Why in the same house want to stay and the other wants to get out quickly

Each house has its own soul, its own mood

Getting into a new house, coming to someone for a visit, you are immersed in the space of the personality of the other person. And each detail, every subject, and the General organization of the space tells us about a man who lives in it.

In some houses you want to stay. Others want to get out quickly. Some houses are boring. Other — enveloping and soothing. There are those who like “written off” from fashion magazines. There is a chaotic and unwelcoming.

Practice: Begin to learn and feel your home!


1. Each time, returning home this week, come in to your house as if you walk into it the first time.

Make yourself a “first date” with your home. Don't rush, give yourself time. Come and stop by. Freeze. And give yourself the opportunity to absorb a “first impression.” What would you say about a man who lives in this house? Whatever story would tell you it's home, if it could speak? What you whisper those things in it? What mood do you have? You okay? You want to stay here?

Slowly walk around your home. Take a good look and feel. See the new look. Look openly and with a willingness to see something earlier, perhaps you weren't looking.

Spend on it is only 10-15 minutes About how much you can learn about yourself during this time!

2. Here, actually, about me?

Ask yourself this simultaneously simple and complex question. What in your house is actually an extension of you? Your soul, your inner world? All that, and as it is, is that you? Is that yours? Or always did your mother? Or you saw a friend? Or just — it happened and you didn't wonder about it?

Again look around. What do you see? The order, reporting to the chief law women the law of Beauty? Or the chaos and cacophony? Torn handles, nezakryvayushhihsya cranes, gathering dust in the corner favorite bear a son, although the son have already grown up and lives somewhere else? All these figurines, statues, pictures, trinkets, a long time ago presented and forgotten in the most prominent places.


Fun house: amethyst and all shades of pink in the interior of your home

Convenient food storage in the kitchen


Old magazines that no one will ever read. Wardrobes filled with clothes that no one will ever wear. Nickel silver spoon, thick with verdigris, but stubbornly taking up space in the kitchen drawer.

Can you safely open the Cabinet door, so you don't fell anything? Can you free to cook dinner, not pushing hands “so many things” on the working surface of the table? published

Author: Natalia Strelchenko


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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