34 items of Power to protect Your home

I want to tell you about the 34 items of Force protection at home that will faithfully serve you and help every house to make a full Cup, a fortress, a real family nest, will turn your home into the territory of power!!!

Why do we need it? Making your home a place of power, we establish the energy exchange with him, in which:

we can spend a minimum of energy;

— we will get a big energy boost;

— our energy channels are themselves to be cleaned, won't occur clogging.

1. "Rhinestone is a "natural TV," he has the ability to transmit visual images. And it is not just their reports, but also projects on the lives of those people who owns it and in whose house is located. And the benefit of it is that if it is right to charge, collect and project will be only good. As in a conventional lens the sun's rays are collected in one place the whole beam are projected, and then going to all the positive energy of being in the world, and home of the owner of the rhinestone falls."

The crystals of mountain crystal "work" in every home as the receiving antenna, attracting all clean, bright and joyful emotions. If you want to have all residents of your home lived in pleasure — get home rhinestone!

2. "White tablecloth have every hostess in the house just in case to be. This thing can Power a white flag to call it, but not to surrender to her, and to put up. If the family quarrels and strife come on, no fret between close, the need for a table with a white linen tablecloth, the whole family to gather. Then the talk proper will, and the exchange of opinions, and realize loved ones that were offended at each other in vain, were the victims of someone else's will. Once again the unity between them, and all trouble will be forgotten."

3."This Strength is responsible for the availability of money. The house they were not transferred to you and your family made a good living, but at the same time spending money, you need to start at 33 copper coins. Again we have this number of 33. It is the number of numbers, the symbol of success and creativity, clear thoughts and good luck, which is not at the expense of others."

4. "This plant is still grass the sun name. Elecampane — a distinguished physician of many diseases helps, and all because a particle of solar energy is hidden in it. But diseases of the body many of the plants treated, but disease of the soul, its flaws only elecampane to heal the strength. If the root of elecampane to keep around, you're my soul wrong actions to harm can not, as soon as you conceive something is not quite good, if nasty, vile, nard will stop you. Do not give it to the detriment of his own soul to do it. And if there is a person, who sins mired inside all black already, elecampane it gradually healed, his soul shall be purified."

5. The coat of a black dog — an ancient protective agent. "If someone in your family bad wished, looked askance and inadvertently, thus, is jinxed or specially the black on him has done it, it will help to protect his tuft of wool from the black dog."

6.Bunch of red Rowan, "the Ancient gods, who in every forest ever lived, were accepted as offerings to the red ash berries. Berries these help to immortality, and to reveal the secrets of the universe. And the house in which a bunch of red Rowan hanging, protected from fire. People are in such a house, dwell, live long and have great wisdom and a sharp mind".

7. A wooden bowl of the world good charges."Bowl, made of wood, it always keeps warm. Usually wooden bowls of lime does, and the lime — tree, good, light, health and joy to people brings. Yes, and do not stamp the bowls are. Man, the master, with his own hands a bowl of grinds, his ability and soul into it invests. And in conjunction with good tree power comes great. In a bowl such good bread to put it to a force for good and eating your loved ones then gifts".

8. "The house must be at least one spoon, of silver made. Silver is the metal of the moon, the one who is silver, is under her protection. In silver huge cleansing power collected. The easiest is power in the human body together with the liquid falls. If silver spoon in the house to have, and sometimes, at least once a month, soup or tea to stir it, the person will be protected from much, can't get poisoned or to fall under the influence of black magic."

9. "Roza is very important for a house plant, she love store. And she helps women who have no children to get pregnant. To do this, make a garland of petals of the rose, which is not less than one year in your home grew up. And if the tea petals rose home add, it is possible for married love to save, only for it to drink this tea, the husband and wife must work together. When the tea is brewed, I must say: "a Rose seal love, separation and longing chased".

