do we advertise, that's why the world health organization has sounded the alarm, including obesity and overweight in the list of the most dangerous to human health diseases?

Why in Europe, the West, according to statistics from the organization, more than 50% of the adult population suffers from excess weight? Moreover, these numbers are so afraid of presidents of some countries that the struggle with obesity included as a separate item in the General plan for the development of countries in the coming years with funding, however, smaller than the financing of defense industry, for example.

Maybe it was the fact that the market weight loss has become an entire industry, allowing corporations to earn billions? And not because in this market there are all new and new "miracle" products and systems for weight loss?

But if the concept of traditional Chinese medicine is wrong, and we better not because we have a low level of energy and blood, then why in China the proportion of people with obesity is only 3% and in Japan 2%?

According to research, many of those who have tried different low calorie diet, after gaining even more weight than before weight loss. Perhaps many of you had to hear the complaints of friends that they get better, even using only water? On the contrary, many thin people, no matter how much they consumed calories, the weight is still not gaining. So maybe food intake not directly linked to excess weight?

You know that our body consists of cells. Each cell of the body tissues are able to absorb nutrients and to get rid of waste. These wastes are the waste products enter the bloodstream through the capillaries and enters the veins, then passing through the filters of the liver, kidneys, and excreted.

If one of the chains fails, you waste, with no way out in the usual way, are deposited in the intercellular space. First, their number is small, and they are based in liquid media of the organism. But over time they are becoming more and more a process of elimination is not working, the waste starts to transform into solid and durable matter. So piling up excess weight.

Of course, different types of obesity have different cause of. But research of Chinese medicine lead to a single conclusion: the accumulation of body fat, even localized in different places, suggests that the low level of vital energy and blood provokes the degradation of the functioning of the internal organs responsible for the elimination of slag, the meridians of these organs are so Packed with "debris" that prevent normal circulation of energy and blood, and this, in turn, further exacerbates the situation.


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When people have time to think about your health, sleeps well, breathes properly, performs massage or qigong, it raises the level of energy and blood in your body. Body, getting power to cleanse the accumulated "garbage", immediately starting to clear "blockages" and pull them out. As a result, reduction of weight and reduction in body volume.published


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