The theory of homotoxicology: Illness — the struggle of the organism with external and internal toxins

In the 1950-ies by the German physician Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg (the founder of the now famous firm "Нееl") had formulated the theory of homotoxicology (slagging people).

This theory combined ideas of humoral, solid, cellular and molecular pathology in a single system. The theory of homotoxicology says that diseases are a manifestation of the struggle of protective forces of an organism with external and internal toxins. In the framework of his theory Reckeweg identified6 stages (or stages) occurring in the tissue changes.

1) stage selection.

The selection of fabrics of all kinds of toxins in the process of physiological metabolism.

2) stage of response to the accumulation of toxins

the allocation of toxins from tissues pathologically enhanced. Accompanied by fever, Namor-kom, cough, possible sweating, diarrhea, inflammation, pus, pain, etc.

3) stage of the redistribution, when a large amount of slag

may present with I degree obesity, or, conversely, weight loss of I degree at which the formation of new space of accumulation: lipoma, fibroma, sebaceous cysts, polyps, hemorrhoids, etc.

In these first three stages the body is still struggling with slags with slags periodic emission of exacerbations. But if the cleansing does not happen, start the next stage of the process in which toxins penetrate the cells and destroy her. Then when you increase the slagging is the destruction of intracellular structures, in particular, enzymes and genes. Actively manifest a hereditary disease and tendency to him. The first three stages are defined as fabric slagging, and further as a cell.

4) Saturation

at this stage manifest subjective symptoms. Objective symptoms are absent, so is common diagnosis: vegetative-vascular dystonia, migraine, early menopause, metabolic disorders, degenerative disc disease, "chronic fatigue syndrome", or such patients recorded in the category of "malingerers". Therefore, this stage is called "silent" or "mute".

5) Degeneration, destruction.

At this stage, the objective manifestations too, but laboratory tests give a positive result. At this stage, you may experience secondary conditions: atrophic rhinitis, paresis, optic nerve atrophy, cirrhosis, and others.

6) Malignancy.

The occurrence of cancer and a comprehensive exposure to all toxins.

4 through b-th stage of toxic effect of toxins on the body is manifested to a significant extent. The body tries to hold on probably longer removing toxins and pus through a fistula or via metabolic processes.

Formed in the internal organs of toxic products of metabolism — waste products (toxins) is secreted into blood and lymph. Passing around the body by blood and lymph, dropping them into the pockets located on the skin, in the mucous membrane, lymphoid tissue or in the cavity of other bodies, to remove from the vital organs as much as possible toxins.

This can manifest itself in different ways: on the skin — such as allergies, eczema, dermatitis; mucous membrane — in the form of gingivitis, sore throats, rhinitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis; on lymphoid tissue in the form of lymphadenitis, tonsillitis; in cavities: joints — arthritis, periodontal — disease, etc.

With a significant accumulation of toxins these pockets increase in volume, which leads to the formation of adenoids, polyps, myomas, lipomas, enlarged lymph nodes, tonsils, formation of periodontal, gingival granulomas, gemorroynye nodes; swelling of the articular cavities, the formation of cysts (new cavities) in a variety of areas, including around the roots of teeth. And while the body is still able to fight with the slag thus, the primary diseases of asymptomatic, manifested only secondary focal symptoms that are bothering a person.

Constantly entering the body wastes deposited in it in a certain sequence that determines the structure of tissues starting from its surface layers (epithelial tissues), and then in the connective tissues depending on their aggregate state:

  • in a liquid substance: blood, lymph, interstitial fluid;
  • in a semi-liquid substance: vitreous, interarticular fluid, lens;
  • fibrous: cartilage, muscles, costar etc.;
  • in ultramontanists (cell equation): reticular mesenchyme.
Therefore, the cleansing of the body should be in the same order — from the surface to the internal organs.

Sixteen million five hundred seventy one thousand six hundred eighty four

"Fifth column" of parasites

Let's not forget about another source of toxins that are in the body, many, even very many people. We are talking about different types of parasites — from worms up to several meters to microscopic organisms and protozoa. It is established that in the colon of the average person after 40 years accumulate from 2 to 12 kg of fecal stones. These layers are flourishing variety of parasites, toxins which gradually lead to poisoning of the whole organism.

The parasites are getting the best nutrition. They extract from food all the nutrients, leaving the owner a pittance. So many people, despite the fact that lead a healthy lifestyle and take vitamins, do not see a significant improvement in health status. More effective healthy diet is obtained if pre-cleanse the body of parasites.