10. Home pond absorbs all the negativity, all the negative energy that lays poverty. Therefore, if a person wants to gain wealth, he must carefully monitor their modemcom that it was always to the brim of water. As vodoemakh you can use an aquarium with fish, or even just with water plants.

11. White feather bird on the water was born and lived, always in the house, hung to the future of all living in the house was happy."

12. Thyme — an amazing miracle-herb for every woman who helps the homemaker beauty and love save. But if the house has no mistress, you need this herb to have and everything changes very quickly.

13. Willow in the house kept to the life of the inhabitants of the house to extend. But now I forgot already about the fact that not all willow is suitable for this purpose. If you take branches from the old wood, you no good, on the contrary, it is very dangerous.

14. A stone from the river of childhood. "The house is very important for the person, he is a permanent connection supports power from it derives, positive, positive energy. But the house is not only the place where the person lives. It is very important where a person was born. When he is born, there is a special process. He's not just in a particular area, the light appears, and for a specific purpose, in accordance with the General plan of the universe. And the birth of each person for the respective areas is printed, and its connection with the human remains. And if the person is away from their home country lives and cannot often visit in the area, communication is disrupted and it leads to different problems in life. To avoid this from happening, you need this relationship to be sustained".

15. Sharpener should be in every home. If the family has someone much and was sick a long time, or simply became weak, such a person were in the bath, floating there, a wave of water from the bucket in which to this day has been sharpened. This procedure helped to regain lost health.

Nowadays whetstone can be found in any hardware store, but here is the winepress won't possess a special power. In order for such a force arose, this bar needs to sharpen knives and other sharp objects for at least three years, and an old bar to buy it, not steal, and you need accept it as a gift, while giving something of value in return.

Such press is kept in the house for protection from the dark forces of evil, from enemies and thieves, it protects the occupants from disease, helping it to regain lost health and rebuild the weakened forces.

16. The red woolen thread is a very strong means by which to treat physical and mental illness, it protects against black magic, but is necessary to properly prepare a thread in order to give it real Power.

The wool for this tangle you need to buy at the store, and it must be pure without impurities wool yarn bright red color, you can't use red, orange or Burgundy tones. When you pay for the wool, try to give sum, in which there is at least one copper coin.

17.Birch broom. "Each house has its own spirit, its own watchman and jealous, all the problems of the organizer. The one who befriends him, is under his protection and patronage, the troubles won't know your house will not lose. And the one who Angers will be in your home to suffer all his will to pull away, surrounded by nothing but chicanery will occur. The best shelter for the spirit home — the birch broom. His associate and spirit of the present. He will not abandon the house to protect."

18. Dried fish scales — protection from dangers. "Many ancient knowledge, with time are lost, and without a trace. That's before necessarily every house on the place where the containers with clean water were hung a linen bag with dried fish scales. This was done in order for water to negotiate. To rain time went by, the crops watered. While fishermen, when the sea went, definitely like this pouch around his neck hung, thus they protected themselves from the dangers of the water involved."

In our time is also very important in the everyday issues to be able to "negotiate" with water in order to, for example, water pipes suddenly burst or the roof wouldn't leak, etc.

19. Wind spinner — positive charges. in ancient times there was a simple way in which air flows around and inside human dwellings cited in the order, the good atmosphere of the house was doing."

For these purposes, used a special turntable, which look almost identical to today, which children play. To systematize the flow of information in and around your home, you need to put in this wind vane.

20. In the house is required to have a normal undyed candles, preferably a wax, they are sold in the churches. These candles are best cleaned home and fill it with creative energy, and light them regularly at least once a week in a room where all of the family.

21. Did you know that of plain soap, you can make a special soap that not only the body but also the soul. Every home should be a energy soap.

22. Staff, better to say, reduced a copy of it, you need to make yourself and keep to yourself, going on the road, don't even have far. Even when you just go to work, such "home support" will not hurt.

