(From the book by Vadim Zeland "The goal: the path or the destination?»)

We are with you - not only the luminous beings, radiating energy. In its material basis, we have a kind of animated drop of water. Old man is parched drop, of course, if he had not swum away fat. The body ages, when water leaves the cell. And why did she leave them? One reason is that the water, after the energy from the cells suck free radicals - as a pump. Perhaps, many have heard about free radicals and antioxidants on, but probably vague idea what it is.

So, free radicals - are molecules vampires - they are positively charged, defective and brutally hungry because they lack a free electron. These vampires are looking for where to grab a free electron. But they pull it from unprotected cells. As a result, the cell loses energy - the life force, with all its consequences. Free radicals - one of the major causes of aging. Antioxidants - is, in contrast, negatively charged molecules that carry a free electron. Such molecules - donors, they neutralize free radicals

. With the aging process, everything is quite simple: your appearance is a reflection of your health; and you are so young, as still holding the charge in your battery - cells. Health is directly dependent on the purity of the body. The purity of the body depends on what and how you eat. Charge cell, or in other words, their "liveliness", also depends on the degree of "liveliness" of your food.

Living water, air and food - are antioxidants. Dead water, air and food - is the free radicals. First recharges the cells, rejuvenate the body, the second charge-consuming and accelerate the aging process. That's the main thing you need to know. Truth is always uncomplicated and lies on the surface. As Kozma bars said, "that's just all it is clear, and that is difficult, no one needs».

The usual diet of the average person consists of foods cooked over a fire, it's dead food. Live food, on the contrary, the one that was not subjected to heat treatment. Similarly, water and air. What the ordinary man is breathing and that he drinks, dead. And not only because of environmental pollution, which is known to all. Let's say that we know only what is necessary to know the obedient element of the system. On many other vital things we just do not tell. Everything is born of natural wildlife, in contact with technogenic civilization undergoes drastic, though not always noticeable changes.

In nature, no one but a man does not prepare their own meals in the fire. Cooked foods can only sustain. And it is not an achievement of the human mind, and his fatal error. The boiled and canned food almost all the nutrients are converted into inorganic, dead. Organic substances are distinguished from inorganic at the quantum level. Absorbed only organic living micro- and macronutrients contained in the live (not boiled!) Plants. Plants, unlike we are able not only to accumulate chemical inorganics from the environment, but also to convert it into a form acceptable to the animals. That is why they are located on the lower level of the food pyramid. And what happens to those substances that are not digested? The body has to somehow display, but the load is so great that it simply can not cope. Nature could not know in advance that one (or more precisely, the only) of the living beings on the planet thinks of converting food into the living dead.

There is a strange situation: the people diligently observe outer hygiene and the Internal few people think. Meanwhile, in the body of an ordinary person is a waste storage - it can not see, but the weight of a few typed (sometimes tens) kilograms. Excretory system do not have time to get rid of waste and forced to shove all this dirt where possible. As a result of the body begins to quickly become clogged and be like the old plumbing which had not been cleaned.

Provisions in the body is huge, so people sometimes manages to hold on to seventy, or even more years. But everything comes to an end. Already being in the middle of life's journey, all the people are beginning to feel the effects of slagging: disease, obesity, lethargy, and indeed, the forces are not the same, and it's not like it was before, as a youth

. The fact is that the bio-field is very sensitive to clogging of "sewage". The chakras are clogged, the energy channels narrow, the flow of energy is transformed into a weak trickle, resulting in a loss of vitality. The main, if not the only, cause of free energy deficit is prosaic slagging organism. normal human body maintains a particle of dead cells, protein, and fat mass - it littered with intercellular spaces and literally stuffed lymph and blood vessels. This debris interferes with the normal functioning of all systems - it prevents the "communication" of cells, reducing the force of the electrical signals transmitted by them to each other. Energy Attenuation, in turn, entails pathological disturbances in the physical body. It turns vicious circle.