Some scientists believe that parasites are the main cause of obesity because they take away the body of essential nutrients and leave him nothing but empty calories. As well as the vitamins and minerals our body needs, too, it requires more and more food.

In our body can settle more than 300 species of parasites are microscopic, and the worms, the length of which reaches several meters. And not only the colon is the habitat of parasites — they can infect any tissue or organ in the human body: lungs, liver, muscles, joints, esophagus, brain, blood, skin and even eyes!

There is a theory that the vast majority of chronic diseases, such as cancer and coronary heart disease, caused by parasites — worms, Trichomonas and malignant fungi. Here is who data on the role of infectious and parasitic agents in causing cancer.

Localization of cancer in the organs

The number of cases per year.

Because parasitic agents, %


Nine hundred ninety six

Fifty five

Women's bodies
in particular, the cervix

Five hundred twenty nine
Three hundred ninety

Eighty three


Five hundred twenty seven

Eighty two


One thousand twenty


Lymphoma, of which tumor Berkata

Three hundred three

Eighty four


Two hundred seventy five



Two hundred

100% shistosomes

Uterine cancer

Five hundred

The data shows the results of the autopsies of the dead people who have been diagnosed with cancer. As you can see, this sad statistics suggests that with correct diagnosis of a large number of people could be saved.

The candidate of medical Sciences Olga Eliseeva, speaking about the symbiosis of parasites in cancerous tumors, has such a parallel:

"If you vividly imagine such family, respectively, performed the role of a tumor can be depicted as follows:
father fungus;
mother — Trichomonas;
daughter chlamydia;
son gonococcus.
Relatives: different fungi, other flagellates, Gardnerella, Ureaplasma.
Friends — Staphylococcus, Streptococcus.
Laborers — viruses".

The symptoms of parasitic infection are very diverse and overlap with symptoms of chronic diseases. Routine laboratory tests reveal a very limited number of species of parasites, and not in all cases. Therefore, clearance of parasites and is recommended for prophylactic cleansing of the body, and especially to people suffering from chronic diseases.

It is also recommended that prior to the preparation of a program of purification and recovery to carry out complex diagnostics by the method of VRT (vegetative resonance testing), which allows, in particular, to identify the presence of a large list of types of parasites and their localization.


How to clean?

Body cleansing can be performed at any time of the year, month, lunar calendar, if required by the condition. As a preventive measure cleansing of the body is recommended:


1) according to the lunar calendar during a full moon.

2) according to the month of maximum energy for the different organs:

- January — gallbladder;

- February — bladder;

- March — stomach;

- April — the colon;

may — small intestine;

- June — the spine;

- July — buds;

- August — spleen;

- September — the liver;

- October — the brain;

November - light;

- December — the heart.

3) at the maximum circulation of energy through the seasons — according to the birth date:

Month of birth

Optimal the month of purification


























General contraindications to cleanse the body without medical supervision:

  • pregnancy any time;
  • long-term (over 1 year) of hormone-dependent diseases (asthma, diabetes, etc.);
  • the open ulcer of the stomach or duodenum 12;
  • marked the weakened condition of the body;
  • acute epidemic infectious diseases (infectious hepatitis, diphtheria, meningitis, tuberculosis;
  • oncological disease.
Prophylactic complex body cleansing should be performed twice a year, of course, if the rest of the time you do not violate the principles of optimal nutrition (eat plenty of plant foods that contain fiber, and try to avoid the most harmful products).

Natural herbal drugs (clinkery) provide the most thorough and rapid cleaning of an organism from slags, toxins and parasites. Many old-fashioned hope for the enema, but this method is only valid for a specific area (the intestines), and is designed for clearance of parasites. Deep body cleansing using enemas to achieve the impossible.

The same can be said about kolonoterapii. In addition, to the body this method is unnatural (and quite expensive), kolonoterapiya also deprives the body of beneficial microflora, therefore, from the perspective of naturopaths, this method is less preferred.

The use of herbal formulas (containing, in particular, chelated minerals) gives you the opportunity to clean your body on all seven levels deep:

1. transient cleaning (thick and thin intestine: purification of parasites, restoration of peristalsis);

2. recovery majorsince digestion;

3. tissue treatment (including blood and lymph);

4. organ cleansing;

5. the intercellular cleaning;

6. cellular level;

7. ion level.

Cleaning and saturation of the body with the nutrients it is also desirable to align with the stages of the lunar cycle, according to their internal biological rhythms. When the moon is on the rise, it is best to accept what is on the strengthening of the body, and when on the decline — something that helps to eliminate toxins.

And for the main cleaning the body is best suited month, opposite in phase to the month of your birth (that is, separated from him for 6 months).published 

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