23. The bells charm. They say that in ancient times lived the healers who treated many diseases with the help of bells. For each disease they picked up a special blend of bells in sound and in number. These bells were placed above the bed of the patient.

24. Pin no accident is the subject of the Power. Form pins is ideal for power transfer from system to system. This means that if some energy system superimposed negative effect, correctly applied, the pin can play a huge role in the protection from such exposure, and all negative energy is not only returned to where it was aimed, but also multiplied. The reverse shock is much stronger than the impact itself.

25. Apples — a talisman for the house "the Apple tree is a tree that is near the first man found himself. First, the gardens was only an Apple, it is only then man and the other trees were domesticated. And those first gardens too, was difficult. In Rus there is a wedding ceremony performed. It was decided to marry, when the Apple trees had blossomed. And a very good housewarming gift was apples, but there isn't any, they always flank, but red was supposed to be. It is believed that such apples are a prosperity in the house and love to the family",

26. Honey is not just sweet, but also an amulet. For the well-being of your home, in the home should always be honey. But you need to choose a special honey from the blossoms, and not sugar, then honey properties will increase many times and this amulet will have the greatest power. Of course it is best to buy this honey in the Church, which is built with the monastic apiaries.

27. The cedar plate is a universal talisman that improves the atmosphere in the house and the people living in a house, get sick less. Cedar siding has a strong protective function, are attracted to the house money, stores, protects, and harmonizes the love relationship.

28. An aspen stake. With the help of aspen peg, you can solve the problems associated with energy apartments. We don't always get to choose the right housing in terms of energy. We don't always know what is happening not as it is necessary in this plan, and understand just when is the problem on the face. And when problems sometimes do not even know how to fight it.

In any difficult situations, when anxious, something hurts and you can't understand what exactly helps an aspen stake.

29. "A nail driven into the right place, has a special power. It from place to place depends to a large extent. If in the stable or in the barn to drive a nail in the Western corner — health all animals will be good, if you drive in the right corner or the gate in the garden leading, the harvest will be good, if the garage door drive is from theft car will protect from accidents. If a nail over the kitchen door to drive it the rest of the house, strengthens, holds. A family firm does, from strife and scandals protects. But the main thing — the right words and to know the ritual is to observe when the tack will be."

30. Ember is a powerful talisman, cleansing power houses created on the basis of charcoal. This coal — an amulet prepared from well-dried pine bar. It is very important to find a block or a thick pine branch on their own, otherwise he would not have the strength. From the bar you need to cut a small piece, which is then used in the preparation of coal. Ember has the force one year, then it needs to dig in the ground, where grass and to prepare a new ember for the following year.

31. Red pepper is one of the youngest items of power, but at the same time, one of the oldest. How did this happen? Yeah forgot about him for a long time, although not only in ancient native American civilizations cultivated, but here, on the territory of modern Europe and Asia. This is a very strong plant magic, and it is connected first of all with love and heart. In the family it helps the love and passion between the couple to keep. While very strong damage saves and protects, especially if this damage is on the love relationship directed."

32. Thursday salt — the salt that prikalivatsja on the candle, consecrated on 12 Gospels. Thursday before Easter, also called Holy Thursday in the Orthodox churches there is a service of the "12 Gospels". During this service when reading certain passages of the gospel texts, then ignited, then extinguished a thick candle. To be able to do Thursday Sol, need this day to go to Church, to defend the service and take home a candle that candle. This candle has the strongest positive potential, it can be used in cases when you need to give prayer a special power to get rid of the trouble.

33. Garlic. Odor and taste not just be sharp, he appeared in the earth, when the world became too much evil. Nature has given to man this plant, so that he could defend from various afflictions and tribulations.

34. A horseshoe should hang above the door or directly on the door inside the house. But how to hang it, the owners should decide for themselves. If the house has a lot of quarrels and scandals — need to hang the ends down. If all is well and you go to preserve and increase their prosperity, then you need to hang a horseshoe ends up. published


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