25 tricks that will transfer your home to a new level

Probably, everyone wants to be like the house was on the cover of the magazine. And sometimes the desire for change is so strong that it seems just now to drop everything and start to move the cabinets. In fact, it is not necessary to engage in exhausting repair or make a global rearrangement. Sometimes, to create the perfect interior a few simple strokes and simple trick.

< Website has collected the interesting ideas that may inspire you to create your dream home.

1. Mirrors expand space

The mirrors on the doors of the cabinet will help renovate the interior and expand a small space visually. Look at the process of creating a mirrored closet doors and on the inside it is possible here.

2. Mirror can be made the subject of decoration

With the help of a rope and glue ordinary mirror in plastic frame is transformed into an interesting detail of the situation. How to make such an accessory, can be viewed here.

3. Wall organizer - nice and comfortable

Wall organizer will save space and will decorate the interior of the bathroom. Instructions video blog.

4. Shade as an art object

Plain old lampshade can be replaced with a stylish design. Here are instructions on how to make an origami figure. And here is similar shades ideas for inspiration.

5. Color print on the curtains refresh setting

Update situation by adding color to the monotonous print curtains. Manual upgrade curtains.

6. Curtains from the ceiling create the illusion of large windows

If you hang the curtains do not over by the windows, and closer to the ceiling, a window will appear larger than it actually is.

7. Long curtains add space bathroom

The same approach as with curtains on the windows, running with shower curtain - the curtain hanging above the ceiling seems higher

8.. We hang the curtains on unusual cornice

Emphasize the interior style and taste of the owners will help the unusual cornice for curtains. Here are collected various interesting ideas on the design of the windows.

9. Picked up the original make curtains

Beautiful and unusual tiebacks will be a highlight in the design window. View other creative ways to decorate curtains here and here.

10. The new handle will change the view of the lockers

Not necessarily change the furniture to update the interior. Sometimes it is enough just to replace the parts to the whole atmosphere of the room looked new way.

11. We make the TV in a frame

TV perfectly fit into the interior with the help of the frame. More ideas can be found here.

12. Hiding unsightly wires

Hide television wires help ordinary shower curtain rod. Simple instructions with pictures here.

13. Cord as decorative element

Ugly cords from appliances can not only hide, but, on the contrary, to decorate, such as is done here.

14. Make a stylish headboard for the bed

Detailed simple guide on how to make your own hands headboard from plywood, can be found here.

15. The basis for the canopy can be made from the eaves for curtains

With eaves for curtains, you can create a makeshift bed with a canopy and realize a childhood dream. Dream Bed by designer from New York.

16. Drawers increase storage space

Drawers under the bed help to increase storage space and keep order in the room. How to make boxes with compartments, told and shown here.

17. Linoleum can be dyed

Make old linoleum flooring can be more modern, dyeing his wide contrasting stripes. Step by step instructions for updating the floor.

18. Dark ceiling looks deeper

Dark emphasis on the ceiling in the presence of light walls give the interior depth and finesse. More pictures of this house with bold combinations of colors in the design.

19. The mirror in the frame looks more

Framing a mirror in a beautiful frame will give a bathroom a finished appearance. Here you can see how it is done.

20. Mask the sockets and switches

Unattractive sockets and switches can be perfectly fit into the interior, if you decorate them with paper for scrapbooking, mosaics or other small items. These simple but effective ways of decorating, as in the photo shown here and here.

21. Discreet "gold" looks stylish

Make the interior more refined details help, painted with gold paint with restrained luster. More about the correct use of gold in the interior you can find

22 in this blog.. Accent Wall - a spectacular reception

To make the interior fresh and modern, you can decorate the original color or highlight one of the walls.

23. The illusion of higher ceilings at the expense of color

The illusion of higher ceilings, you can create, if not to paint the walls up to the top, as is done in these interiors.

24. Hiding bed

Curtains can help to hide the bed without compromising space. Other photos of the project can be found here.

25. Battery - no problem

But the battery is not necessary to hide - it can be a great boon design. How to use the battery as a bright accent, shown here.

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