Dr. Howell: How to prevent chronic disease and increase life expectancy

Dr. Edward Howell, which deals with the study of food enzymes, says that enzymes can play a major role in preventing chronic diseases and increasing life expectancy. Dr. Howell was born in 1898 in Chicago. In the 1930s he founded a private clinic, where treated chronic diseases with diet and exercise. In 1970 he retired and went to work only 3 times a week. The rest of the time he devoted to various studies.

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Howell was the first researcher who discovered the importance of enzymes in human nutrition. In 1946 he wrote the book "the Importance of food enzymes for digestion and metabolism" (The Status of Food Enzymes in Digestion and Metabolism.) His next upcoming book is called "Enzym Diet". This book contains material about the theories of enzymes that Dr. Howell brings together under the title "the concept of food enzymes".

What is the enzyme?

Enzymes are substances that make life possible. They are needed in any chemical reactions occurring in our body. Without enzymes there would be no any activity of the body.Think about it: enzymes are the "labor force" that builds your body just like builders build houses. You can have all the necessary building materials, but to build a house, you will need workers, which represent vital elements. And likewise, you can have all the nutrients — vitamins, proteins, minerals, etc. — but you still need the enzymes, vital elements to maintain the viability of the organism.

So enzymes are essentially chemical catalysts which speed up various reactions?

No. Enzymes more than catalysts. Catalysts are just inert substances. They do not have the life energy that we observed in enzymes. For example, in the process of action of enzymes give a certain radiation, which is not true of catalysts. In addition, although enzymes contain protein (and some vitamins), the enzyme activity was never synthetisierten. Moreover, there is no combination of proteins or any combination of amino acids or other substances which would be endowed with energy the enzyme. The enzymes are proteins, but they serve as carriers of the factor of activity of the enzyme. Thus, it can be argued that enzymes are composed of protein transporters, charged with energy, as a battery consists of metallic plates charged with electrical energy.

Where our body takes enzymes?

It seems that we inherit a certain enzyme potential at birth. This limited supply of energy designed for life. This is the same as to inherit a certain amount of money. If you move in one direction only expense and no income — then you go bankrupt.

In the same way, the faster you use up the energy of the enzymes, the faster you will run out of steam. Experiments at various universities have shown that regardless of the representative species, the greater the degree of metabolism, the shorter life expectancy. Under equal circumstances, you can say that you live as long as your body has enzyme activity factors, of which it produces new enzymes. When you reach the point where your body no longer can produce enzymes, your life ends.

Do people get anything that makes them a limited supply of enzymes to be wasted?

Yeah. Almost everyone eats mostly grilled food. Remember that when food is cooked at 100 degrees, the enzymes in it are destroyed 100%. If the enzymes present in the food that we eat, they would have themselves carried out a considerable part of the work on digestion. But if you eat cooked food, devoid of enzymes, the body has to produce enzymes for digestion. This much reduces the limited enzyme potential.

How serious is this caused by cooked food strain on our enzyme "Bank"?
I think this is one of the main causes of premature aging and early death. I also believe that this is the main cause of almost all diseases. Let's start with the fact that if the body is overloaded due to the fact that needs to supply many enzymes to the saliva, gastric juice, pancreatic juice and intestinal juice, then it needs to reduce the production of enzymes for other purposes.

As then the body can produce enough enzymes for the brain, heart, kidneys, lungs and other organs and tissues?

This "stealing" of enzymes from other parts of the body to the digestive tract leads to a struggle for enzymes between different organs and tissues. Such dislocation of metabolism may be the main cause of cancer, coronary disease, diabetes and many other chronic incurable diseases. This state of enzyme deficiency is typical to power the most civilized way of eating, devoid of enzymes.

Human disease appeared when man began to cook food?

That is what the facts indicate.

For example, the Neanderthals 50,000 years ago actively used fire for cooking. They lived in caves and ate mostly grilled meat, using a constant flame that warms their home. These statements are accompanied by the scientific evidence in my published and unpublished works. Thanks to fossil remains we know that the Neanderthals suffered from advanced arthritis.

Maybe they were also sick with diabetes or cancer or have had kidney problems, etc. This, however, we will never know since all soft tissues have disappeared without a trace. By the way, another inhabitant of the cave was a cave bear. This beast protected the Neanderthals from the cave tiger, who also sought shelter from the weather in caves. This bear, in accordance with the data of paleontologists, was a partially domesticated and most likely that he also ate the fried meat cooked person. As a caveman, bear suffered from chronic arthritis.

Is it possible that arthritis of the Neanderthals was caused by cold weather, not cooked food?

