Inner dirt — worse than dirt outdoor

The most important war on earth is a war with internal parasites, not external problems. External problem is only a reflection of the human condition. The world reflects us...

"I believe that the most undiagnosed health problem of human society are parasites. I realize that statement is pretty bold, but it is based on my 20 years of experience with over 20,000 patients." Dr. Ross Anderson

"You might be the unsuspecting victim of a parasitic epidemic. This EPIDEMIA knows no territorial, economic and sexual boundaries. It's a silent epidemic of which most doctors in our country does not even know". Ann L. Gittelman, renowned author, naturopath

"Inner dirt — even worse than the dirt outside. So who is cleared only outside, inside remains dirty. People don't understand how they contaminate themselves by eating junk food, and how much of this toxic substances are accumulated in their body that you want to appear natural remedies". Dr. Paul Bragg


There are different types of parasites:

1) Parasites on the physical level.

These include fungi, bacteria, Trichomonas, chlamydia, worms, worms, and all parasites that feed on trace elements of other animals or people. These parasites settle in the body and start asking for food. People infected with such parasites often use food and rarely feel satiety for 10 hours. Dry fasting for 6 days after water fasting and tassel of the gastrointestinal tract allows you to destroy a serious amount of parasites. If an adult can't easily do without food for 1-3 days, then you can say with 100% certainty that he is infected with worms or other parasites.

“Must be of such parazitoloji that could mobilize the will of man to fight with them.” (Academician K. I. Skryabin)

2) Parasites on the etheric level.

Their most frequent victims are women, who recklessly entered into an intimate relationship with a man, and then made an insane child murder (abortion).

Etheric energy is a great value because it is most suitable for direct consumption without any processing. The main generator of this energy is sexual energy.

Larvae Masturbation, Incubus, Succubus, Lamia, the Shell of the Dead — these creatures already exist on the etheric plane of energy. Their main desire is to eat your life energy, or send it via sex, mad splash of the seed or secret to the outside world.

Of larvae (class parasites) -a creature which, being directly next to the aura or the aura of a person, stimulate the manifestation of a desire for sex without the purpose of begetting children, and people sapodownloads — absorb released without the purpose of essential energy and move into the passive phase before the next "food". Are emissaries sexy egregors. They are working the sex industry and the porn business. People who are involved in this business, almost without exception commit suicide from obsession entities. For this it is enough to study the biography of people.

Incubus, succubus, Lamia (class predators) — creatures of a higher order, which can take away energy, but act more consciously than of larvae. The main method effect is the awakening of desire through a dream — in fact, they form the script of the dream and appear in a sexual way for a person to be joined with them in sexual contact, and gave energy. Lamia are a bit above the succubus and Incubus and can influence a person even in the waking state.

Sources of contamination: essential parasites or predators attack people and penetrate into the subconscious mind of man through the movies, watching sexy pictures or videos. If the film has scenes with a lecherous kissing or sex scenes, the authors of the paintings had been infected by etheric parasites.

Methods of protection: precise control of the focus of their attention, to protect yourself from any pictures and people who focus on thoughts about sex or sexuality, thereby connecting the naive victim to predators-parasites.

3) Parasites on the astral level.

These parasites give rise in man strong desires and emotions that drive a person to commit acts leading to his death or slow suicide. For example, parasites that produce positive emotions to harmful products or desire of alcohol, tobacco, meat, drugs, Smoking are the result of infection such desires..

Sources of contamination: advertising, emotional movies, emotional communication with other people.

Methods of protection: live your life like for you there is no advertising, films, to be vigilant when talking with people to avoid unnecessary words.

4) Parasites on the mental level.

These parasites exist as entities-thoughts of hurting your body or the bodies of other living beings. Also parasitic thoughts are any grievances, or the creation of a mental reason to blame anyone for your mistakes. Many mental parasites creates the man himself, and becomes their hostage. The treatment of these parasites is the continued control of your thoughts.

An example of how a person is aware of the mental parasite:

Tobacco, or the Mental parasites

What do I do? Why I'm pulling cigarette after cigarette, as if they I vital? Crudely, AutoPlay my body, they are gradually replacing all other joys of life, the world narrows to a pack of cigarettes and treatments of smoke inhalation. My attention gripped obsession to smoke, and smoke again to smoke. What makes me, many times a day to do this procedure to lose the last crumbs of my energy to squander their strength on the smoke? Why can't you get rid of the hated smoke, and the banks of the cigarette as something most valuable, as the last joy in life? What is stuck in me? Habit? Strange faceless the word habit, without explaining anything, as if soothes, lulls my mind, diverting it from the fact of the slow, voluntary suicide daily. Habit is it? — obtain the dubious pleasure so dearly, value their health and life?

5) Energy vampires

Energy vampires are people who can't meditate and get the energy directly from the absolute or cosmic. These people have a lack of energy, so are parasites. They consciously or unconsciously try to get you out of yourself, by awakening the low emotions — fear, pity, anger, condemnation. Thereby taking away from you the energy of the mental and astral level.

To identify energy vampires is not difficult — they often complain, vain babbling, anger, criticizing someone or blaming other people for their problems. They are constantly looking for blame for their problems and never able to notice positive sides of certain phenomena, as well as the positive features of even the most unpleasant people.

Methods of protection — this type of parasites is the most safe, how to get rid of them very simply — by ignoring their actions.

6) Egregors (the formation of collective myclobutanil)

This — being, influencing the minds of large numbers of people. Have mind, but very different from human. They force people to develop the ego, the mind, to be proud of mental powers.

Egregore can enter. He is like a multicellular organism — you can become a part of it, having "buns", and, of course, giving most of his energy. Often used magical orders.
To egregors are: all schools of Magic, school of physics and school of wizards, all religions of the world, groups of followers of the dead Saints or dead Teachers.

Love and mercy conquer all things

Realizing the types of internal parasites it is very important to overcome any forms of fear, as any fear attracts the object of fear. Only conscious struggle against internal parasites with a deep love or compassion to every cell of our body can bring positive result. No need to fight parasites the power of the mind. Need to defeat the parasites primarily by the Power of Unconditional Love. Because there are only two main energy — the energy of mercy (love) and the energy of fear. Everything that man does in his life, he makes or from a position of fear or from a position of love. Parasites need not panic fear. Need to move from a position of fear to parasites, and from the perspective of concern about your health, from the perspective of gentle care of the trillions of cells-the kids and their thin shells.Subscribe to our youtube channel



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