There is one fundamental principle, the truth of which, by virtue of its simplicity and obviousness, can not be doubted: a living organism must receive a living food. The importance of this principle for the first time said Dr. Frank Pottenger, who in the early twentieth century had a detailed experiment. As he fed one group of cats raw food for ten years, and they all remained in good health and stamina. The second group received the cooked food, with the result that the animals had developed all the human disease: pneumonia, paralysis, tooth loss, lethargy, nervousness, and so on, have suffered almost all body systems. Kittens in the first generation born weak and the sick, in the second - there were many stillbirths, and the next generation of cats began to suffer from infertility

. Even more shocking example - in public. In Soviet times among farmers in some regions of Russia has been wound up this practice: in the morning they went out in the field all day and only came back in the evening, and if the house is no one left, they are in the morning put the pot of porridge and soup into a heated oven to a arrival everything was just hot. Where it was so instituted, the people were very short and soon died for unknown reasons. The reason, however, is obvious: with each new heated food becomes even more dead

. Another important conclusion was made by Dr. Edward Howell, one of the founders of the natural system of healing. His discovery was the fact that the main components other than raw food from the one that took place a cooking process are enzymes (enzymes). He found that these "vital energy units" are destroyed at temperatures above 41 ° C. Why he gave them such a high rank - the "vital energy units»

? Enzymes - a substance that makes life possible. They are essential in any chemical reaction occurring in the body. Without enzymes have generally had no vigorous activity in the living body. This "working", that build the body, just as the builders to erect houses. Nutrients, vitamins, minerals are the only construction material. All traffic on the "Construction" is provided by enzymes. And they are not just inert catalysts to speed up chemical reactions. As it turned out, in the process of the enzyme is given a specific radiation, which is not true of catalysts. Enzymes consist of protein transporters, charged with energy, both in the electric battery.

How our body takes enzymes? Apparently, we inherit a certain enzyme potential at birth. This limited supply of energy is designed for a lifetime. It's like to get some start-up capital. If it is only to spend, come with bankruptcy. Similarly, the faster you spend energy enzymes, the sooner exhausted life force. When you reach this point at which your body is no longer able to produce enzymes, your life ends. The battery sits.

Eating food, heat-treated, people carelessly squander their limited supply of enzymes. According to Dr. Edward Howell, this is one of the main causes of disease, premature aging and early death. Raw foods contain their own enzymes that allow autolysis - the food digest easily, because it is mainly brewed itself in its own juice

. A.M.Ugolev Academician typical experiment conducted: one glass of gastric juice, he put the boiled frog, the other raw. Crude was dissolved completely, and cooked just slightly deformed surface, as its enzymes were already dead.

So, if you eat cooked food devoid of enzymes, the body is forced to divert its reserves for its digestion. So this leads to a decrease in the limited enzyme potential.

Imagine that you have decided to venture into his home repairs. There are two versions of events. In the first case, you brought the necessary materials, all piled in a heap and left. You had to take up the case himself and spend a lot of time and effort to do all this hard work. In the second case, together with the materials came the builders themselves are all done, and you at this time resting and doing a.

That there is such a difference between the power consumption of processed food and raw. When a person eats cooked food, all the vital forces are directed to the laborious business of digestion. Enzymes, the "workers", which should be occupied by its direct responsibilities - the cleansing and restoration of living tissue, have to leave everything and perform unusual for them to work. They no longer have time for the body, and it comes into disrepair.

Can you imagine a situation where people suddenly stop walking and sit quietly, and began to be worn as a crazed, although very tired? Similarly, different modes of operation of the body's raw foodists and "normal" person - a quiet stroll, and the other runs a perpetual marathon, until he falls helplessly

. Another cause of aging is known as the "Hayflick limit". American scientist Leonard Hayflick discovered that the body's cells can divide only a limited number of times - about fifty, and then just die. Hayflick limit depends on the telomeres - the end of DNA. Each cell division the telomeres are shortened. After a certain number of divisions the telomeres are reduced to the limit, after which a further division is impossible - the cell dies

. But that is not all. The main conclusion, which came in the course of numerous experiments, is that the main reason for the decrease of telomere length, in addition to cell division, is the impact of free radicals. In other words, the body does not have time to put him to live life, because a person from birth deliberately kills himself dead food.

So to summarize. The human body is like a battery - living as long as the charge is exhausted. When you eat food, the heat-treated, the charge is consumed very quickly. But if your diet includes only live food, the battery barely lasts. Imagine that you have a flashlight that you include very rare - the battery can not be changed over the years. And if you have it is on, you know what to do with the same regularity. That's just your personal battery can not be replaced - she sits quietly and you "goes out»

. But you can bring back the old vigor, and even acquire a health, what you never had! But it will take to turn the kitchen into the living dead. What have you got there - plates, pots and pans? If you want to hack time and turn the hourglass of his life, soon all of these devices to kill the product will disappear from your kitchen.


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