No. I don't think weather has to do with it. For example, take the primitive Eskimos. They also lived in a cold environment. However, the eskimo never suffered from arthritis and didn't suffer from other chronic ailments. But the Eskimos ate raw meat in large quantities. The meat they ate was only slightly heated, and the inside remained raw. Therefore, the Eskimos received enzymes with each meal. In fact, the word "eskimo" comes from an Indian expression, "he who eats it raw". By the way Eskimos have no medicine, and North American tribes who ate a lot of cooked food, the physician had occupied a prominent position in the tribe.

How can you prove that the person is suffering from a lack of enzymes in food?

Evidence is so much that I can only do a brief overview of a small part of them. Over the past 40 years I have collected thousands of scientific documents in support of his theory. Let's start with the fact that of all the animals the man in blood the low level of enzymes that digest starch. We also have the highest level of these enzymes in the urine. This means that they are consumed faster. There is another proof that this low level of enzymes not associated with the physiological characteristics of the human species. On the contrary, it is because we eat huge amounts of starch, which is cooked food.

We also know that decreased enzyme levels can be detected in a number of chronic diseases such as allergies, skin diseases, and even in such serious diseases as diabetes and cancer. In addition, there is another revealing proof: cooked food without enzymes is a partial cause of the pathological increase of the pituitary gland, which regulates the glands. And what's more, studies have shown that almost 100% of people over the age of 50 years who die in accidental circumstances, the defect of the pituitary gland.

Further, I think the lack of enzymes is nowadays cause of premature sexual maturation of children and adolescents, as well as cause excess weight, many children and adults. Numerous animal studies have shown that poor nutrition enzyme leads to accelerated maturation of the body. Animals fed cooked food, much heavier than their counterparts who adhere to a raw diet.

There is another fact: farmers to grow more fat pigs for sale, feed them boiled potatoes. They found that pigs on cooked potatoes fatten faster and it becomes economically advantageous.

This fact suggests that the difference between "cooked" and "raw" calories significant. In fact, when many years ago I worked at the Wellness center, I am convinced that it is simply impossible to get fat from raw food regardless of the amount of eaten calories.

By the way, due to the lack of enzymes in brain sizes is reduced. In addition, increased thyroid gland, even when a sufficient amount of iodine in the body. This has been proven in many animal species. Of course, such experiments are impossible to conduct on human beings. This however, makes you wonder.

Is there even any evidence proving the harm of cooked food?

Certainly. Imagine that our pancreas is busy producing enzymes much more than animals that are eaten raw. If you activate the proportions of the human pancreas weigh twice as much as cow. People eating mostly cooked over a fire food, while cows eat raw grass.

It was found that rats fed cooked food, the pancreas in two times more than the brothers on the raw diet. Moreover, the evidence suggests that the human pancreas is the largest of the entire animal Kingdom (considering the weight ratio.)

Increasing the pancreas is just as dangerous — if not more — as the enlarged heart, thyroid, etc. Overproduction of enzymes in humans is a pathological adaption to the poor enzyme nutrition.

The pancreas is not the only body that peretruzhdaetsya, when secretes enzymes. Salivary glands also do extra work that you wouldn't find in animals a natural diet. In fact, in some animals there are no enzymes in the saliva. Cows and sheep salivation, but the saliva has no enzymes. In dogs, for example, neither in saliva, but if you start to feed the dog heat-treated products, within 10 days, the salivary glands begin to secrete enzymes, which digest starch.

Evidence that enzymes in the saliva are pathology, not the norm, a lot. Let's start with the fact that the enzymes in the saliva cannot digest raw starch. I was able to demonstrate in the laboratory. The enzymes attack only boiled starch. Thus, we see that the organism directs its own limited supply of enzymes in saliva only when forced to do so.

By the way, I researched animals in the lab a few years ago. One group of rats I was feeding boiled food, the other gave the opportunity to follow the natural way of life to see which one will live longer. The first group ate raw meat, raw vegetables and grains. Second — all the same thing, but boiled, therefore, void of enzymes. I was watching the rats until they died. It took about 3 years. When the experiment came to an end, the results surprised me. It turned out that a big difference in the duration of life of rats of the two groups was not.

Later I discovered the reason. It turned out that the rats still received enzymes, but from an unexpected source. They eat their own faeces, which contain enzymes derived from their organisms. All feces, including human, contain enzymes that are used the body. My rats re-used their enzymes. And so they lived as long as their counterparts on natural diet.

Incidentally, the practice of eating their own feces observed in all animals in laboratory conditions. Despite the fact that these animals are fed foods that contain all known vitamins and minerals, they instinctively know they need enzymes. So they eat their own feces. In fact the animals that are thrown on "science diet" is the most inherent human chronic diseases, if they are allowed to live life. This confirms the fact that only vitamins and minerals is not enough for health.

