David Hawkins: quantum leaps in human consciousness

David Hawkins (David R. Hawkins) in his book "Power vs. Violence" (Power vs. Force)
describe the hierarchy of levels of human consciousness. This is a very interesting approach.
 These levels, from bottom to top:
  • shame
  • wine
  • apathy,
  • mountain
  • fear
  • desire
  • anger,
  • pride
  • courage
  • neutrality
  • readiness
  • acceptance,
  • intelligence,
  • love
  • joy
  • the world
  • enlightenment.

Although people can switch from one level to another, usually there is one predominant "normal" state. If you are reading this article, you're probably at least at the level of courage, because at lower levels you would not have been a conscious interest in personal development.
The names of the levels came up with Hawkins. He's talking about a logarithmic scale: on the top uravneniya a lot less people than on the bottom. Each transition from a low to a higher level accompanied by a significant change in life.
  Shame (shame) — one step to death. Probably where you're considering suicide. Or you're a serial killer. In other words it's the hatred directed at himself.

Fault (guilt) — the level above shame, but you can have thoughts of suicide. You think of yourself as a sinner and cannot forgive himself for past actions.

Apathy (apathy) is experiencing hopelessness or self-loathing. Full belief in his helplessness. Many homeless people are stuck at this level.

Grief (grief) — the level of infinite sadness and loss. It can be reached after the loss of a loved one. Depression. Still higher than apathy, since you're starting to get rid of the numbness.

Fear (fear) — the world seems dangerous and unreliable. Paranoia. Usually you need help to rise above this level or you will remain trapped, for example, such as "overwhelming" relationship.

Desire (desire) is not burdened with setting and achieving goals is the level of desire, bad habits and passions — for money, approval, power, fame, etc ... Consumption. Materialism. This level of Smoking, alcohol and drugs.

Wrath (anger) — the level of frustration, often due to not possible to fulfill the desires born in the previous level. This level can spur you to action at higher levels, or make you drown in hatred. In "suppressing" a relationship (marriage, work, ...) you can often see a couple: one full of anger, the other fear.
  Pride (pride) — the first level when you start to feel good, but it's a false sense. It depends on the external environment (money, prestige, ...) and so it is vulnerable.
Pride can lead to nationalism, racism, and religious wars. Remember the Nazis.The level of irrational self-denial and self-defense. Religious fundamentalists also belong to this level. You become so attached to his belief that any attack on your picture of the world perceived as an attack on themselves.

Bravery (courage) — the first level of true power. Here you begin to see that life is full of trials and it's exciting and not overwhelming.You have a hint of interest in personal development, though at this level you're probably going to call it a skills improvement, career, promotion, education, and so on. You start to see their future as growth relative to the past, not just as its sequel.

Natrolitet (neutrality) — it can be described with the phrase "live and let live." Flexible, relaxed and unburdened life. Whatever happens — you're out. You don't have something to prove to anyone. You feel safe and get along well with people. A lot of people who work for themselves, are on this level. A very comfortable place. This level of satisfaction and laziness. You take care of your
needs, but do not strain.

The willingness (its willingness) is when you feel safe and comfortable, you start to use your energy more efficiently. Just to make ends meet do not think more good idea. Do you pay attention to work well, maybe
even show their best results. You think about time management, productivity and self-organization, in terms of which were not so important at the level of neutrality. This — the level of development of will and discipline. These people — "soldiers" of our society; they do their job and not really complaining. If you're in school — you're a really good student; you're seriously carry out lessons and invest time to do it well. This is the level where consciousness becomes more organized and disciplined.

Acceptance (acceptance) — now a powerful shift happens, and you awaken to the possibilities of proactive life. On the level of willingness you've become competent, and now you want to find their abilities put to good use. This is the level of setting and achieving goals.Essentially this means that you begin to take (to take) responsibility for their role in this world.
If something in life is not in order (career, health, relationship), you define the desired state and achieve it. You begin to more clearly see the full picture of his life. This level drives many people to change career, start a new business or to carry out their diet.

