Properly plan the wardrobe of your dreams

Storage in a small, and in any spaces — the question is very relevant, and convenient storage — twice the actual problem.

How to plan your one-stop wardrobe dreams?

So, how to plan a wardrobe dreams? First it must draw, and this is the most difficult.

No matter exactly where you going to put a wardrobe, the main thing — the balance of things. Things should be well-positioned to use the wardrobe was convenient and nice.The basic steps for proper organization and storage cabinets for your home:


Step 1. To understand where there will be a Cabinet, for what purpose it is intended and what things are kept in there.

Cabinets can be divided according to this principle:

  • It is COMMON for husband and wife.
  • Wardrobe for children.
  • The Cabinet is not common to all.
  • Wardrobe is only for coats.
  • Wardrobe for all clothing, excluding the top.
  • Wardrobe with mezzanine or no mezzanine.
The first step is very important. Because it's one thing when we plan the wardrobe in the hallway and another closet in the bedroom. Do not miss this moment!

Step 1.1. To understand the real size of the Cabinet that can fit in a particular room. So as to conceive and we can dream about many things, but the reality of our will offer very different options...

Step 2. To sort things for storage. To divide things in storage to those that are stored on hangers and those stored on shelves.

At first it may seem silly... but the only way you will really understand how much you need shelves for sweaters, t-shirts, etc... and how much will realstreet hangers. And how much they will take the place of you.


Step 3. To think about how to store bags, hats and small accessories. To review all options for storing ties, handkerchiefs, handbags, belts on the Internet and choose the most convenient for you.

Step 4. To think about how and where to store the blankets, pillows, large seasonal items.

Step 5. To think about how and where to store are bags, large bags.

Step 6. To think about how and where to store sports equipment — skis, ski boots... skates and so on....

Step 7. Consider storing shoes.

Step 8. Measure the length of the longest dresses and coats to see what branch of the plan under "gauges".

And now, when it is clear how many things you have to keep in cabinets — proceed to the drawing of the future Cabinet.


Let's see how much takes place when a person: tries to reach the top shelf of the wardrobe, or looking for something on the bottom shelf, or wherever you get people if you stand on a stool.

Once it becomes clear that hanging for dresses and coats can be placed at a height of 2 metres and above will have to use a special "lift for hang".

Remember that the cabinets must be sufficient to replenish the wardrobe of dreams. So you have all the sizes now, which are needed in order to paint the Cabinet.


That's about should look like your final drawing. All the stuff on their shelves. Everything is clear and comfortable is located. This figure is very conditional, and not a guide to action. It shows how much height will take an average of your office wardrobe.

For example: if the pants store in a folded condition, it takes 120 And see if in the extended condition will be 140-150 cm

Standard depth of Cabinet with hinged doors 60 cm

Wardrobe with sliding doors will take more seats 8-10 cm — it depends on the technical characteristics of the sliding system.

The height of the space over the crossbar should be not less than 5-6 cm to comfortably reach things on the shoulders.


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Convenient low height shelves for Shoe is 17-20 cm, if the shoes stored in the normal position and not on special stands.

For high boots will need to leave a free height of 50 cm as the average height of boots 40-41 see

Small things such as socks, handkerchiefs, linen is best kept in drawers or sliding baskets.published





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