Dressing room: how to create a stylish and convenient storage

Modern wardrobe — it's many accessories, different sets of clothing for any occasion, from casual to formal, as well as shoes, bags, outerwear and underwear. Keep in mind that the year — 4 seasons, each with its own unique wardrobe. It becomes clear why the standard storage in the apartment will not be enough. The best choice that helps you to optimize all your stuff is the arrangement of the dressing room. This approach will allow you to harmoniously preserve all existing things and create new images in a welcoming environment.

In addition, the dressing room is a great way of getting rid of annoying bulky structures like the cabinets, walls and drawers. The apartment is spacious and comfortable — and all thanks to the careful design of the dressing room.

What are walk-in closets

There are two main categories of dressing rooms:

1. In a separate room — a room or closet. All the things each family member can be located here, because the room is sufficiently spacious. In such a dressing rendered not only drawers or hangers, but the full-length mirror, Ironing Board, upholstered Ottoman or stool, dressing table.

It turns out spectacular and very convenient to use the fitting room. Separate dressing area is hidden behind the same interior design as any other room in the house, but it can be anything — experiment and create your own cozy area without regard for the opinions of others, because you will not be for each guest to demonstrate the contents of the cabinets.

2. As part of a particular room — for example, part of a bedroom, hallway or living room is fenced off with a mobile screen or fixed plasterboard partition. The advantages of the dressing of this type is that they can allocate any unused area of the house — a corner, a dead end in the corridor, the space under the stairs.

Council. If the closet will be part of a building, it should match it in style and colours. As for doors, partition walls, it can run mirror, transparent glass, wood or even fabric, and designs to represent a concertina, sliding or rotating option.

Basic requirements: size, finish, layout

Spectacular and comfortable dressing can be build only on the area more than 2 square meters. Here is also a ventilation device (especially if the room has no Windows) — or a musty odor things to avoid.

As for the dimensions for storage systems, the requirements are as follows:

  • zone height under the robe — 1.5 meters or more, the depth is more than 0.5 meters;
  • under short clothes will require a compartment with a height of 1.0 meter depth and 0.5 meter, respectively;
  • from clothes rails to the opposite wall more than 1 meter.

Council. Room for storage only then you can be called a full-fledged dressing room, if the addition of racks, hangers and shelves will remain here at least another 1.5 square meters of free area.

And a few important recommendations that can make your dressing room ergonomic:

1. Always review the contents of the closet, don't turn this place into a storage room, which houses a piece of junk.

2. Open shelves, racks and hangers should be interspersed with closed drawers and boxes where to store all that is not relevant in this season.

3. Choose for interior the most enjoyable from your point of view, the color pink, lavender, yellow.

4. All the internal space needs to be optimized to shelves and hanging rails included the maximum number of sets of clothes.

5. For accessories it is better to use closed boxes or drawers.

6. Don't forget a small stool or stepladder if the racks and shelves will extend to the ceiling.

7. Trim space decor, flowers, photography, soft Mat, fashion magazines. The atmosphere for the spectacular's wardrobe should be appropriate.

8. A mirror (preferably full length) is complemented by a sophisticated lighting system, so you can see yourself as in bright daylight.

9. Use custom storage methods. For example, shoes can be stored in closed cartons, protecting them from dust and the right pair can be easy to find, the boxes are supplemented with photo stickers. For bags, you can provide hooks on walls for jewelry — charming dress with transparent pockets, and hat — a string with clothespins.

10. Craft ideas from the professionals — in the end, nothing prevents you to use the ideas of the arrangement of things, peeped at your favorite boutique.

Rules of choice of finishing materials

Isolated or "built-in" dressing room — any of these venues may be decorated in the right way. The main thing — to focus on practical materials, so they can be washed in the process of operation.

Council. Textile wall canvases undesirable, since the room is already too much tissue that attracts dust. For this reason, not suitable, and easily contaminated carpet.

And don't forget that storage involves some microclimatic indices inside the room. In particular, special attention should be paid to the indicators of humidity. For this reason, a separate dressing often trim the tree — the wood and looks respectable, and absorbs moisture due to the porous structure, and then just as easily gives it back.

If the pulp seems too expensive, you can use a budget alternative to laminate. Modern coatings are not inferior to the wood on the performance indicators, but they do not provide the natural regulation of moisture characteristics.

The problem can be solved, if you put on all surfaces of the packing with silica gel — they will absorb excess moisture and thereby prevent damage things. It is believed that one kilogram of things will need 20 grams of silica gel. By the way, you can choose a standard silica gel beads, and can give preference to the more expensive, but easy to use test substance — it will lose color as soon as you lose flagovedeniya ability.

For the walls of a dressing room often used the following finish options:

  • latex paint or any other environmentally friendly dye that creates a resistant to washing film;
  • plastic panels;
  • MDF;
  • wood;
  • Wallpaper — fiberglass, cork, non-woven, vinyl, paper;
  • ceramic tiles;
  • PVC film;
  • eco-leather.

As for gender, a suitable ceramic tile (be sure to include the system "warm floor"), the traditional laminate or linoleum, polymeric poured floors, or even pebbles.


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The rules create a harmonious design in the closet


You are free to choose any style for the decoration of a dressing room — from luxurious Baroque to Scandinavian minimalist. You should not rely on the changing fashion trends, it is necessary to evaluate your inner feelings. But in any case, in this zone should provide high-quality lighting. Even in a modest size dressing room is not enough of one Central lamp is a necessary and spot lighting to storage and mirrors. The better-lit dressing room, the less the probability of wrong choice of items of clothing.

Council. As sources of additional lighting you can use: the lamps-the pins of the elements on the flexible legs, swivel ceiling spotlights, wall-mounted devices.

Also you need to consider all functional elements, including:

  • open and closed shelving;
  • containers;
  • mini-dressers;
  • roof rails;
  • shelves;
  • hooks;
  • rod for hangers;
  • wardrobe, if we are talking about a large room;
  • chest;
  • mirror with light — you can allocate it under one of the walls, from floor to ceiling, and you can use classic design, reflecting the man in all growth;
  • pouf or stool to sit;
  • the Ironing Board is preferably hinged or built-in, and installed next to the outlet.

All were easy and not heavy, should keep the balance between the open and closed sections — open shelves should be 50% or more.

If we are talking about dressing in a classic style, they are ideal wooden elements (or their high level imitation). But the modern interior will be more expressive, as they have most of the components is a metallic chrome surface.

Interesting storage system can represent a number of metal rods from the ceiling and to the floor with attached mesh baskets, trays, rods. These designs look incredibly small, the room will never be overloaded, and all things be able to "breathe". Dressing room in Baroque or art Deco will be the epitome of luxury here welcome gilding, stucco. But minimalistic styles eco, Scandinavian and the loft is based on soothing colors.

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The creation of the eco-closet


And don't forget that the dressing room is important not only style and color but also the smell. On the importance of quality ventilation we have already mentioned, and that your items were not only fresh, but fragrant, use special sachets — linen bags sewn inside with dry herbs. Can also be installed in this room ozonator or a humidifier/air purifier — a special device that will maintain the freshness of the air.

And one more thing — "settled" in the closet sewing supplies. This will help you in case you need to melkoshtuchnyh repairs.published


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