Why do you believe that people would be useful to have more enzymes?

For me, the most vpechatlyayuschim evidence that people need enzymes is fasting. As you know, I worked for several years at the Wellness centre, offering patients a variety of programs fasting.

When a person is hungry, immediately suspended production of digestive enzymes. The number of enzymes in saliva, gastric and pancreatic juices is reduced, it becomes scarce. During fasting, the enzymes in the body are released and work for the recovery and purification of diseased tissues.

Civilized people eat such a huge number of thermally processed foods, the enzymes have only occupied its digestion. As a result of not enough enzymes to maintain tissues in a healthy condition. Most hungry people are the so-called healing crisis. Patients may feel nausea and dizziness. At this time, the enzymes are trying to change the unhealthy structure of the body, they attack pathological tissues and break undigested and unprocessed substances, and they, in turn, derived from bowel, vomiting or through the skin.

Not destroyed if the enzymes and stomach acid, when we obtain them from food? And are they missing because of this all of its value?

This is not true. Although many nutritionists argue that coming from food enzymes destroyed in the stomach, they overlook two important facts. First of all, during the meal, acid secretion is minimal for at least 30 minutes. While food goes through the esophagus, it drops into the upper part of the stomach. It is called cardiac (heart) part as it is located closer to the heart.

The rest of the stomach remains flat and closed while the cardiac section opens to place the food. Some time food is in the upper part, while the body releases a small amount of acid and enzymes. The enzymes in the foods themselves begin to digest. The more digestion, the less work will then remain the body. When this period of 30 — 45 minutes ends, the lower part of the stomach and the body begins to secrete acid and enzymes. Even at that time, food enzymes still active up until the acid level becomes critical. You see, food enzymes can survive in a more acidic chemical environment, not just in neutral.

Animals have a special part of the stomach where food digests itself?

Certainly be. In fact, some animals have what I call the stomach the food ferments. Cheek pouch in monkeys and rodents, goiter, many species of bird, the first stomach of whales, dolphins and porpoises. When, for example, birds swallow seeds or grains, they remain in goiter in 8-12 hours. They absorb moisture, swell and begin to germinate. During germination enzymes which their perejivayut.

Whales and dolphins first stomach secretes enzymes. For example, whales swallow large amounts of food without chewing. The food is decomposed and digested itself. Fish and other marine animals that feed on whales, contain the enzyme cathepsin. As soon as the fish dies it begins to decompose. In fact, this enzyme is almost all animals.
After the extraction of the whale she has acquired a liquid state, it passes through a small hole into the second stomach. Scientists this fact is puzzling, as the huge catch of a whale can pass into the second stomach through such a small hole.

Most, if not all, eat cooked foods every day. Can not understand how to compensate for the loss of enzymes?

No. So cooked foods drain our enzyme supply that it is impossible to fill, if you just add raw. Besides fruits and vegetables do not contain large amounts of enzymes. When the fruits ripen, they contain enzymes, which are responsible for maturation. But when puberty comes to an end, some enzymes are returned to the stem and the seeds. For example, when manufacturing want to obtain the enzyme of the papaya, then use unripe juice of this tropical fruit. In a ripe papaya enzyme concentration is small.

Are there any products with a particularly high content of enzymes?

Good sources of enzymes are bananas, avocado, mango. In General, the whole "cheese" - extraordinary food rich in enzymes.

You suggest as a source of enzymes to eat all raw foods?

No. Some products, namely seeds and nuts, contain substances called enzyme inhibitors (substances that suppress the activity of enzymes). Their purpose is to protect the seed. Nature doesn't want the seed sprouted before the appointed time and lost vitality. She wants to make sure that the seed in the soil provided with adequate moisture to germinate and continue the race. So when you eat raw seeds or nuts, you neutralize some of the enzymes that highlights the body. In fact, if the foods are enzyme inhibitors, they increase the pancreas.

All nuts and seeds contain these inhibitors. Especially in raw peanuts. Shoots raw wheat is also rich in them. Inhibitors are also contained in peas, beans, lentils. Raw potato is also a seed, respectively, it contains substances that suppress the activity of enzymes. Eggs (and this is also the seed) inhibitors are present mainly in the protein.

The General rule is that the inhibitors are concentrated in the seed part of the plant. For example, in the eyes of the potatoes. They are not in the flesh of fruit, leaves and stems of vegetables.

There are two ways to destroy enzyme inhibitors: first, prepare a meal, but in this case also destroyed the enzymes, the second, more preferable, is sprouting. It destroys the inhibitors and increases the number of enzymes is doubled.  published 


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