Intellect (reason) — at this level you transcend the emotional aspects of lower levels and begin to think clearly and rationally. Hawkins defines it as the level of medicine and science. To achieve this level, there are the ability to use abilities of the mind at full power.Now have the discipline and the proactivity to fully Express their innate talents. You reach a point where they say, "Fine. I can do it all, and I know I have to find the correct application. So how can better use my talents?". You look around and begin to engage in significant world Affairs. In its limit this is the level of Einstein and Freud. It is obvious that most people never reach it in my life.
  Love (love) is unconditional love, a permanent understanding of their connection with all that exists. Think about compassion. On the level of intelligence of your life works for the head.
But in the end it turns out to be a dead end, you find yourself in a trap where the intelligence becomes too much.You see that you need a broader context than just thinking for yourself. Level of love your head and all the other talents starting to work on the heart (not the emotions, but in a greater sense of good and evil in your mind). As I see it is the level of awakening to your true purpose. Your motives at this level are pure and not corrupted by the passions of your ego. This is the level of lifetime service to humanity. Gandhi, mother Teresa, albert Schweitzer. At this level you begin to be guided by forces greater than yourself. This sense of liberation. Intuition becomes extremely powerful. Hawkins claims that this level reaches only 1 in 250 people in my life.

Joy (joy) — feeling the penetrating and unwavering happiness is the level of saints and advanced spiritual teachers.At this level, you'll feel amazing just being among people. Here life is governed solely by the intuition and coincidences. There is no need in order and detailed plans — your expanded consciousness allows us to deal with higher concepts. Events close to death can temporarily raise you to this level.

Mir (peace) — complete transcendence. Hawkins claims that this level reaches one in 10 million.

Enlightenment (enlightenment) — the highest level of human consciousness, where humanity combines with divinity. Extremely rare. This is the level of Jesus. Even thinking about people at this level can raise your consciousness.

I hope this model will seem worthwhile to you think about it. Not only people but also objects events and whole societies can be evaluated according to these levels. In your life, you can see that its different parts are at different levels, but you will be able to identify your current overall level.
Perhaps you are at the level of neutrality, but you have a tendency to Smoking (level of desire). Lower levels that you might find at home, act like a drug that pulls you down. But you will be able to find in your life and higher levels. You can be at making levels, but to read the book on the level of intelligence and feel a real inspiration. Think about what has a strong influence on your life right now. What raises your consciousness? That lands him? There is one way to find out their real current level, think about how you behave during times of stress. If you squeeze the orange and pour the orange juice because it inside. What comes out of you when you put pressure on external circumstances? You become paranoid and draw into your shell (fear)? You start yelling at people (anger)? Begin to defend themselves (pride)? Everything in your environment affects your level of consciousness. TV. Movies. Books. Websites. People. Places. Objects. Food. If you are at the level of intelligence and watching TV news (which, by definition, on the level of fear and desire), this will temporarily lower your consciousness. If you're at the level of guilt, TV news will on the contrary increase it. The transition from the previous level to the next requires enormous energy. Quantum leap. Without your conscious effort or the help of others, you're likely to remain at its current level until some outside force does not interfere in your life. Pay attention to the natural sequence of the levels and think about what can happen if you try to speed up the process.If you try to reach the level of intelligence to master the discipline (willingness) and goal setting (acceptance), you'll be too disorganized and unfocused to use your brain. If you try to promote yourself on the level of love to the mastering intellect, you can suffer from confidence and being stuck in a cult. The transition to each next level can be extremely difficult; with most people it does not happen in their lives. A change of just one level can radically change everything in your life. Therefore, it is unlikely that people below the level of courage, you will progress without outside help. Courage is needed to intelligently follow this path; it is needed for a permanent dispute with reality for the chance to become more intelligent and conscious. But once you reach the next level, you understand that the dispute was worth it. For example, when you reach
the level of courage, all your old fears and false pride be
you're stupid. When you reach the level of acceptance (setting and achieving goals), you look back on the level of willingness and see you were just — you were a good runner
but selected direction. I think the most important work we can accomplish as human beings is to raise your personal level of consciousness. When we do this, we spread higher levels of consciousness all around.

Imagine how amazing would this world be if we could each raise at least on the level of acceptance. Hawkins claims that 85% of the people on Earth live below the level of courage.
When you temporarily experience the state of the higher levels, you can see where you should go. You happen one of those Eureka moments when you realize you need to change in my life. But when you're drowning in the lower levels, those memories are closed by fog. And you will not be able to achieve the highest levels until you reach mastery in the core subjects. Jesus was a carpenter. Gandhi — the lawyer. The Buddha Prince. We all need to start somewhere. Look openly hierarchy and think, did she give you a new understanding that will help you make the next leap in your life? None of the levels is not considered more right or wrong compared to others. Try not to allow your Ego to the idea attached to any specific level. Of course only if you're not at the level of pride.published


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