Recover from addiction to green snake - it is not easy. Not always, and encoding a pomogaet.Tut, of course, excuse the obvious, internal infusion is very important. That wanted to, I decided - then most likely succeed. But sometimes it happens that on an internal sentiment and without people in the eyeballs go.
Anyway, Petrushka in any way tie did not intend. Because he liked this business. And the eternal buhtezh his wife he put the instrument.
In the warm August evening he freewheeling your evening dose and even fell asleep on the swing on the playground that had been dug. Monumental such swings. Three and a half meters. Some of the young people cut down on them stops. To "sun" can be steep. Extreme, in general, swing.
And imagine sleeping Petrushka. No one seems to be not touch. But it begins to snore. And snoring so that the window panes vibrate. People are beginning to resent, promise to call the police. Zero attention. Petrushka snoozing. And then the cops drew. Whether they actually caused, whether they have a powerful machine from snoring stalled - not so important.
They are trying to bring in Petrusha feeling to wake up. And that a completely not necessary, but a dream begins to various insulting words to say to the authorities. It has three separate raids behind and unsaid piled up in abundance. Cops looking at this turn of events, changing the concept of communication. They strapped Petrusha handcuffed to the seat and swing in hyping the "sun". Space program in action.
It is clear from the astronaut dream vanished. First, the beginning of sleep all unnecessary Petrushin pockets. Then pour out of the test. Somewhere after the fifth turnover of the flow has dried up. After about nine swings were stopped. Petrusha with a fixed gaze lifted from the seat and slapped her cheeks, leaning against the pillar. And left. A frustrated son sky for a long time embraced the column, not daring to stand up.
And since then he's more no-no. It was written to the prosecutor, but his wife, seeing dramatic changes made to pick up. He demanded more cops to thank those, but it was too much. Not on concepts.
Petrushka got to work. That's the way he's great specials when no thumps. Welder 6th rank. On the first day, as arranged, he brought the device into the courtyard and are welded to the swing stops. And control their availability. Although local abusing those swings and so party since the bypass. And quite humorous and serious proposals to cut stops Petrushka, flinching cheek, always responds:
Yes, God forbid. Better to be coded.


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